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As our arboretum grows, so will the need for volunteers. In the future, we will have trained volunteers to guide people through the arboretum, answer questions and staff a gift shop. But that’s a long way off.

Currently, there are few opportunities to volunteer but they are important. We appreciate those who offer to help make our plant sales successful by dividing and potting plants, setting up the sale and assisting shoppers at the sale.

The annual garden opposite the barn is another area where help is welcome. A small team of people is needed to weed and dead head the spent flowers on a regular basis – at least weekly when the garden is in bloom.

If any of the current volunteer opportunities appeals to you, please contact our horticulturist, Paul Warnick, at pwarnick@uidaho.edu or call the arboretum office at 208-885-5978.

Check this site occasionally to see what other needs we may have.
Volunteers are important to our organization and becoming one will give you great satisfaction.

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