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University of Idaho

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Fall 2010 Studio Roster

Patrick McCulley (TA)

Hometown: Oakridge/Eugene, OR
Year: 2nd year graduate student
Degree: MM: Saxophone Performance

Memorable Moment: Playing in the Jazz Ensemble during the opening of the Haddock Performance Hall.

Favorite Players: Joshua Redman, John-Edward Kelly, Dexter Gordon, Claude Delangle, Eric Dolphy, Yuri Yukanov and many, many more . . .

Paul Callahan

Hometown: Boise, ID
Year: Sophomore
Degree: Saxophone Performance

Memorable Moments: Attending "Saxgiving", where everyone in the studio came together. Eating and laughing as a group was very entertaining.

Reason for Coming: I wanted to pursue a major in music and I had heard great things about the University of Idaho music program.

Kim Cunningham

Hometown: La Grande, OR
Year: Freshmen


Memorable Moment:

Future Plans:

Aaron Dickinson

Hometown: Boise, ID

Year: Freshmen
Degree: Saxophone Performance

Memorable Moment:
Favorite Players:

Sarah Dramstad

Hometown: Helena, MT
Year: Junior
Degree: Saxophone Performance & Composition

Memorable Moments: Being told by Dan Bukvich that a 93% in music is failure.

Reason for Coming: Excellent music program, great community and great location. How could I resist?

Future Plans: Pursue a graduate degree in either performance or composition.

Favorite Players: Dexter Gordon and Houston Person.

Favorite Piece(s)/Recording(s): Milhaud's Scaramouche and Dexter Gordon's album "Go".

Currently Listening to: Eric Alexander.

Keila Dubois

Hometown: Boise, ID
Year: Junior
Degree: Applied Music and Psychology

Memorable Moments: The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival

Reason for Coming: I knew the U of I had a great music program and it was close to home.

Future Plans: Complete Undergraduate degree and get my masters degree in Library Science.

Favorite Players: Joshua Redman, Cannonball Adderley, Paul Desmond, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker

Favorite Piece(s)/Recording(s): Ballade by Henry Tomasi

Currently Listening to: Jason Mraz, Jonsi, Dick Oatts, Flogging Molly and Death Cab for Cutie

Jasmine Hankey

Hometown: Colville, WA
Year: Junior
Degree: Saxophone Performance and Professional English

Memorable Moments: Traveling with Jazz 4 to Colville for the high school's jazz festival.

Reason for Coming: The quality of the Saxophone Studio and the academic programs.

Future Plans: Combine working in the English world with performing and teaching privately.

Favorite Players: Kenny Garrett, Paul Desmond and Gerry Mulligan.

Favorite Piece(s)/Recording(s): The Decruck Sonata, Creston Sonata and the Heiden Sonata.

Currently Listening to: Stravinsky's Firebird and Petrouchka, Steely Dan and Duke Ellington.

Eric Hedstrom

Hometown: Bremerton, WA
Year: Senior
Degree: Music Education

Memorable Moments: Trips with the marching band and meeting John Pizzarelli.

Reason for Coming: Beautiful campus and I knew the U of I was a good school.

Future Plans: Pursue a master's degree in conducting and teach high school music.

Favorite Players: David Sandborn, Eugene Rousseau and Michael Brecker.

Favorite Piece(s)/Recording(s): Harlem Nocturne, Glazounov Saxophone Concerto and the 1812 Overture

Currently Listening to: Tomasi, Hindemith Sonatas and Eric Clapton

Chris Leslie

Hometown: Spokane, WA
Year: Junior
Degree: Saxophone Performance and Music Education

Memorable Moments: Being able to meet and work with professional musicians during the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival.

Reason for Coming: A strong saxophone studio and many different performing opportunities.

Future Plans: Teach at the high school or college level while working as an active performer.

Favorite Players: Joshua Redman, Art Pepper, Dick Oatts, John Sampen and Arno Bornkamp.

Currently Listening to: Roy Hargrove.

Lauren Peterson

Hometown: Pinehurst, ID
Year: Senior
Degree: Music Education

Memorable Moments: NASA 2009 at the University of Idaho. The guest artist, Eugene Rousseau, was one of the most talented and kind people I had ever met or seen perform.

