GPSA Awards

GPSA gives out several awards to its members ( graduate and professional students ). These includes:

Travel Awards
GPSA Request for Proposal Award
Thesis and Dissertation Printing/Binding Award

For detailed information about each of these awards and how to apply please read below.


The drop box for accepting all GPSA awards applications is located in Morrill Hall room 201A.



Travel Awards

Attendance Log/Eligibility for Travel Awards
Travel Awards Committee Standing Rules and Regulations (includes the criteria that the review committee uses for reviewing applications)
Travel Awards instructions
Travel Awards application - It is VERY important that all the instructions are followed; any mistakes will result in the rejection of the application.
Travel Awards Application Example
Travel Awards reimbursement

Travel Funding!

The GPSA Travel Award has increased beginning April 2008 as follows:
1. Up to $900 for international travel
2. Up to $700 for US travel
3. Up to $350 for regional travel (Washington, Idaho, and Oregon)

Please note that GPSA may lower the amount awarded to up to 70% of what had been requested depending on funding capabilities.

Due dates are every 2 months, usually on the 15th (July 15, Sept 15, Nov 17, Jan 22, Mar 15 and May 15); if the 15th falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, the due date will be the next business day at 4:00pm. Applications are due at 4:00pm in the GPSA Dropbox in Morrill Hall room 201A.

Graduate students are eligible for one travel award per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).

Graduate students are only eligible to apply for funding if their department has a GPSA Senator and if their department is in good standing with GPSA. A number of departments DO NOT currently have GPSA representatives, and thus are not currently eligible for travel awards.

To see if your department is represented please check the GPSA representatives list at Contacts page -- click on the link to 'Current GPSA representatives' -- see the 'Count 2011-2012' tab on the far left in that Excel spreadsheet for Department Eligibility/Default Status and to see the senate meeting attendance record. To access the Travel Award Packet 2010-2011, please check the download link at the top of this page.

Contact Info:

Emma M. Baker
email: bake8253@vandals.uidaho.edu
Travel Award Committee
GPSA-University of Idaho



GPSA Workshop Proposal Award

Application form

The GPSA awards up to two grants each semester to bring experts to lead specialized workshops, programs, or short courses concentrating on subject matter not addressed by the current curriculum at the University. Each semester, an enrolled graduate student may apply for an award of $1,500. This money can be used for travel, lodging, supplies, fees, or other reasonable expenses related to bringing an expert to the campus. Workshops that will benefit multiple disciplines are given preference.

Applications are typically due on the sixth Thursday of the Fall and Spring semesters (unless noted otherwise) and the grant can be used at any time during the current academic year. The next submission deadline is Thursday, October 02, 2014 at 4:30pm in the GPSA Dropbox outside Morrill Hall room 201A. For additional information, contact gpsa@uidaho.edu, see the documents above, or contact the Teaching Excellence and Graduate Achievement (TEGA) Committee chair.

Past workshops hosted by GPSA:

Didymosphenia Geminata Nuisance Mats and Methods for Suppression, spring 2014, Mary Coyle: Professional, Dr. Bothwell, was flown in and presented his new and groundbreaking information on the "Didymo Story;" a species affecting the understanding and research of those concerned with water resources, fish and wildlife resources, and plant sciences. Funding received: $1,500.

Common Grounds Conference, spring 2014, Cameron Cushing: an interdisciplinary conference focused on building the link between literary scholarship and creative writing. Funding received: $ 1,500.

The 56th Idaho academy of Science Annual Meeting, spring 2014, Jennifer Sundararajan: this year, TEGA was able to help encourage student participation by funding awards to the best poster and speaker presentations. Funding received: $ 1,500.

Contact Info:

Susan Kologi, GPSA TEGA Committee Chair
email: susankologi@vandals.uidaho.edu



GPSA/COGS outstanding RAs, TAs, and outstanding mentor award

Each Spring, GPSA and the College of Graduate Studies recognizes four graduate students for their outstanding research and creative work. Additionally, one faculty is recognized for their excellent mentoring of graduate students at the University of Idaho. The graduate students awards are broken into three categories:

  1. 1) Outstanding graduate student teaching award
  2. 2) Outstanding masters student research and creative activity award
  3. 3) Outstanding doctoral student research and creative activity award

Anyone can nominate a fellow student, faculty or themselves for these awards. The deadline for submissions is in the early spring. Check back next year for additional details on how to apply.

Contact Info:

Same for GPSA Workshop Proposal Award (GPSA TEGA Committee Chair).



Thesis and Dissertation Printing/Binding Award

Application form

The GPSA supports graduate students with an aid of up to $50.00 to be used for thesis and dissertation printing and binding expenses. Any current graduate student enrolled at the University of Idaho (Moscow Campus) is eligible for this award, unless the applicant's department is in default with the GPSA due to the lack of attendance by department representatives at GPSA Senate meetings. Priority will be given to students with no other source of funding (i.e., Department funds, Major Professor, Grant). Deadlines are: third Friday of November for students graduating in the Fall Semester, third Friday of April for students graduating in the Spring Semester and the third Friday of July for students graduating in the Summer Term.

Contact Info:

Same for Travel Awards above.




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