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College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Spring 2013

Agricultural Economics 533

International Trade and Policy

Stephen Devadoss
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Spring 2013 Syllabus

Class Notes

Basic Analysis

Welfare Analysis

Transport Cost


General Equilibrium

H-O Theory

H-O Math Primal Approach

H-O Math Dual Approach

Ricardian Theory

Supply and Production Possibilities

Imperfect Competition as a Determinant of Trade

Increasing Return to Scale

Demand Patterns

Trade in Factors of Production

Foreign Direct Investment


Tariff and Quota

Price Guarantees

Proportional Quota and Production Subsidies

Voluntary Import Quotas

Import and Consumption Subsidies

Steps in Policy Analysis

Review of Importing Countries Policies

Export Expansion

Market and Price Discrimination

Export Taxes, Controls, and Embargoes

Strategic Trade Policies

Intermediate Versus Final Goods

Trade Preferences

Exchange Rates

Protection and Instability

Trade and Environment

Class Assignments

Problem Set 1

Problem Set 2

Problem Set 3

Problem Set 4


Problem Set 5

Problem Set 5a

Problem Set 6a

Problem Set 6b

Problem Set 6c

Problem Set 7a

Problem Set 7b

Problem Set 8

Problem Set 8a

Problem Set 9

Problem Set 10

Problem Set 11

Problem Set 11a

Problem Set 12

Problem Set 13

Problem Set 14

Problem Set 14a

Problem Set 15

Problem Set 16

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Class Projects