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Economic Impacts and State Benefits Report

Fast Facts for Ambassadors

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Here are just a few facts that may help you get started:

  • Twenty-three percent of the University of Idaho's budget comes from state appropriation.
    This funding is critical to our ability to deliver an outstanding education for our students and to create new research and ideas to fuel our economy and improve our quality of life.
  • Economic development is fueled by the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that higher education brings to the state. At the University of Idaho for example a recent study concluded that for every dollar the state provides the University of Idaho the University of Idaho returns $9. The University of Idaho returns nearly $1 billion dollars to the state's economy. Idaho's other universities also contribute to the state's economy.
  • New businesses care about an educated workforce. When businesses look to expand or relocate, they evaluate the state's funding for higher education and its ability to provide an educated workforce.
  • Funded research helps with economic development and produces leaders ready for the global competition of tomorrow. For example, the University of Idaho generates 70 percent of the state's annual research expenditures; produces 33 percent of all degrees in science, technology, engineering and math; and 61 percent of the state's PhDs. Each of these contributions is critical to economic development in Idaho.

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