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Please notice: Effective January 1, 2015, the list of Repositories of Primary Sources will no longer be updated or maintained. Thank you.


This list of Repositories of Primary Sources is solely of web sites that describe physical collections of rare books, manuscripts, archives, historical photographs, oral histories, or other primary sources. The list focuses on actual repositories; therefore virtual collections and exhibitions are excluded. Others maintain lists of that sort, one is compiled by Smithsonian Institution Libraries.

Each link is to a separate web page or named part of a web page (i.e., a direct URL to the relevant part of the page) which generally provides a description of the collection. The links are to the specific web sites, not their larger organizational entitites.

All the sites have been examined and are operational at that time. I am not able to systematically check on them later to ensure that the URL has not changed. I do rely on your notifying me of changes and updates.

In those cases where I am unable to determine the content (for instance, the site relies on a non-Roman alphabet) I exclude it. I usually turn off the graphics to speed their loading when I examine sites; text and links in graphic elements are often missed. Framed or graphic intensive sites that make it difficult to focus on collection descriptions are avoided.

In a separate part of the list I include others' lists of web sites, repositories, and directories. These are often annotated with extremely useful descriptive information or reflect more accurate local knowledge.

To add your site to the list, please email me or try the submission form. All communications are acknowledged. If one is not received after a week or so, try again.

Thanks to all who have helped keep the list current and useful. Those who have assisted in this process in the past month or so are listed here.

Terry Abraham

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