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Microbiology (B.S.Microbiol.)

Required course work includes the university requirements (see regulation J-3) and:

Biol 310

Genetics or

Gene 314

General Genetics (3-4 cr)

Chem 111

Principles of Chemistry I (4 cr)

Chem 112

Principles of Chemistry II (5 cr)

Chem 253, Chem 254

Quantitative Analysis and Lab (5 cr)

Chem 277

Organic Chemistry I (3 cr)

Chem 278

Organic Chemistry I: Lab (1 cr)

Chem 372

Organic Chemistry II (3 cr)

Engl 317

Technical Writing or

Engl 207

Persuasive Writing or

Engl 208

Personal and Exploratory Writing

Math 160

Survey of Calculus or

Math 170

Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (4 cr)

MMBB 154

Introductory Microbiology (3 cr)

MMBB 250

General Microbiology (3 cr)

MMBB 255

General Microbiology Laboratory (2 cr)

MMBB 380

Introductory Biochemistry (4 cr)

MMBB 400

Seminar (1 cr)

MMBB 440

Advanced Laboratory Techniques or

MMBB 401

Undergraduate Research (4 cr in one semester)

Phys 111, Phys 111L

General Physics I and Lab or

Phys 211, Phys 211L

Engineering Physics I and Lab (4 cr)

Phys 112, Phys 112L

General Physics II and Lab or

Phys 212, Phys 212L

Engineering Physics II and Lab (4 cr)

Stat 251

Statistical Methods (3 cr)

At least two of the following microbiology electives (6 cr):

MMBB 409

Immunology (3 cr)

MMBB 412

Pathogenic Microbiology (3 cr)

MMBB 432

Virology (3 cr)

MMBB 460

Microbial Physiology (3 cr)

MMBB 463

Molecular Parasitology (3 cr)

At least two of the following molecular biology electives (5-6cr):

MMBB 422

Cellular and Molecular Basis of Disease (3 cr)

MMBB 475

Cell Biology (3 cr)

MMBB 485

Prokaryotic Molecular Biology (3 cr)

MMBB 487

Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics (3 cr)

MMBB 488

Genetic Engineering (3 cr)

Science Electives (6 cr)

Courses to total 120 credits for this degree

Note for double majors in Molecular Biology and Microbiology: Elective courses that count toward one degree cannot be counted as a science elective in the second degree.