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Exhibition Calendar


January 1st-16th: Baptized by Flood (Collaboaration with David Herbold, Megahn Gill, Adam Haynes and Logan McClain)
January 18th-February 1st: Hidden Places, Secret Spaces (Paintings and Photographs by: Aaron Johnson, Courtney Brockett, Angelique Abare, Rachel Smith, Nathan Myatt and Allie Feezel)
February 3rd-March 2nd: London Architecture Program and Furniture Group Exhibition
March 5th-21st: Sarah Gilbert: Chimerical Figurations
March 26th-April 12th: The-Blu-Snuggie-Sonic-Electro-Team Installation
April 15th-May 10th: Stasia Burrington
May 16th-June 25th: Figure Drawing Group Exhibition


September 1-19th: Bobbi Zimmerman-Recent Paintings and Prints
September 21st-October 5th: Rome Architecture Program
October 7th-18th: Claire Echanove and Robyn Lamphere-Recent Sculpture
October 20th-November 4th: Paintings by Emily Williamson and Laura McDunnough
November 6th-28th: Shift (sculpture and video installation by Hanna Clark)