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Use Policies

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General Policies

These usage policies are established to promote protection of the plant resources in a quality environment. To protect plant materials and increase your safety please: No pets at any time. Do not drink or play in the reclaimed water used in all sprinklers. Bicycles and jogging only on established roads and trails. Fires, athletic games, winter sports, fishing, hunting, swimming, or wading are prohibited.

Classroom Work and Research

Academic activities are encouraged and promoted. Studies could assist with the documentation of environmental changes as the arboreta age. From a wide array of student studies – ranging from water chemistry, bird censuses, insect collecting, plant hardiness, landscape design, and phenology of flowering – data could be generated, publicized, and saved. Inventorying the living trees in the Shattuck Arboretum and comparing that to historical records is another potential class project. Instructors are encouraged to share their findings with Arboretum staff arboretum@uidaho.edu or 208-885-5978.

Educational Arboretum Tours

The University of Idaho arboreta are readily available for public school and other educational programs. Please make arrangements with the Arboretum staff arboretum@uidaho.edu or 208-885-5978 at least two weeks in advance for guided tours and other public school class work.

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