University of Idaho's Guide For Transfer Students


WASHINGTON, DC 20036-1193


US NAVY/AMER CNL OF EDUC               UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO                     Transfer General Education Area(s)

A-701 0031 Welding.....................ASM 107 Beginning Welding                                                            

AR1710 0205 Construction Equip RepairerGNRC 000 Construction Equipment                                                      
                                   AND ASM 000 Diesel Engines                                                               

AR2201 0294 Prim Leadrshp Devlpmnt (ResMS 000 Military Science                                                              
                                   AND MS 000 Principles of Supervision                                                     

MC0327 0001 Basic Recruiter............BUS 000 Marketing                                                                    
                                   AND BUS 000 Sales                                                                        
                                   AND COMM 000 Public Speaking                                                             

MC0501 0006 Career DEP.................BUS 000 Intro to Management                                                          

MC0602 0002 Basic Grammar & CompositionENGL 000 English                                                                     

MC0709 0025 Semper Fit Adv Fitness.....H&S 000 Exercise Physiology                                                          
                                   AND H&S 000 Intro to Nutrition/Wellness                                                  

MC0801 0016 Nuc/Biol/Chem Indiv Surv MsNS 000 NBC Prin/Homeland Sec                                                         

MC0803 0009 Marine Combat Instructor...H&S 000 First Aid                                                                    
                                   AND COMM 000 Public Speaking/Speech                                                      
                                   AND H&S 000 Occupational Safety                                                          
                                   AND INTR 000 Leadership & Supervision                                                    
                                   AND PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     
MC0803 0011 Infantry Mortar Leader.....INTR 000 Leadership & Supervision                                                    
                                   AND COMM 000 Oral Communications                                                         
                                   AND NS 000 Navigation (Land) Plotting                                                    
                                   AND PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     

MC1107 0001 Mathematics for Marines....MATH 000 Mathematics for Marines                                                     

MC1401 0009 Personal Financial Mgmt....CTE 000 Personal Finance                                                             
MC1401 0016 Basic Pay and Allowances...BUS 000 Business Administration                                                      

MC1402 0084 Communications Security....CS 000 Data Security/Encryption                                                      

MC1403 0006 Correspondence Procedures..ENGL 000 Correspondence Procedures                                                   
MC1403 0014 Administrative Clerk.......CTE 000 Basic Keyboarding                                                            
                                   AND CTE 000 Office Procedures                                                            
MC1403 0021 Order Writing Clerk........CTE 000 Order Writing Clerk                                                          
MC1403 0022 The Unit Mail Clerk........CTE 000 Office Procedures                                                            

MC1405 0046 Basic Warehousing..........CTE 000 Applied Logistics                                                            
MC1405 0051 Corporal's NCO Program.....INTR 000 Basic Management                                                            
                                   AND MS 000 Military Science                                                              

MC1406 0023 Fund of Marine Corps LeadrsINTR 000 Supervisory Mgmt                                                            
MC1406 0028 Prins of Instr/Marine NCO..EDCI 000 Intro to Education                                                          
MC1406 0032 Cnslng for Marines/CorrespoPSYC 000 Counseling Prins/Educ                                                       
MC1406 0041 Legal Administration Clerk.GNRC 000 Legal Administration Clerk                                                  
MC1406 0055 Aviation Maint Wkcntr SprvsINTR 000 Intro to Supervision                                                        

MC1408 0030 Logistics/Embark SpecialistCTE 000 Records Mgmt                                                                 
MC1408 0033 Leadership.................BUS 000 Prin of Management                                                           

MC1601 0025 Basic Water Support Tech...CTE 000 Hygiene Equipment Operation                                                  
                                   AND CTE 000 Plumbing                                                                     
                                   AND ENVS 000 Water Purification/Sewage Trt                                               
                                   AND ENVS 000 Water Testing & Purification                                                
MC1601 0044 Adv Water Support Tech.....CTE 000 Elec Sys Trblsht & Maint                                                     
                                   AND CTE 000 Plumbing Technology                                                          
                                   AND ENVS 000 Water Treatment Operations                                                  

MC1606 0010 Terrorism Awareness........POLS 000 Terrorism Awareness                                                         
MC1606 0052 Land Navigation............MS 000 Land Navigation                                                               

