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Wildlife Resources

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Research (and collaborators)

  • Climate and water resource allocation impacts on aquatic communities
  • Salmon biodiversity and the geomorphic drivers and geochemical signatures
  • Otolith microchemistry and the life history variation of Chinook salmon in the Columbia River system (Zabel & Scheuerell, NOAA -  NWFSC; Isaac & Thurow, USFS - RMRS)
  • Flow mediated and hydrologic disturbance impacts on aquatic productivity, fish energetics and life history (McGrath, USFS - RMRS; Goodwin, UI - CER)
  • Long-term ecological restoration of Icicle Creek watershed following a restoration of anadromy (Wild Fish Conservancy, Seattle)
  • Water resource management across jurisdictional and disciplinary boundaries (WoW at the University of Idaho and stakeholders in the Lapwai basin)
  • Bioenergetic modeling of juvenile Chinook performance in Central Idaho (Zabel & Achord, NOAA - NWFSC)
  • Bioenergetics and movements of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and its relationship to stream restoration in the Northeastern U.S. (Folt, Nislow, Blum)
  • Biogeochemistry of the Colorado River and the population dynamics of one of its native endangered fish, the humpback chub (Gila cypha) (Nislow, Blum, Coggins)
  • Role of anadromous Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) populations on the nutrient budgets of streams in European rivers (Nislow, Armstrong)



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