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Economics Minor

This academic minor (with its five different areas) is offered through the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences.

Econ 201, 202

Principles of Economics or

Econ 272

Foundations of Econ Analysis (4-6 cr)

Econ 351

Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis (3 cr)

Econ 352

Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis (3 cr)

And one of the following areas (with the permission of the student's advisor, the student may petition to have one substitute course for one of the following specific courses in the first four areas):


Econ 343

Money and Banking (3 cr)

Econ 353

Quantitative Economics and Forecasting (3 cr)

Econ 453

Econometrics (3 cr)

Public Policy

Econ 407

Public Finance (3 cr)

Econ 415

Market Structure and Governmental Policy (3 cr)


Econ 446

International Economics (3 cr)

Econ 447

International Development Economics (3 cr)

Economic Resources

Econ 385

Environmental Economics (3 cr)

Econ 441

Labor Economics (3 cr)

Course approved by student's advisor (3 cr)

General Economics

Upper-division economics courses approved by student's advisor and dept chair (9 cr)

Electives to total 20 credits for the minor