Soil 454 - Pedology


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Fall 2014

Instructors:   Paul McDaniel   Max Ross
Office:   242 Ag Science Bldg.   132 Ag Science Bldg.
Office Phone:   885-7012    
Lecture:   T, Th 8-8:50 AM
    Ag Sci. 141
Lab:   Th 1:30-5:20 PM
    Ag Sci. 133 & the great outdoors

Course web page:

Course References:
Buol, S.W., R.J. Southard, R.C. Graham, and P.A. McDaniel. 2011. Soil Genesis and Classification. 6th edition. Wiley-Blackwell.
Available at UI Library Reserve Desk and from numerous on-line sources.

Soil Survey Staff, 2014. Keys to Soil Taxonomy. 12th edition:

Simplified Guide to Soil Taxonomy:

The 12 Soil Orders website:

NRCS Field Book for Describing and Sampling Soils

Learning Outcomes:
After successfully completing this course, a student will:

(i) be familiar with the types of soils in Idaho, the U.S., and the world;
(ii) be able to make a thorough and technically accurate description of a soil in the field;
(iii) understand and appreciate the relationships and interactions between soils and plant communities;
(iv) have a basic understanding of how soils form and the patterns in which they occur on landscapes;
(v) be able to make some reasonable estimates of soil chemical and physical properties from field observations;
(vi) have a working knowledge of Soil Taxonomy.

Assessment of learning outcomes and course grades will be based on performance on exams, labs/homework, and a term project. Grades will be calculated according to the following percentages:

3 exams (best of 4)  
term project  

The following scale will be used to assign grades:
90-100% = A
80-89% = B
70-79% = C
60-69% = D
<60% = F

No makeup exams will be given without prior arrangement or a very good reason. Lab exercises and field trips generally are a 'one-time-only' opportunity and cannot formally be made up.