MC1703 0022 Auto Power Trains..........ASM 000 Thry of Auto Power Trains                                                    
MC1703 0031 Tact Vehicle Fuel/Exhaust SGNRC 000 Carburetion/Diesel Fuel Sys                                                 
MC1703 0039 Automotive Engine Maint & RASM 000 Maint & Rpr of Auto Engines                                                  
MC1703 0046 AAV RAM/RS Crew Func.......GNRC 000 Heavy Equipment Engne Mntnce                                                

MC1708 0006 Assault Amphibian Crewman..GNRC 000 Heavy Equipment Operations                                                  
                                   AND GNRC 000 Interpersonal Comm Skill                                                    
                                   AND GNRC 000 Track Vehicle Mntnce                                                        

MC1710 0055 Light Armored Vehicle CrewmGNRC 000 Automotive Fundamentals                                                     

MC1712 0012 Automatic Transmissions....GNRC 000 Auto Trans Trblsht/Rpr                                                      

MC1714 0020 Marine Electrician.........ECE 000 Electric Power Systems                                                       

MC1715 0184 Fund of Digital Logic......CS 000 Intro to Digital Logic                                                        

MC1717 0012 Armory Procedures..........NS 000 Facilities Mgmt                                                               
                                   AND NS 000 Inventory Mgmt                                                                
MC1717 0016 Marine Corps Int Maint MgmtCTE 000 Computer Applications                                                        

MC1728 0013 Mltry Pol Intvw/Intrgtn ForNS 000 Report Writing                                                                
MC1728 0014 Corrections................SOC 000 Intro to Corrections                                                         

MC1729 0041 Basic Nutrition............FCS 000 Nutrition                                                                    

MC2201 0003 Pistol Marksmanship........MS 000 Marksmanship                                                                  
MC2201 0004 Semper Fit Basic Fitness...PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     

MC2204 0038 Basic Military Training....H&S 000 First Aid                                                                    
                                   AND H&S 000 Personal Health/Hygiene                                                      
                                   AND NS 000 Marksmanship                                                                  
                                   AND PEB 000 Personal Fitness/Conditioning                                                
                                   AND REC 000 Outdoor Skills Practicum                                                     
MC2204 0051 Infantry Rifleman..........MS 000 Tactical Communications                                                       
                                   AND MS 000 Weapons Proficiency                                                           
MC2204 0088 Recruit Training Master....H&S 000 First Aid                                                                    
                                   AND H&S 000 Self-Defense                                                                 
                                   AND NS 000 Land Navigation                                                               
                                   AND NS 000 Marksmanship                                                                  
                                   AND PEB 000 Physical Fitness                                                             
MC2204 0101 Infantry Squad Leader......MS 000 Small Arms/Gunsmithing                                                        
MC2204 0103 Staff NCO Academy SergeantsINTR 000 Management and Leadership                                                   
                                   AND MS 000 Military Science                                                              
                                   AND PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     
MC2204 0105 Marine Combat Training.....MS 000 Practicum in Basic Mltry Sci                                                  
MC2204 0106 Infantry Assaultman........MS 000 Ordnance Safety                                                               
MC2204 0111 Small Arms Repairer........NS 000 Gunsmithing/Sml Arms Repair                                                   
MC2204 0127 Sgts Dist Ed Prog/CorresponENGL 000 English                                                                     
                                   AND BUS 000 Management                                                                   
                                   AND MS 000 Military Studies                                                              
MC2204 0128 Military Studies...........MS 000 Military Studies                                                              
MC2204 0129 Intro to Warfighting.......MS 000 Military Science                                                              
MC2204 0130 Warfighting Tactics........MS 000 Military Science                                                              
MC2204 0131 Warfighting Techniques.....MS 000 Military Science                                                              
MC2204 0136 Infantry Patrolling........PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     
MC2204 0137 Infantry Squad Lader: CombaMS 000 Infantry Squad Lader: Combat                                                  
MC2204 0145 The M240G Machine Gunner...MS 000 Small Arms/Gunsmithing                                                        
MC2204 0152 Marine Rifleman: Combat SkiMS 000 Military Science                                                              
MC2204 0174 Stf Noncom Ofcr Car Dist EdNS 000 Leadership Principles                                                         
                                   AND NS 000 Military Operations                                                           
MC2204 0184 Leading Marines/CorrespondeINTR 000 Leadership                                                                  
MC2204 0199 M777A2 Howitzer Section ChiREC 000 Land Navigation                                                              
                                   AND MS 000 Military Science                                                              