Reason for Coming: I transferred to the University of Idaho because of its excellent reputation and upon the recommendation of several teachers.

Future Plans: To student teach and possibly teach music or go into the field of music therapy.

Favorite Players: Eugene Rousseau, Cannonball Adderley and Stan Getz.

Favorite Piece(s)/Recording(s): The Phoenix.

Currently Listening to: Nick Drake, Maynard Ferguson, Astrude Gilberto, Stevie Wonder, The Shins, Vivaldi, Claude Debussy and Cannonball Adderley.

Nate Poznick

Hometown: Boise, ID
Year: Senior
Degree: Saxophone Performance

Reason for Coming:...more focus on the music program and more activity within the music department compared to other schools

Future Plans: Complete a master's degree in music performance and teach at the university level.

Favorite Players: Pepper Adams, Debra Richtmeyer, Claude Delangle and Lenny Pickett

Favorite Piece(s)/Recording(s): Prelude, Cadence et Finale by A. Desenclos, Night Bird by Karen Tanaka, and Cyberbird Concerto by Yoshimatsu

Currently Listening to: Arno Bornkamp, The PirkQlaters, Mumford and Sons and Claude Delangle

Andy Rayborn

Hometown: Pocatello, ID
Year: Senior

Memorable Moments:

Reason for Coming:

Tyler Renninger

Hometown: Rathdrum, ID
Year: Junior
Degree: Music Education

Memorable Moments: Seeing Joshua Redman at the Jazz Alley in Seattle in the summer of 2010.

Future Plans: Get a master's degree and travel during my time off.

Favorite Players: Joshua Redman, Michael Brecker, Art Pepper, John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins.

Favorite Piece(s)/Recording(s): Bye George, Tenor Madness, Delta City Blues, Two Blocks from the Edge and Freedom in the Groove, Ain't Nothin' But a Party.

Currently Listening to: Bye George, Hide and Seek, Round Rouben and Tenor Madness.


Sam Sturza

Hometown: Black Diamond, WA
Year: Senior
Degree: Saxophone Performance

Memorable Moment: Nasa 2009, getting to see Bobby McFerrin, Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, The Clayton Brothers, RH Factor, and the Jeff Hamilton Trio play at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival.

Reason for Coming: The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. Vern and Vanessa Sielert.

Future Plans: Play on cruise ships and/or have a steady gig in a big band or combo. Get a master's in Jazz Studies and then a DMA in saxophone performance and teach at a University.

Favorite Players: Hank Mobley, Cannonball Adderley, Dick Oatts, John Coltrane, Claude Delangle

Favorite Piece(s)/Recording(s): Claude Delangle's recordings of Scaramouche, Croquembouches, Tableaux de Provence and Arno Bornkamp's Cinq Danses Exotiques.

Currently Listening to: Claude Delangle, Hank Mobley, Roy Hargrove and Cannonball Adderley

Kyle Thomas

Hometown: Kennewick, WA
Year: Senior
Degree: Music Education

Memorable Moment: NASA 2009.

Reason for Coming: ...came for the Vandal Marching Band Day and loved the faculty and the school

Future Plans: I want to be an elementary music teacher and eventually do my master's and doctorate in woodwind pedagogy.

Favorite Players: Richard Elliot and John Sampen.

Favorite Piece(s)/Recording(s): Pequena Czarda and the Fuzzy Bird Sonata.

Cari Tusek

Hometown: Eugene, OR
Year: Senior
Degree: Music Education

Memorable Moments: Getting to meet and listen to Eugene Rousseau and Dick Oatts during NASA 2009.

Reason for Coming: The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival and I had attended a Jazz Camp in Oregon for several years with Vern Sielert directing.

Future Plans: To become a high school music teacher and eventually get my master's and doctorate in music education and conducting.

Favorite Players: Cannonball Adderley and Eugene Rousseau.

Favorite Piece(s)/Recording(s): The Tableaux de Provence and the Creston Sonata.

Currently Listening to: Ella Fitzgerald and Felix Mendelssohn.