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August 2015 - Megha Karki receives her PhD degree!  Megha successfully defended her thesis entitled “Development of Oxidatin Reactions Based on Vanadium Pentoxide, Dimethylsulfoxide, and Unique Synthetic Iron-Rich Clays”.    She leaves Moscow after 5 years of hard work for a position at the Scripps Research Institute in the research program of Prof. Krishnamurthy where she will investigate the mysterious origins of life. Congratulations and good luck Megha!

May 2015 -  Four of our undergrad researchers complete their degrees at U of I and all four are bound for graduate school chemistry programs in the fall:  

Conner Farley  - Purdue
Hailey Knox - University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Kyle Clark - UC Santa Barbara
Joseph Schmalz - UCLA

Congratulations Conner, Hailey, Kyle, and Joe!

March 2015 - Megha Karki’s manuscript entitled “Bromination of Olefins with HBr and DMSO” is now published online in J. Org. Chem.  Congratulations Megha!

January 2015 - We welcome incoming graduate student Abdulakeem Osumah who joins our group to begin his PhD studies.  Abdulakeem comes to us from Nigeria where he obtained his Bsc at the University of Ibadan.

September 2014 -  The group welcomes three new undergraduate students who begin their research careers in our laboratory this semester: Jacob Dalton, Sarah Lusk, and Jackson Deobald!

August 2014 - Graduate student Xiong Zhang begins his PhD in our group.  Xiong has earned 4 years of generous support from the China Scholarship Council.

July 2014 - Ebenezer Jones-Mensah's manuscript entitled "Aryl methyl sulfides via SNAr using DMSO as the source of the thiomethyl moiety." is accepted for publication in Tetrahedron Letters. May 2014 - Undergraduate students Stephen Holmbo and Leslie Nickerson complete their studies at UI and their research work in our lab.  In the fall Leslie begins graduate studies at University of California, Davis and Stephen begins graduate school at University of California, Irvine. Thank you Stephen and Leslie for your efforts in the lab and best of luck to you both in graduate school!

April 2014 - Kyle Clark is awarded a summer INBRE fellowship.  He will be joined in the lab this summer two visiting INBRE fellows: Jeff Crawford (from Brigham Young University Idaho) and Jacob Wimpenny (from Lewis-Clark State College).  Congratulations Kyle, and welcome Jeff and Jacob!  We sincerely thank the Idaho INBRE program for their continued support of our biomedical-focused undergraduate synthetic research projects.

April 2014 - Ebenezer Jones-Mensah attends is the 40th annual National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE) Conference in Nashville where he is awarded first prize in the Technical Research Exhibition for his poster and talk entitled "A New Strategy for the Syntheses of Aryl Methyl sulfides"  Congratulations Jones!

January 2014 - The group welcomes new graduate student Ram Gautam and undergraduate intern William Gibbs from Brigham Young University Idaho.

December 2013 - Huro Araujo successfully defends his Masters thesis entitled ‘Total Synthesis of Veranamine’.  Congratulations Hugo!  We wish you all the best with the next phase of your studies.

December 2013 - Two undergraduate group members, Joseph Schmalz and Hailey Knox are awarded, prestigious Brian and Gayle Hill Fellowships. Congratulations Joe and Hailey!

September 2013 - Our recent paper is highlighted in Synfacts!

August 2013 - The group welcomes three new undergraduate students: Kyle Clark, Joseph Schmalz, and Hailey Knox!

July 2013 - We are happy to announce that our group has received a 3-year grant from the National Science Foundation, Division of Chemical Synthesis, to support our continued efforts to develop efficient synthetic methods using heterogeneous tools!

July 2013 - The work of Megha Karki and Hugo Araujo on dehydroaromatizations with vanadium pentoxide is published in Synlett!

June 2013 - Four students (Megha, Hugo, Jones, and Conner) attend the ACS National Organic Symposium in Seattle (see photos).  They return to the lab inspired and ready to do great science.

May 2013 - Undergraduate group member Leslie Nickerson receives an NIH INBRE summer research fellowship.  Steve Holmbo accepts a summer internship position from Gilead Pharmaceuticals.  Steve will spend the summer as medicinal chemist in Foster City, CA.

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Dr. Magolan's organic chemistry research program is part of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Idaho located in Moscow, Idaho.

Our research includes:

We encourage you to explore these pages and contact Dr. Magolan should you have any questions.  Enquiries regarding cross-disciplinary collaborative opportunities are always welcome.

Graduate student positions are available.

Dr. Jakob Magolan


We are grateful for generous research support from the following sources:

National Science Foundation,
Division of Chemical Synthesis
(Grant #1301506)

Idaho INBRE program
Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence, NIH Grants P20 RR016454 & P20 GM103408

Brian and Gayle Hill Undergraduate Fellowships


Dr. Jakob Magolan

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

University of  Idaho