GPSA People and Contacts

Anthony St. Claire - stcl0767@vandals.uidaho.edu
English - Teaching English as a Second Language

Victor Wolemiwa - wole8145@vandals.uidaho.edu
Electrical Engineering

Senate Speaker
Susie Irizarry - iriz0370@vandals.uidaho.edu
Natural Resources

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Jerry McMurtry - mcmurtry@uidaho.edu
Associate Dean
UI College of Graduate Studies

List of Contacts:

Name Office/Chair Position Department Email
Anthony St. Claire President English - Teaching English as a Second Language stcl0767@vandals.uidaho.edu
Victor Wolemiwa Vice-President Electrical Engineering wole8145@vandals.uidaho.edu
Susie Irizarry Speaker & Chair Natural Resources iriz0370@vandals.uidaho.edu
Masaki Ikeda Finance Director Mathematics iked0565@vandals.uidaho.edu
Wendy Silva Communications Director English silv4567@vandals.uidaho.edu
Shams Arifeen Director of Diversity Mechanical Engineering arif5763@vandals.uidaho.edu
Edward Flathers Webmaster Forest, Rangeline, and Fire Sciences flathers@uidaho.edu
Jacob Commodore Chief Justice Art comm1755@vandals.uidaho.edu
Sharmin Islam Elections Chair Electrical Engineering isla4018@vandals.uidaho.edu
Emma M. Baker Travel Awards Chair Geological Sciences bake8253@vandals.uidaho.edu
Jessica McDermott Teaching and Excellence (TEGA) Chair English mcde7381@vandals.uidaho.edu
Lisa Brown Programming Chair Education brow2741@vandals.uidaho.edu
Jacob Commodore Sustainability Chair Art comm1755@vandals.uidaho.edu
Madison Griffin Secretary English grif5735@vandals.uidaho.edu
Chad Kooistra UI Campus Centers GPSA Liaison Conservation Social Sciences chadk@uidaho.edu
David Griffith Bylaw Review Environmental Science Program griffith@uidaho.edu
Dr. Jerry McMurtry GPSA Faculty Advisor UI College of Graduate Studies Associate Dean mcmurtry(at)uidaho(d0t)edu


GPSA Email, Office Location, and Mailing Address

Office Location:
Morrill Hall, Room 201A
Mailing Address:
p.o. box 444280
University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, 83844-4280
208-885-GPSA (4772)