Any questions about GPSA that are not answered below can be sent to the GPSA President or Vice President.



General Questions

Q: What does GPSA do?

A: The Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA) supports and promotes graduate student education, campus sustainability, and graduate student life at the University of Idaho. This includes creating programs and assisting graduate students during their transition from student life to professional life. The GPSA is also committed to providing a collective voice for graduate students to the University and the State. Below is a list of just a few ways we try to meet these goals.

  • Promote graduate student education
    • Travel Awards
      • $40,000 in travel awards given every year
    • Thesis and Dissertation Binding Awards
      • $50 towards printing and binding
    • Research Grants
      • 2 $3000 grants through University of Idaho Student Grant Program
    • Workshops
      • R Language Workshop
      • Travel Awards Seminar
      • TA PAnel
    • Excellence in Teaching and Graduate Achievement Awards
    • University Student Exposition
  • Campus Sustainability
    • Environmental and Social Sustainability Committee
    • Water bottles for new graduate students
  • Graduate Student Life
    • Fall and Spring Social
    • Coffee Hours
    • Borah Symposium
    • Relay for Life
  • Provide a Collective Voice
    • Representatives on all major university committees
      • Graduate class enrollment changes
      • Attendance Policy changes
    • GPSA Monthly Newsletter

Q: Who is a member of GPSA?

A: All graduate and professional students in good academic standing at the University of Idaho are members of GPSA.

Q: Is my department represented?

A: Check the GPSA home page above (www.uidaho.edu/gpsa) to see if your department is represented. It is also important to make sure that your department is not in default. This information can be found on the website as well under senator attendance sheet on the homepage.

Q: How can I participate in GPSA?

A: There are many ways to participate in GPSA: become a representative for your department, join one of GPSA’s committees, come to one of GPSA’s events, and share your ideas, questions, and concerns with us.



Senator Responsibilities

Any questions about senator responsibilities not found below can be sent to the GPSA President or Vice President. Additionally, please check the GPSA Constitution and By-laws for the answers to any questions.

Q: What does a GPSA Senator do?

A: GPSA Senators are committed to the success of the graduate and professional students at the University of Idaho and to the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA). Below is a list of duties expected of GPSA Senators. This list is taken directly from the GPSA By-Laws as can be found online at www.uidaho.edu/gpsa

224.00 DUTIES

224.01 Senators shall communicate to their academic units/constituents the actions taken by the GPSA Senate.
A. Communications shall include at least the following information:

  1. 1. Upcoming events and deadlines;
  2. 2. General description of projects, programs, bills and/or resolutions that were passed that directly affect the academic units/constituents; and
  3. 3. Requests for issues/concerns from the academic units/constituents.

224.02 Senators shall represent to the GPSA governing body the general concerns of their constituents as well as such specific responses to issues and queries as may be required by, or in, any bill or resolution passed by the GPSA Senate.

224.03 Senators shall attend all meetings of the GPSA Senate.
A. In the event that a Senator cannot attend a GPSA Senate meeting, a proxy may be designated to vote on the academic unit/constituency’s behalf.
  1. 1. Proxies must be members of the same academic unit/constituency as the senator they are replacing.
  2. 2. Proxies must have the consent of the senator to attend the GPSA Senate meetings and must sign in at said meeting.
  3. 3. The Senator must inform the proxy of all current business.

224.04 Senators shall be familiar with the GPSA Constitution, By-Laws and Standing Rules and Regulations.

224.05 Senators shall serve the GPSA on a committee or perform another service to the GPSA as directed by the GPSA Vice President and/or the GPSA President.

224.06 Senators shall carry out any additional duties outlined in their Standing Rules and Regulations, the GPSA Constitution, and the GPSA By-laws.

Q: Where can I find the senator application form and senator commitment form?

A: All GPSA Senators must fill out a senator application form and a senator commitment form in order to represent their department. These forms can be found online at www.uidaho.edu/gpsa under documents tab .

Q: I have to miss a meeting. What should I do?

A: If you have to miss a meeting you should find someone else in your department, a proxy, who can attend the meeting in your place to represent your department. This will ensure that your department does not go into default, keep your department represented in senate meetings, and keep you informed on what is discussed at meetings. Please inform your proxy that they cannot vote on any senate bills or resolutions. Proxy does not need to be approved by all senators. Any graduate student from their department can be a proxy and substitute his/her senator.

Q: I have missed two meetings? Is my department in default?

A: If you had a proxy for both of those meetings, your department should not be in default. However, if you did not have a proxy for those meetings, you cannot miss another meeting or your department will go into default. Each senator can only miss two meetings in a semester.

Q: Do I have to be on a committee?

A: Yes. According to the GPSA By-Laws all GPSA Senators must serve on at least one committee.

Q: How many committees must I serve on?

A: You only have to serve on one committee, either a University Committee or GPSA committee. Many people serve on more than one committee because of the varying schedules and responsibilities of each committee. Check out what committees are available as you select which committees most interest you.




