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Economic Impacts and State Benefits Report

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Economic Growth Results at a Glance

Added Income (in Millions)
Spending Effect $219M
University Operations Effect $182M
Student Spending Effect $27M
Visitor Spending Effect $9M
Student Productivity Effect $714M
Total Effect $934,428
Added income of UI in millions

Detailed Results

  • University Operations Effect: $182,196,000

    The University of Idaho creates $182 million in the state through the earnings of its faculty of and staff, as well as through its own operating and capital expenditures.

  • Student Spending Effect: $27,874,000

    Out-of-state students spend money for room and board, transportation, entertainment, and other miscellaneous personal expenses. These expenditures create jobs and incomes for state businesses. The off-campus spending of the University of Idaho's out-of-state students generates approximately $27.9 million in added income in the Idaho economy each year.

  • Visitor Spending Effect: $9,636,000

    The University of Idaho draws thousands of visitors who attend the events and activities hosted by the university. Visitors who come from outside the state bring monies that would not have otherwise entered the Idaho economy, including expenditures for lodging, eating and drinking, transportation, retail and other expenses. Adjusting for monies pair to the university (e.g., for ticket sales, gifts, food, etc.), the net impact of visitor spending on the Idaho economy is an estimated $9.6 million in added state income annually.

  • Productivity Effect: $714,721,000

    Each year students leave the University of Idaho and join or rejoin the state workforce. Their added skills translate to higher income and a more robust Idaho economy. Based on the Univsersity of Idaho's historical enrollment and credit production, it is estimated the accumulated contribution of UI instruction adds some $714.7 million in income to the state economy each year.

Total Effect: $934,428,000

Understanding the Economic Impact

Altogether, the average annual added income due to the activities of the University of Idaho and its alumni equals $934.4 million. This is approximately equal to 24,730 average-wage jobs, or 1.9% of the total Idaho economy.