Some Random Ancient History Stuff

A webpage I set up so that some of us in the Cornell Astronomy Department could try and learn some Mayan Hieroglyphs can be found here .

I am interested in a number of obscure ancient languages. Since some of the only good grammars on certain languages are in German, and I don't know German very well, I have translated some of these works very roughly into English just so I could refer to them more easily. I make no claims as to the accuracy or quality of any of these translations! Also, in the earlier translations, I probably translated words I shouldn't have, like auslaut....

Hethitisches Elementarbuch by Johannes Friedrich (Heidelberg 1960) [DOC] [PDF]

Beiträge zur meroitischen Grammatik by Fritz Hintze (Berlin 1979) [DOC] [PDF]

Kleine Einflührung ins Hieroglyphen-Luwische by Rudolph Werner (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Göttingen 1991) [DOC] [PDF]

Einführung in die hurritische Sprache by Ilse Wegner (Weisbaden 2000) [DOC] [PDF]