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Geological Sciences Graduate Degree Programs

Candidates must fulfill the requirements of the College of Graduate Studies and of the Department of Geological Sciences. See the College of Graduate Studies section for the general requirements applicable to each degree. All graduate students in this department are expected to attend the appropriate departmental seminar each semester.

Master of Science. General M.S. requirements apply. Majors offered under the M.S. degree are geology and hydrology. Prerequisites are the equivalent of an undergraduate major in the area of specialization. A written thesis is required for which ten credits (of the minimum of 30 credits for the degree) are permitted. A non-thesis option is available under special conditions in hydrology.

Doctor of Philosophy. General Ph.D. requirements apply. Admission to the doctoral program is based on the compatibility of the student's research interests with those of the major professor, upon the availability of research support, and the student's academic record and potential. Applicants are expected to have the prerequisites as specified for the M.S. degree with a major in geology. Each research program is developed by the student and the major professor with the advisory committee's approval. Up to 45 credits are permitted in research and dissertation.