Descriptions of GPSA Executive Positions and Committees

The following sections provide a brief descriptions of the different GPSA executive positions as well as the different committees in GPSA.



Brief Description of Executive Positions


The President works closely with University Officials and Administration to represent GPSA and UI graduate students on all relevant matters

Vice President

The Vice President oversees all GPSA committees and leads Senate meetings, along with working with the President on any executive matters.

Senate Speaker

The GPSA Speaker of the Senate represents the GPSA Senate when a single representative is warranted.

Financial Director

The Financial Director oversees all GPSA financial and budgetary related matters.

Communications Director

The Communications Director oversees all media and communication related matters by working with all committees and GPSA members to publicize events and important information, including coordinating the GPSA monthly newsletter.

Director of Diversity

The Director of Diversity works with the University Diversity Program and other GPSA committees and members to raise cultural awareness in GPSA and among all graduate students at UI.

Chief Justice

The Chief Justice handles all judicial matters, especially pertaining to GPSA Constitution and By-Laws and serves on the University Judicial Board.


The Webmaster regularly maintains the GPSA webpage and Facebook page, as well as sitting on the Student Media Board.



Internal Committee Descriptions

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee works with other GPSA committees and members to effectively communicate GPSA events and information with UI graduate students. The committee also publishes the monthly GPSA newsletter for the entire graduate student community at UI and informs students on past and future events, pertinent deadlines, and articles and letters related to the graduate student community.

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee is responsible for organizing the annual elections for the GPSA President, Vice president and the Senators-at-large.

Environmental and Social Sustainability Committee

The Environmental and Social Sustainability Committee liaises with the UI Sustainability Center (UISC) and collaborates with it for campus beautification and sustainability and selection of student projects promoting campus and social sustainability. Past events involve sustainability themed coffee hours, distribution of free durable aluminum water bottles, and a talk by PhD Comics� Jorge Cham.

Judicial board

The Judicial board ensures that all GPSA components functions as per the constitution and bylaws. It is also responsible for conflict resolution between components and officers.

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee is responsible for organizing the fall and spring socials as well as the coffee hours. These events feature free food and nonalcoholic beverages for all graduate students. The programming committee is also responsible for organizing social activities and excursions for graduate students. The past examples of such events are ski-trips and theatre shows like Phantom of the Opera.

Rules and Administration (R&A) committee

The Rules and Administration (R&A) committee meets a week before the senate meetings and decides on the agenda for the upcoming senate meeting. The R&A committee also reviews bills or resolutions that would be presented before the senate, to ensure conformity to the guidelines enumerated in the GPSA constitution and bylaws. The R&A committee also updates periodically the Standing Rules and Regulations (SRRs), the document that provides guidelines for duties of the various components of the GPSA. Meets take place alternate weeks of senate meetings and last about an hour.

Teaching and Graduate Excellence Committee (TEGA)

The Teaching and Graduate Excellence Committee (TEGA) works with the College of Graduate Studies (COGS) to award Excellence in Teaching and Graduate achievement awards. TEGA also showcases graduate student achievement at UI and advances graduate student education by funding interdisciplinary workshops, programs, exhibitions and other event as well as by interacting with a number of University program offices. Meetings are usually every two months and last about an hour.

GPSA Travel Awards Committee

The GPSA Travel Awards Committee works to support our students by aiding in travel funding for research and dissemination of work. Funding is available for conferences, fieldwork, workshops, and any other related professional events. About $40000 are awarded each year, each award being up to $900. This committee also awards up to $50 per successful applicant towards binding and printing costs for theses and dissertations. Committee members assist in reviewing applications immediately after each deadline (once every 2 months for travel awards, once per semester for binding awards).



External Committee Descriptions

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate (formerly Faculty Council) acts for the university faculty in all matters pertaining to the immediate government of the University. The U of I Faculty Senate requires one graduate student representative (GPSA President) to attend regularly scheduled Faculty Senate meetings.

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council considers policy actions concerning standards for admission, academic standards, courses of instruction, curricula, graduation requirements, and graduate degrees to be granted that require approval by the university faculty. (Senators at Large)

Library Affairs Committee

The Library Affairs Committee recommends policies and procedures concerning the needs, functions, and objectives of the University Library and informs senators of news related to library services (Senator at Large).

Student Media Board

The Student Media Board is an ASUI appointed committee. It provides guidance and support for the various media outlets on the UI campus. (Communications Director)

University Safety and Loss Committee

The University Safety and Loss Committee works to ensure all safety and loss policies are relevant, being adhered to, and that all related incidents/policy changes are communicated university-wide (Senator at Large)

Student Computing Advisory Committee (SCAC)

The Student Computing Advisory Committee (SCAC) provides direction and oversight to Information Technology Services which maintains and manages the computing services provided to students, including student computing fee fund allocation (GSPA webmaster)

University Curriculum

University Curriculum acts on catalog changes involving the curriculum, including changes in the general requirements and academic procedures, and coordinates curricular matters among UI�s academic divisions.

University Budget and Finance

University Budget and Finance works with University Administration on budgetary and other financial matters, including communication of policy changes. (GPSA Financial Director)

University Judicial Committee (UJC)

The function of the University Judicial Committee (UJC) is to assemble as needed for significant student conduct issues. (GPSA Chief Justice).

UI Sustainability Center (UISC)

The UI Sustainability Center (UISC) student staff work together with the advisory board to coordinate the selection and successful completion of student-led projects in campus sustainability, as well as communicate about sustainability issues with the greater campus community.

Student Grant Program

The Student Grant Program is a committee made up of members from every college on campus. Each year they offer student grants for various amounts to fund projects for undergraduate and graduate students. GPSA has one representative on the review board. Most work is done over email.



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