NER-CE 003 Construction Electrician....ECE 000A Basic Electricity                                                           
                                   AND ECE 000B Construction Electricity                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000C Elect Trblsht & Mntnc                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000D Field Exp:Elect Constrctn                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000E Principles of Supervision                                                   
                                   AND GNRC 000A Blueprint Reading                                                          
NER-CE 004 Construction Electrician (CEECE 000A Construction Electricity                                                    
                                   AND GNRC 000A Construction Plans                                                         
                                   AND GNRC 000B Motors & Generators                                                        

NER-CM 003 Construction Mechanic.......GNRC 000A Automotive Repair                                                          
                                   AND GNRC 000B Heavy Equipment Repair                                                     
NER-CM 004 Construction Mechanic (CM)..GNRC 000A Automotive Elect Systms                                                    
                                   AND GNRC 000B Hvy Eqpmnt Mntnc/Rpr                                                       
                                   AND GNRC 000C Hydraulics & Pneumatics                                                    
                                   AND GNRC 000D Internal Combstn Eng Fnds                                                  

NER-CN 003 Constructionman.............GNRC 000A Concrete & Soils Testing                                                   
                                   AND GEOG 000 Map & Compass Read/Intrp                                                    
                                   AND GNRC 000B Intro to Construction                                                      
                                   AND H&S 000 First Aid                                                                    

NER-FN 003 Fireman.....................ARCH 000 Blueprint Reading                                                           
                                   AND ENGR 000 Intro to Marine Engineering                                                 
                                   AND PEB 000 Swimming                                                                     
NER-FN E3 (00 Fireman..................ARCH 000 Blueprint Reading                                                           
                                   AND ENGR 000 Intro/Marine Engr                                                           

NER-IC 002 Interior Comm Electrician...ECE 000 AC/DC Circuits                                                               
                                   AND ECE 000A Basic Electronics Lab                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000B Digital Principles                                                          
                                   AND ECE 000C Electrical Trblshtg                                                         
                                   AND ECE 000D Electromechanical Syst                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000E Maintenance Management                                                      

NER-MM 002 (M Machinist's Mate.........ASM 000 Mntnc Technology                                                             
                                   AND ACCT 000 Record Keeping                                                              
                                   AND ARCH 000 Blueprint Reading                                                           
                                   AND ENGR 000 Marine Engr/Steam Turb & Aux                                                
                                   AND ME 000 Supervision                                                                   

NS 001 Intro Naval Science.............NS 101 Intro To Naval Science                                                        
NS 002 Sea Power & Maritime Affairs....NS 202 Seapwr & Maritime Affr                                                        
NS 003 Navigation......................NS 301 Navigation (LWDV)                                                             
NS 004 Naval Operations & Seamanship...NS 000 Naval Operations & Seamanship                                                 
NS 005 Naval Ship Systems I:Engr.......NS 000 Naval Ship Systems I:Engr                                                     
NS 006 Naval Ship Systems II:Weapns....NS 000 Naval Ship Systems II:Weapns                                                  

NV-040 0001-1 BOOST, Track I...........ENGL 102 College Writing & Rhetoric     Mathematics                                  
                                   AND CHEM 111 Principles of Chemistry I      Natural Science                              
                                   AND ENGL 175 Introduction/Literary Genres   Humanities                                   
                                   AND HUM 000 Humanities                                                                   
                                   AND MATH 143 Pre-calculus Alg/Analytic Geom Mathematics                                  
                                   AND MATH 144 Analytic Trigonometry                                                       
                                   AND PHYS 111 General Physics I              Natural Science (w/o lab)                    

NV-070 0015 Dental Assistant Strand....H&S 000A Dental Assistg (Clin Pract)                                                 
                                   AND H&S 000B Dental Assistg (Fundamentals)                                               
                                   AND H&S 000C Radiatn Sci Prin (Dntrl Asst)                                               