Any questions about GPSA Committees not answered below should be sent to either the Committee Chair or the GPSA Vice President.

Q: Who can serve on a GPSA Committee?

A: All graduate and professional students can serve on GPSA Committees. Contact the GPSA Vice President if you would like to participate on a GPSA Committee.

Q: Who can serve on a University Committee?

A: Only GPSA Senators-at-Large and Senators can serve on a University Committee.

Q: What committees are there?

A: There are two groups of Committees within GPSA: internal GPSA Committees and external University Committees. These Committees are listed below. More information about these committees can be found on the GPSA website.

  • Internal Committees (Any graduate student can serve on these committees!)
    • Rules and Administration Committee
    • Elections Committee
    • Travel Awards Committee
    • Teaching and Excellence Committee
    • Programming Committee
    • Environmental and Social Sustainability Committee
    • Communication Committee
    • Judicial Board
  • GPSA representatives on 10 external (University) Committees
    • Faculty Council
    • Graduate Council
    • Library Affairs Committee
    • Student Media Board
    • University Safety and Loss Committee
    • Student Computing Advisory
    • University Curriculum Committee
    • University Judicial Committee
    • University Budget and Finance Committee
    • University of Idaho Sustainability Center

Q: I have a scheduling conflict with a committee, who do I contact?

A: Please contact the GPSA President to help you find someone else to cover that committee and the GPSA Vice President to inform them of what other committee you would like to serve on.



Senator at Large

Q: If I am going to miss a meeting, do I need to find a proxy?
What are the requirement for being a proxy?

A: No one can be BOTH senator (representing their department) and senator at large (representing all grads). This is a conflict of interest. Senator at large will have to find someone to represent her department or step down from her senator at large position. The requirements of the senator at large position were something we discussed last year. All senators at large should find a proxy for when they miss a meeting to keep them informed, although there is no consequence for this.



Travel Awards and Thesis Binding

Any questions about Travel Awards should be sent to the Travel Awards Chair.

Q: Where do I turn in my travel award?

A: Please turn in your travel award to the GPSA box in Morrill Hall Room 201A. If there are any changes to this location it will be clearly posted on the GPSA website.

Q: The deadline falls on a weekend and the office is closed, when do I need to turn in my award packet?

A: Your award packet will be due by 4 pm the following business day.

Q: I’m a graduate student at one of the branch campuses. Why can’t I apply for a travel award?

A: GPSA is funded entirely by graduate student fees. Graduate and professional students at branch campuses do not pay fees to GPSA. Because about 50% of the GPSA budget goes to travel awards and because this money comes from graduate student fees, it was decided that branch campus students who do not pay fees to GPSA would not be eligible for travel awards. GPSA has tried several times in the past to figure out how to work with branch campuses to get fees to help add branch campus graduate and professional students to our travel award program. This, however, is a very difficult process and has to date been unsuccessful.



GPSA Finances

Any questions about GPSA Finances should be sent to the GPSA Financial Director or the GPSA President.

Q: How is GPSA funded?

A: GPSA is funded entirely through graduate student fees.

Q: I didn’t receive my leadership award, who should I contact with?

A: Contact the GPSA Financial Director and ask him/her to check on the status of your award.

Q: I have an idea about how GPSA should use its money. Who do I contact?

A: Contact the GPSA Financial Director and GPSA President. They will be able to provide you with the information you need to proceed.



GPSA Senate

Any questions about how to write a GPSA Senate Bill should be sent to the Senate Speaker.

Q: How do I write a GPSA Senate Bill?

A: Samples of GPSA Senate Bills can be found under the documents tab on the GPSA website. Further guidelines can be found in the GPSA By-laws. Senate bills generally fall under two categories: amendment or appropriations.

Q: How do I write a GPSA Resolution?

A: Samples of GPSA Senate Resolutions can be found under the documents tab on the GPSA website. Further guidelines can be found in the GPSA By-laws.

Q: How many sponsors must I have for a GPSA Senate Bill and/or Resolution?

A: Each GPSA Senate Bill and/or Resolution must have at least two sponsors.



GPSA Meetings

Q: How do I add something to the GPSA Agenda?

A: To add something to the GPSA Agenda, contact the GPSA Senate Speaker at least one week before the meeting in which you would like that item to be added.

Q: How do I bring up a question in a meeting?

A: GPSA follows Roberts Rules of Order. Please refer to the quick guide to Roberts Rules of Order on the GPSA website to learn how to bring up a question, point, or how to make a motion.



GPSA Newsletter

Any questions about the GPSA Newsletter not answered below should be sent to the GPSA Communications Director

Q: How do I add something to the GPSA Newsletter?

A: Contact the GPSA Communications Director to add something to a GPSA Newsletter. All additions must be in one week before the start of new month.

Q: I would like to be a featured graduate student in the newsletter. Who do I contact?

A: All graduate students are invited to be a featured graduate student in our newsletter. Contact the GPSA Communications Director if you would like to be the featured graduate student.



Questions, Concerns & Complaints?

Any concerns and/or complaints can be directed to the GPSA President.