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Geography Graduate Degree Programs

Candidates must fulfill the requirements of the College of Graduate Studies and of the Department of Geography for all degree programs. See the College of Graduate Studies section for the general requirements applicable to each degree. Scores on the Graduate Record Examination (aptitude section) are required for admission to all programs. Examples of the specialty areas in which the department can provide suitable depth and mentoring for graduate study include: Geographic Information Science, spatial analysis and modeling, remote sensing, polar atmospheres, glaciology, climate change mitigation and adaptation, global environmental change, business geography, rural and regional development, transportation systems.

Master of Science (Thesis Option). Each student's training and research plan is developed by the student and the major professor with the advisory committee's approval. Admission is based on the compatibility of the student's research interests with the areas of concentration offered by the department and the availability of a faculty member to serve as the student's mentor. A written thesis is required, but the thesis may be comprised of a manuscript in a form acceptable for publication in a refereed journal, while otherwise fulfilling the requirements of the Graduate College.

Master of Science (Non-thesis Professional Option). This program is designed for individuals who wish to place less emphasis upon research in their plan of study, but want to gain experience in applying their knowledge to a substantial project of an applied nature. Projects may be aligned with internships or other work experiences. The student's advisory committee will consist of two faculty members from the Department of Geography. Projects must be documented and presented according to guidelines in the department handbook and approved by the student's committee.

Doctor of Philosophy. All general Ph.D. requirements apply. An M.S. degree is required. Admission is by faculty approval based on evaluation of the applicant's potential to carry out original research. Each student's training and research plan is developed by the student and the major professor with the advisory committee's approval. The advisory committee typically consists of three faculty members in the department and one faculty member from another department. Students are not allowed to register for dissertation credits (Geog 600) until they have advanced to candidacy via successful completion of their preliminary examination. The dissertation must be of an original research nature and be in a topic spanned by the research interests and expertise of the major professor and committee members.