NV-070 0005 Hospital Corpsman..........BIOL 000 Anatomy & Physiology                                                        
                                   AND H&S 000A Patient Care Procedures                                                     
                                   AND H&S 000B Emergency Care                                                              
                                   AND H&S 000C Drug Therapy                                                                
NV-070 0008 Hospital Corpsman..........H&S 000 Fund of Nursing                                                              
                                   AND BIOL 000 Anatomy & Physiology                                                        
                                   AND H&S 000A Nursing (Clin Practicum)                                                    
                                   AND H&S 000B Pharmacology                                                                
                                   AND H&S 000C Management (Bhvr Emrgncs)                                                   
                                   AND H&S 000D Management (Trauma Injrs)                                                   
                                   AND H&S 000E Physical Assessment                                                         
                                   AND H&S 000F Patient Care (Cntmntd Envt)                                                 
NV-070 0009 Surgical Technologist ClassH&S 000A Surgical Environmental Ctrl/Sf                                              
                                   AND BIOL 000A Basic Anatomy                                                              
                                   AND H&S 000B Surgical Equipment                                                          
                                   AND H&S 000C Surgical Duties/Techniques                                                  
                                   AND H&S 000D Clinical Practice                                                           

NV-070 0006 Basic X-Ray Technician.....BIOL 000 Anatomy                                                                     
                                   AND ART 000 Darkroom Procedures                                                          
                                   AND GNRC 000A Radiographic Positioning                                                   
                                   AND GNRC 000B Radiographic Techniques                                                    
                                   AND H&S 000 Clinical Practice                                                            

NV-070 0003 Engr Common Core...........H&S 000 Industrial Safety                                                            
NV-070 0005 Trident H/L Pres A/C&A/DryrH&S 000 Industrial Safety                                                            
NV-070 0010 Torpedo Room Supervisor....GNRC 000 Industrial Safety (Admin)                                                   

NV-079 0007 Sbstnc Abuse Prev Prgm.....H&S 000 Prev & Hlth Program                                                          

NV-080 0009 Oper Water Chem & Radlgcl CCHEM 000A Chemistry Concepts                                                         
                                   AND CHEM 000B Chem Concepts Lab                                                          
                                   AND GNRC 000 Fund of Radiation                                                           

NV-080 0014 Engr Laboratory Technician.CHEM 000 Chemistry                                                                   
                                   AND PHYS 000 Health Physics                                                              

NV-080 0004 Aviation Rescue Swimmer....H&S 000 Bsc Swimming, Rsc Tech,1st Aid                                               
NV-080 0005 Basic Swim & Water Srvival PEP 000 Lifesaving & Water Survival                                                  
NV-080 0009 Marine Corps Combat Diver..PEB 000 Scuba Diving                                                                 
                                   AND PEB 000A Advanced Scuba                                                              
NV-080 0011 Diver Explosive Ordnance DsPEB 000 Basic & Adv Scuba Diving                                                     
NV-080 0012 Aircrewman Cad, Class A....REC 000 Outdoor Safety & Survival                                                    
                                   AND H&S 000 Physical Training                                                            
                                   AND H&S 000B Lifesaving                                                                  
NV-080 0013 Surface Rescue Swimmer.....H&S 000 Swim,Rescue Tech,First-Aid                                                   
NV-080 0014 Advanced Evasion...........REC 000 Survival Trng/Outdoorsmanship                                                
NV-080 0015 Survival,Evasion,Rsstnc&EscREC 000 Survival,Evasion,Rsstnc&Escp                                                 
NV-080 0018 Basic Underwater DemolitionPEB 000 Physical Conditioning                                                        

NV-080 0001 Bsc Underwater Demo/SEAL TrH&S 000 First Aid                                                                    
                                   AND MS 000 Marksmanship                                                                  
                                   AND PEB 000 Phys Fitness & Conditioning                                                  
                                   AND PEB 000B Aquatic Fitness/Scuba Tech                                                  

NV-120 0009 Music Basic................MUSA 000A Applied Performance                                                        
                                   AND MUSA 000B Performing Ensembles                                                       
                                   AND MUSC 000A Ear Trng & Sight Singing                                                   
                                   AND MUSC 000B Jazz Thry/Imrpv Perform                                                    
                                   AND MUSC 000C Music Theory                                                               
NV-120 0012 Sound Reinforcement Tech...MUSA 000A Sound Reinforcement App                                                    
                                   AND MUSA 000B Sound Reinforcement Tech                                                   

NV-130 0001 MM, Class A1, (600 PSI)....CE 000 Steam Plant Orientation                                                       
NV-130 0002 Machinist's Mate/Cl A1 1200ENGR 000 Basic Marine Engr                                                           

NV-130 0012 Aerographer's Mate Class A1GEOG 000 Meterology                                                                  
                                   AND GEOG 000 Meterology Applications                                                     
                                   AND GEOG 000 Oceanography                                                                
NV-130 0023 Calibration Phys/Dml Test &ME 000 Mech Measuring Instr Calibratn                                                
NV-130 0026 Sngl-Ship AntiSub Warfare TGEOG 000 Intro to Oceanography                                                       

