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Bosnian Pine
Pinus heldreichii

Location: Grid P9 on the upper terrace slope above the European Lilacs and Mugo Pines

I have also known these to be called Dwarf Austrian Pine, which can be misleading since although they do not usually grow as large as Austrian Pine, (Pinus nigra) the species can still be a pretty substantial tree. In recent years there have been several cultivars released, most of which have been selected to be more compact and dense than the species.

Bosnian Pines, species and cultivars 12-22-14
Bosnian Pines, species and cultivars 12-22-14

Many sources still refer to this pine as Pinus leucodermis, but it appears that the consensus has become that heldreichii and leucodermis are actually the same species, and since heldreichii was the first published name that is now considered the correct name. I learned it as leucodermis and it was an easy one to remember, as it translates to 'white skin', which is obviously appropriate when looking at the bark on the younger branches.

White bark on Bosnian Pine 12-22-14
White bark on Bosnian Pine 12-22-14

The three larger trees are the seedlings of the species, planted in 2000. The four smaller trees are dwarf cultivars that were planted in 2008. All of them have done well, although there are significant differences in the growth habits of the three seedling trees.

Monthly Projects

I think this must be the mildest December in my 14 years at the Arboretum. I have been able to keep my seasonal crew working and we have been able to get several things done which usually become spring projects, including some road and trail work, perennial garden clean up, and we were even able to get back out on the lower pond to clean up more of the azolla.

tripadvisor.com sticker 12-22-14
tripadvisor.com sticker 12-22-14

There are two new stickers in the Arboretum kiosks which demonstrate a little of the value of the Arboretum. The first one is from the travel web site, tripadvisor.com. The Arboretum is currently the #1 attraction in Moscow! The second one is from the organization ArbNet, a relatively new program from the Morton Arboretum in Chicago to provide an accreditation program for Arboretums. There are four levels of accreditation based on the size of the collection, along with requirements for documentation, labeling and staffing. The U of I Arboretum is accredited as a Class 3 out of a possible 4. There are currently 93 accredited Arboretums in the program.

ArbNet.org accreditation sticker 12-22-14
ArbNet.org accreditation sticker 12-22-14

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Arboretum Associates Annual Plant Sale
Saturday, May 30 2015 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Ice Rink at the Latah County Fairgrounds

Bidens Hawain Red Flare
Bidens Hawain Red Flare

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