Lionel Hampton School of Music
University of Idaho

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Studio Meetings

The saxophone studio meets two to four times a week to discuss saxophone topics, perform for one another, and warm up together.

Studio Class

Studio class is held every Tuesday evening at 5:30 PM and most Thursdays at 2:30 PM. This is an opportunity for students in the studio to perform for and critique one another. Solo literature, etudes, and quartets are all presented in these meetings. After each performance, the class is given a chance to compliment and critique the performance. All students are expected to perform at least twice a semester in studio class.

Saxophone Topics

During the spring semester, saxophone topics class is held at 5:30 PM on Thursdays. Topics are presented by Dr. Sielert and graduate students and range from practice strategies to saxophone history lectures. Masterclasses on fundamentals and sax choir rehearsal have also been held during this time.

Warm-up Class

During the fall and spring semester, the studio meets twice a week on Monday and Wednesday mornings for a collective warm-up session. This is a great chance to get an early start on playing for the day. Graduate students lead fundamental exercises and help students develop a healthy warm-up routine.