$ \def\Z{\mathbb Z} \def\R{\mathbb R} \def\C{\mathbb C} \def\Q{\mathbb Q} \def\bs{\backslash} \def\p{\mathfrak p} \def\OF{\mathfrak o} \def\GL{\rm GL} \def\PGL{\rm PGL} \def\SL{\rm SL} \def\SO{\rm SO} \def\Symp{\rm Sp} \def\Spec{\rm{Spec}} \def\GSp{\rm GSp} \def\PGSp{\rm PGSp} \def\meta{\widetilde{\rm SL}} \def\sgn{{\rm sgn}} \def\St{{\rm St}} \def\triv{1} \def\Mp{\rm Mp} \def\val{\rm val} \def\Irr{\rm Irr} \def\Norm{\rm N} \def\Mat{\rm M} \def\Gal{\rm Gal} \def\GSO{\rm GSO} \def\GO{\rm GO} \def\OO{\rm O} \def\Ind{\rm Ind} \def\ind{\rm ind} \def\cInd{\mathrm{c}\text{-}\mathrm{Ind}} \def\Trace{\rm T} \def\trace{\rm tr} \def\Real{\rm Real} \def\Hom{\rm Hom} \def\SSp{\rm Sp} \def\EO{\mathfrak{o}_E} \def\new{\rm new} \def\vl{\rm vol} \def\disc{\rm disc} \def\pisw{\pi_{\scriptscriptstyle SW}} \def\pis{\pi_{\scriptscriptstyle S}} \def\piw{\pi_{\scriptscriptstyle W}} \def\trip{\rm trip} \def\Left{\rm Left} \def\Right{\rm Right} \def\sroot{\Delta} \def\im{\rm im} \def\A{\mathbb A} $
Malcolm Rupert

Ph.D. Candidate
University of Idaho
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Malcolm Rupert
Department of Mathematics
875 Perimeter Drive
University of Idaho
Moscow ID 83844-1103

Office Hours:

Brink Hall G-07 (Take the Brink elevator to 'ground floor north.')
Wed. 12:30pm, Fri. 9:30am, and by appointment.


My research interest lie mostly in number theory. In particular I study automorphic forms and the underlying representation theory, as well as modularity of the associated geometric objects. I'm currently working on several methods for computing Siegel paramodular forms. For more details see my CVand my research statement.

Mathematics Publications

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I use bblearn for my course web pages.



I have been a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Idaho since 2013, under the advisement of Jennifer Johnson-Leung and Brooks Roberts. Before attending the University of Idaho I recived my masters in mathematics from the University of British Columbia, under the advisement of Greg Martin, and my bachelors in mathematics from Western Washington University.