NV-140 0120 Aegis Fundamentals.........ECE 000 Aegis Fundamentals                                                           
NV-140 0131 SNAP 2 AN/UYK-62V Mntc.....CS 000 CS Trblshtng & Mntc                                                           
NV-140 0132 Intgrtd Sub Auto Brdcst  PrECE 000A Computer Networking                                                         
                                   AND ECE 000B Elctrnc Sys Trblshtg & Rpr                                                  
NV-140 0152 Automatic Data Proc (SNAP 2PTTE 000 Computer Operations                                                         
                                   AND BUS 000 Inventory Control Procedure                                                  
NV-140 0155 Harpoon Weapon System......CS 000A Comp Syst Maint/Troubl                                                       
                                   AND CS 000B Comp Syst Organization                                                       
NV-140 0157 Data Systems Tech..........CS 000 Cptr Sys, Prgm, Trbl, Mtc.                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000 Digital Principles                                                           
NV-140 0158 TSC Sys Mntc Tech..........ECE 000A Computer Sys Trblshtg/Mntc                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000B Electronic Sys Trblshtg/Mntc                                                
NV-140 0171 Radioman, Class A..........COMM 000 Communication Systems                                                       
                                   AND PTTE 000 Keyboarding, Prsnl Cmptrs                                                   
NV-140 0199 Cryptological Tech Comm....CS 000 PC Hdwr & Oper Sys                                                            
                                   AND CS 000A Cmptr Networking & Trblshtng                                                 
                                   AND CS 000B PC Trblshtng & Repair                                                        
                                   AND CS 000C Elctrnc Sys Trblshtng & Mntc                                                 
NV-140 0203 Intelligence Cntr MaintenanECE 000 Elect & Computr Maint                                                        
                                   AND CS 000 Minicomputer Operations                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000A Intro Local Area Networks                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000B Cmptr Mntc & Repair                                                         
NV-140 0242 Glbl Cmmnd/Cntrl Syst Cmn OCTE 000 Computer Applications                                                        
NV-140 0243 Joint Militry Command Info CS 000 Computer System Maintenance                                                   
NV-140 0251 Network Security Vlnrblty TGNRC 000A Network Fundamentals                                                       
                                   AND GNRC 000B Enterprise Server/Networks                                                 
                                   AND GNRC 000C Ntwrk Security/Info Assrnc                                                 
NV-140 0253 Strctrborne Noise/Vibrtn MnECE 000 Computer Architecture                                                        
NV-140 0266 APS and JSIPS Maintenance..CS 000 Computer Systems Trblshtng                                                    
NV-140 0273 Adv Tohwk Wpn Cntl Syst....CTE 000A Data Comm Trblsht/Mntnc                                                     
                                   AND CTE 000B Intro Database Management                                                   
NV-140 0293 Trident ESM Operator.......ECE 000 Basic Radar Principles                                                       

NV-140 0016 Exterior Comm Sys Fundls...ENGL 000 Technical Writing                                                           
                                   AND COMM 000 Communications Procedures                                                   

NV-140 0029 Storekeeper, Class A.......COMM 000 Interpersonal Communication                                                 
                                   AND BUS 000 Supply Management                                                            
                                   AND PTTE 000 Clerical Procedures                                                         
NV-140 0034 Marine Air Trfc Cntrl Lnd SMS 000 Supervision                                                                   
NV-140 0038 Sub Weapons Dlvry Sys......PTTE 000 Materials Handling                                                          
NV-140 0040 Quality Assurance InspectorENGR 000 Quality Assurance                                                           
NV-140 0045 Shipboard Unfrm Data Proc SBUS 000 Materials Mgmt (LWDV)                                                        
                                   AND BUS 000B Managerial Acctg (UPDV)                                                     
NV-140 0062 Message Drafting...........NS 000 Message Drafting                                                              

