Current Climate Geeks


Avalanche Lake, Glacier N.P., 48.654°N, 113.78°W, 1192m

Katherine Hegewisch, Ph.D. (Washington State University), Postdoctoral Fellow. Climate Climate model evaluation and downscaling


Lago Verde, Italy, 44.49°N, 7.00°E, 2683m

Renaud Barbero, Ph.D. (University of Aix-Marseille), Postdoctoral Fellow. Weather, climate and megafires.


Monteverde Forest, Costa Rica, 10.38°N, 84.62°W, 450m

Alexander Peterson, MS student Geography, Climate (TBD)


Warbonnet Lakes, Sawtooth N.F., 44.06°N, 115.04°W, 2800m

Abigail Lute, MS student Water Resources, Snowfall extremes in the western United States


Jarbidge Wilderness, Nevada, 41.71°N, 115.45°W, 2600m

John Abatzoglou, Assistant Professor, Weather Weenie and Climate Guy, applied climate science

Troy, Idaho, 46.71°N, 116.5°W, 800m

Brandon Moore, PhD student in Geography, Climate, water and bioenergy  


Sakurajima Mountain Observatory, Japan, 31.59°N 130.63°E 373m

Lauren Parker, PhD student in Geography,Spatial statistics of aspects of climate and weather in the PNW

Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii, 19.38°N, 155.2°W, 200m

Paige Farrell, MS student in Geography, Impacts of climate change on soil erosion rates in Pacific Northwest Agriculture


Cangshan Mountain, China, 25.91°N 100.01°E 2100m

Wenlong Feng, MS student in Geography, Spatial variability in winter wheat yield in the NW using remote sensing and climate


Stephen Gillis, MS student in Environmental Science, Sensitivity of stream temperature to climate drivers in complex terrain.
  • Accolades and Awards

    • Jan 2011: Stephen Gillis was awarded a Hill Fellowship to persue undergraduate research on climate sensitivity of stream temperatures in Kelly Creek, Idaho
    • Oct 2011: Alexander Peterson won the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society Award for best undergraduate presentation at the University of Idaho College of Science Research Expo
    • Mar 2012: Alexander Peterson also was awarded an REU with Texas A&M to work in ecohydrology in Costa Rica during summer 2012
    • Jun 2012: Alexander Peterson was awarded a student scholarship to attend and present his work at Phenology 2012 conference in Milwaukee, WI
    • Apr 2013: Abigail Lute received second place for best student presentation at the Western Snow Conference in Jackson, WY.
    • Jan 2014: Abigail Lute was awarded the Avista Waters of the West Scholarship.
    • Apr 2014: Abigail Lute received first place for best student presentation at the Western Snow Conference in Durango, CO.
    • Mar 2015: Lauren Parker was awarded Best Poster by a PhD student at the REACCH annual conference in Moscow, ID
    • Mar 2015: Alexander Peterson was awarded Best Poster by a MS student at the REACCH annual conference in Moscow, ID

    Recovering Climate Geeks

  • James Favors, MS Meteorology, Regional Method of identifying surges of the North American Monsoon, Jan 2011
  • Holly Diehl, MS Geography, Observed and projected Climate and Hydrology in the eastern Great Basin, Jan 2011
  • Jeremy Jenkins, MS Geography, Fine-‐Scale Temperature and Physiography in Northern Idaho: an observational comparison to PRISM, Jan 2012
  • Jacob Wolf, MS Geography, Evaluation of Drought Indices for tracking streamflow in Idaho, Aug 2012
  • Abigail Lute, MS Water Resources, Extreme Snowfall Events in the Western United States: variability, change and implications for water resource management, May 2014
  • Paige Farrell, MS Geography, Sensitivity of soil loss to climate change in the Inland Northwest USA, April 2015