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Statistical Consulting Center

in the Department of Statistics, located in Brink Hall, room 400

The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) provides assistance in the design of experiments and sample surveys, advice on statistical analyses, and expertise on recent developments in statistical research. Proper statistical design and analysis play a key role in producing quality research. The best time to seek statistical consulting is during the earliest stages of the research project, and before any data collection stage. Faculty members and graduate students from any discipline are welcome.

More about our services

Fall 2015 walk-in hours, or just Skype us when we're online. It's Free! Just download Skype at then click on the icon below.

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Issues to consider when planning your research or analyzing your data: Questions and concepts that are useful to researchers as they plan and/or analyze their data.

Statistics review: Information and links for learning about statistical concepts and methods.

SCC Workshops for Researchers: The SCC occasionally presents workshops on statistical methods for researchers.  The goal of the workshops is to educate researchers about various statistical methods, and how to perform these methods with available software. Our SCC workshop archive has materials from each workshop that we have given.

Reference materials for statistical software: Including SAS, SPSS, SPlus, etc.

Online statistical computation and free software: Links to webpages that perform online statistical calculations, such as power and sample size calculations, simple data analyses, and free statistical software.

More statistical resources on the web: An annotated list of other sites.

Feedback: We are interested in your comments about our site, particularly suggestions about the organization of the site and additional topics that may be included here.