NV-140 0013 Shipboard Instructor.......EDTE 000 Mthd & Materials/Instruction                                                
NV-140 0016 Naval Orientation..........JAMM 000 Salesmanship                                                                
NV-140 0019 Instructor.................ED 000 Training & Development                                                        
NV-140 0020 Command Career Counselor...MS 000 Personnel Counseling                                                          
NV-140 0023 Personnelman Class A.......BUS 000 Personnel Supervision                                                        
                                   AND PTTE 104 Keyboarding                                                                 
NV-140 0035 Task Based Curric DevelopmeED 000 Prin of Instructional Design                                                  
NV-140 0039 Small Arms Marksman InstrctMS 000 Marksmanship                                                                  
                                   AND COMM 000 Oral Communication                                                          
                                   AND ED 000 Classroom Instruction                                                         
NV-140 0044 Instructnl Delivery ContinuED 000 Instructional Methodology                                                     
NV-140 0049 Navy Recruiter.............BUS 000 Salesmanship                                                                 

NV-140 0005 IMRL Asset Managers System.GNRC 000A Intro to Computers                                                         
                                   AND GNRC 000B Supply Management                                                          
                                   AND GNRC 000C Records Managemetn                                                         

NV-140 0052 Sr Enlisted Aviation Maint.GNRC 000 Sr Enlisted Aviation Maint                                                  
NV-140 0061 Non-Compliant Boarding VisiJS 000A Defensive Tactics                                                            
                                   AND JS 000B Climbing & Rapelling                                                         
                                   AND JS 000C Small Arms                                                                   
                                   AND MS 000A Military Science                                                             
                                   AND MS 000B Homeland Security                                                            
NV-140 0083 Launcher Cntrl & Monitor EqECE 000 Elctrnc Sys Trblshtng & Repair                                               

NV-140 0006 Storekeeper, Class A.......PTTE 000 Typing                                                                      
                                   AND BUS 000A Supply Management                                                           
                                   AND BUS 000B Human Relations                                                             
NV-140 0010 Marine Aviation Oper Spec..PTTE 000A Keyboarding                                                                
                                   AND PTTE 000B Clerical Procedures                                                        
NV-140 0011 Aviation Mntc Admin, A1....PTTE 000A Intro to Computers                                                         
                                   AND PTTE 000B Records Management                                                         
                                   AND PTTE 000C Office Administration                                                      
NV-140 0012 Yeoman, Class A............PTTE 000A Word Processing                                                            
                                   AND PTTE 000B Clerical Procedures                                                        

NV-151 0017 Intelligence Spec, Class A.GEOG 000A Map Reading                                                                
                                   AND COMM 000 Technical Communication                                                     
                                   AND GEOG 000B World Geography                                                            
                                   AND MS 000 National Security                                                             
                                   AND PSYC 000 Psychology                                                                  
NV-151 0019 MAGTF Intelligence SpecialiIS 000 Foreign Area Studies                                                          
                                   AND COMM 000 Technical Communication                                                     
                                   AND GEOG 000 Cartographic Studies                                                        
NV-151 0037 MAGTF Intelligence SpecialiENGL 000 Tech Wrtg & Communication                                                   
                                   AND GEOG 000 Map Reading & Interpretation                                                
                                   AND MS 000 Knowledge Acquisition                                                         

NV-160 0029 Air Compressor/Comp Sys MntPTTE 000 Mechanical Compressor Sys                                                   
NV-160 0031 Engr Aid,Clss A (Tech Engr)SOIL 000 Soils Testing/Concrete Testing                                              
                                   AND ARCH 000 Cmptr Aided Drftng                                                          
                                   AND CE 000 Surveying                                                                     
                                   AND CE 000B Adv Surveying                                                                

NV-160 0014 Medical Deep Sea Diving TecGNRC 000 Marine Science Tech                                                         
                                   AND GNRC 000B Marine Sciences                                                            
NV-160 0060 Hazardous Materials........MS 000A Navigation Practices                                                         
                                   AND MS 000B Navigation Laboratory                                                        
NV-160 0073 Technical Communication....COMM 000 Technical Communication                                                     
NV-160 0076 Quartermaster, Class A.....MS 000 Marine Navigation                                                             
                                   AND MS 000B Marine Navigation Lab                                                        
NV-160 0077 Operations Specialist......NS 000 Marine Navigation                                                             
                                   AND NS 000B Marine Navigation Lab                                                        
NV-160 0079 Diver Second Class.........PEB 108 Basic Scuba/Advanced Scuba                                                   
                                   AND NS 000 Underwater Shipps Husbandry                                                   
                                   AND NS 000B Underwater Cutting                                                           
                                   AND REC 000 Lightweight Surface-Supp Divng                                               
                                   AND REC 000B Helmet/Deep Surf-Supp Dvng                                                  
NV-160 0087 Oprtnl Itell Analyst C SchoGNRC 000A Intro to Intelligence Methods                                              
                                   AND GNRC 000B Intelligence Analysis/Apps                                                 
NV-160 0092 Imagery Dissemination ManagCOMM 000 Archiving/Cataloguing Images                                                

