Case Study - Slum Survivors

Reality in Nairobi's Kibera

"Sometime soon, a young man will leave his village in west Java for the bright lights of Jakarta, a farmer will move his impoverished family into one of Lima’s innumerable shanty towns, or a woman will give birth in the Kenyan slum of Kibera. The exact event is unimportant and will pass entirely unnoticed. Nonetheless, it will constitute a watershed in human history. For the first time, the world’s urban population will outnumber the rural."
From “Planet of Slums” by Mike Davis.

Slum Survivors is an an inspiring and uplifting documentary chronicling life in the Kibera slum outside Niairobi, Kenya. Produced in 2007, this 45-minute award-winning film challenges the developed world and the developing world to rethink urban poverty and slum life with inspiring stories of courage against severe economic, social and environmental challenge. This extrodinary film was produced by IRIN - the humanitarian news and analysis service of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.IRIN covers parts of the world that are often under-reported, misunderstood or ignored. The lives of the focal characters in the story were updated in March 2011.