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Elementary Education (B.S.Ed.)

Required course work includes the university requirements (see regulation J-3), successful completion of Praxis II test and the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Assessment parts 1 and 2 prior to the internship. Maintain at least a grade of C in the following course requirements:

Comm 101

Fundamentals of Public Speaking (2 cr)

EDCI 201

Contexts of Education (2 cr)

EDCI 301

Learning, Development, and Assessment (3 cr)

EDCI 302

Teaching Culturally Diverse Learners (4 cr)

EDCI 320

Foundations of Literacy Development (4 cr)

EDSP 300

Educating for Exceptionalities (2 cr)

Hist 101 or Hist 102

History of Western Civilization (3 cr)

Hist 111 or Hist 112

Intro to U.S. History (3 cr)

Math 143

Pre-calculus Algebra and Analytic Geometry (3 cr)

Math 235

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I (3 cr)

Math 236

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II (3 cr)

MusT 381

Elementary School Music Methods for Nonmajors (3 cr)

Psyc 305

Developmental Psychology (3 cr)

Advanced composition elective (3 cr)

Engl 207

Persuasive Writing (3 cr)

Engl 208

Personal and Exploratory Writing (3 cr)

Engl 209

Inquiry-Based Writing (3 cr)

Engl 291

Creative Writing: Poetry (3 cr)

Engl 292

Creative Writing: Fiction (3 cr)

Engl 309

Advanced Prose Writing (3 cr)

Engl 313

Business Writing (3 cr)

Engl 317

Technical Writing (3 cr)

Engl 401

Writing Workshop for Teachers (3 cr)

Earth science elective (4 cr):

Geog 100, 100L

Physical Geography and Lab (4 cr)

Geol 101, 101L

Physical Geology and Lab (4 cr)

Physical science elective (4 cr):

Chem 101

Introduction to Chemistry I (4 cr)

Chem 111

Principles of Chemistry I (4 cr)

Chem 112

Principles of Chemistry II (5 cr)

Phys 103

General Astronomy and

Phys 104

Astronomy Lab (4 cr)

Phys 111, 111L

General Physics I and Lab (4 cr)

Life science elective (4 cr):

Biol 102, 102L

Biology and Society and Lab (4 cr)

Biol 115

Cells and the Evolution of Life (4 cr)

English elective in composition or literature (excluding Engl 101 and 102) (3 cr)

Literature elective (3 cr)

Social science electives other than psychology (6 cr)

Elementary Education Major Requirements

Mathematics/Science/Social Studies/Physical Education Block:

EDCI 327

Elementary Mathematics Education (3 cr)

EDCI 328

Elementary Social Studies Education (3 cr)

EDCI 329

Elementary Science Education (3 cr)

EDCI 408

Integrated Methods Practicum I (1 cr)

PEP 350

Elementary Physical and Health Education (3 cr)

Literacy/Arts Education Block:

Dan 360

Children's Dance (1 cr)

EDCI 321

Literature for Children (3 cr)

EDCI 322

Integrated Language and Literacy (3 cr)

EDCI 325

Elementary Art Education (3 cr)

EDCI 409

Integrated Methods Practicum II (1 cr)

Internship Year:

First Semester:

EDCI 466

Literacy Assessment and Intervention (3 cr)

EDCI 483

Elementary Internship I (14 cr)

EDCI 401

Internship Seminar (1 cr)

Second Semeter:

EDCI 484

Elementary Internship II (15 cr)*

Electives to total 128 credits for the degree

*With department approval students can apply to waive the second semester of Elementary Internship and pursue other options that include advisor approved course work and programs like: Study Abroad, Content Area Endorsement, Special Education program, and course work offered by other departments.