NV-170 0012 Air Conditioning Tech......GNRC 000 A/C Tech Lab                                                                
NV-170 0019 Refrig & A/C Sys Tech......GNRC 000A Refrigeration Theory                                                       
                                   AND GNRC 000B Refrigeration Technology                                                   

NV-170 0016 Aviation Support Equip.....PTTE 000 Automotive Maintenance                                                      

NV-170 0128 Aviation Struct Mech(Hyd)..PTTE 000 Hydraulics Struct Rpr                                                       
NV-170 0157 Enlisted Basic Aviation TrnAERO 000 Aircraft Fund/Mntc Tech                                                     
NV-170 0263 Propulations Engr Basics/ClENGR 000A Power Plant Auxiliary Equip                                                
                                   AND ENGR 000B Equipment Maintenance                                                      
                                   AND ENGR 000C Power Plant Oper Lab                                                       
NV-170 0298 Machinist's Mate Mntc SkillGNRC 000A Engr Safety/Hand Tool Oper                                                 
                                   AND GNRC 000B Mntc of Engr Piping                                                        
NV-170 0304 Aircrew Survl Equiptman, A1AERO 000 Aviation Sfty Equip Rpr & Mntc                                              
NV-170 0306 Aviation Boatswain's Mate FGNRC 000 Industrial Mntnc Practices                                                  
NV-170 0317 Trdnt Pneumatic Subsys MntnGNRC 000 Trdnt Pneumatic Subsys Mntnc                                                
NV-170 0324 Aviation Mchnst Mate, Cls AAERO 000 Turbine Engine Theory                                                       
NV-170 0326 Aviation Support Equip TechECE 000 Basic Electricity                                                            
                                   AND AERO 000 Ground Support Equipment                                                    
                                   AND ENGR 000 Materials & Processes                                                       
                                   AND GNRC 000 Corrosion Control                                                           
NV-170 0353 Aviation Support Equip MntcAERO 000 A/C Hydraulic Ground Support                                                
NV-170 0393 Auto Flight Control Sys....AERO 000 Helicopter Flight Control                                                   
NV-170 0419 Engr Hydraul Sys & Cmptnt BGNRC 000 Basic Hydraulics                                                            
NV-170 0420 Engr Mechanical Core.......ME 000 Pwr Plnt Oper & Maintenance                                                   
NV-170 0427 Trdnt Dfnsv Wpns Ord SubstmECE 000A Electmech Fld Sys Apps Lab                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000B Electmech Fld Sys Apps                                                      
NV-170 0428 Trident H/L Cmprsr&DehydrtrGNRC 000 Pneumatic/HVAC Thry Op/Mntc                                                 
NV-170 0429 Aviation Mach Mate, Cmn CorAERO 000 Aircraft Systems                                                            
                                   AND AERO 000A Aircrft PwrPlnt Sys & Comp                                                 
                                   AND ME 000 Turbine Engine Sys Princ                                                      
NV-170 0430 Aviation Machinist Mate FunGNRC 000A Turbine Engine Principles                                                  
                                   AND GNRC 000B Aircraft Powerplant Sys/Cmpnt                                              
NV-170 0432 Aviatn Mach Mate Turbojet FME 000 Turbine Engine Principles                                                     
                                   AND AERO 000 Aircrft Pwrplnt Sys & Comp Mnt                                              
NV-170 0434 Aircrew Survival Equip CoreGNRC 000A Aircraft Survival Sys Mntc                                                 
                                   AND GNRC 000B Sewing Machine Oper & Fabric                                               
NV-170 0435 Aircrew Survival Equip "I" GNRC 000 Aircraft Survival Sys Mntc                                                  
NV-170 0438 Aviation Strctrl Mech E....AERO 000 Aircraft Corrosion Control                                                  
                                   AND AERO 000B Aircraft Environmental Cntrol                                              
                                   AND AERO 000C Intro to Aviation Maintenance                                              
NV-170 0448 Elec & Instrum Sys Org MainAERO 000 Elec & Instrum Sys Org Maint                                                
NV-170 0455 Motor Generator MaintenancePTTE 000 Electrical Machinery                                                        
NV-170 0457 Machinist Mate, Class A SubGNRC 000A Electromechanical Systems                                                  
                                   AND GNRC 000B Hydraulic Systems                                                          
                                   AND GNRC 000C Safety                                                                     
NV-170 0463 Aviation Structural MechaniAERO 000 Aircraft Hydraulic Systems                                                  
                                   AND AERO 000B Aircraft Maintenance                                                       
NV-170 0464 Aviation Structural MechaniAERO 000 Aircraft Hydraulic Sys                                                      
                                   AND AERO 000B Aircraft Strctr/Fabrication                                                
NV-170 0471 F/A-18 Avionics Sys Orgnl MGNRC 000A Avionics Sys Fund                                                          
                                   AND GNRC 000B Avionics Sys Trblshtng & Mntc                                              
NV-170 0478 Powertrain, Rotors&Related AERO 000 Flight Control Systems                                                      
                                   AND AERO 000B Turbine Engine Maintenance                                                 
NV-170 0479 Crew Chief Under InstructioAERO 000 Aircraft System                                                             
                                   AND NS 000 Personnel/Supervision                                                         
NV-170 0481 H-1 Combined Maintenance...AERO 000 Aviation Maintenance                                                        
                                   AND ENGL 000 Maintenance Publications                                                    
                                   AND ENGR 000 Materials & Processes                                                       
NV-170 0486 S3 Arcrft Pwr Plt/Rltd Sys AERO 000 Turbine Engine Inspection                                                   
                                   AND AERO 000B Aircraft Fuel Sys Inspection                                               
NV-170 0487 S3 Arcrft Pwr Plnt/Rltd SysAERO 000A Arcrft Sys Oper & Appl                                                     
                                   AND AERO 000B Propulsion Trblshtng/Mntc                                                  
NV-170 0515 Airframes Related Syst.....AERO 000A Helicopter Systems                                                         
                                   AND AERO 000B Helicopter Syst Lab                                                        
NV-170 0522 Aircraft Towing Tractor....PTTE 000 Hvy Equip/Diesel Equip Repair                                               
NV-170 0528 P3C Avionics Orgn Lvl Mntc.AERO 000 Oper Anlys & Trblshtng                                                      
                                   AND AERO 000B Avionics Sys Lab Appls                                                     
NV-170 0529 P3 Envl Cntrl Sys Intg Org.AERO 000 Oper Anyl/Env-Climate Cntrl                                                 
NV-170 0538 Hydr/Strcr Sys Orntnl Mntc.GNRC 000 Aircraft Primary Systems                                                    
NV-170 0542 Engine 1st degree Inter MaiAERO 000 Aircrft Power Plant Systems                                                 
                                   AND AERO 000A Aircrft Pwr Plnt Sys (Turbine                                              
NV-170 0544 Elctrnc Spprt Measurs Org MAERO 000 Comm & Navigations Sys                                                      
NV-170 0546 Elec & Instru Sys Org MaintGNRC 000 Elec & Instru Sys Org Mainten                                               
NV-170 0550 CH-53 Basic Helicopter MechGNRC 000 Helicopter Mntc Fund                                                        
NV-170 0555 Comm Nav Cntrl Sys/elec OrgAERO 000 Avionics Syst Trblsht/Mnt                                                   
NV-170 0556 Elect & Inst Organiz Mnt...ECE 000A Aircraft Auxiliary Syst                                                     
                                   AND ECE 000B Aircraft Elec Sys Fndmntl                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000C Aircraft Pwr Plnt Sys/Comp                                                  
NV-170 0558 Auto Flight Cntr Sys Org MtAERO 000A Aircraft Elctrl Sys Fund                                                   
                                   AND AERO 000B Aircraft Elctrl Sys Trblshtg/                                              
NV-170 0571 Identify Friend or Foe.....AERO 000 Avionics Sys Fund                                                           
                                   AND H&S 000 Industrial Safety                                                            
NV-170 0574 Helicopter Mech Orgnl Mntc.AERO 000A Helicopter Mntc Fund                                                       
                                   AND AERO 000B Helicopter Power Plant/Rotor                                               
NV-170 0619 Hyd/Struct Syst Org Maint TGNRC 000A Aircraft Hydraulic Syst                                                    
                                   AND GNRC 000B Aircraft Maint Fund                                                        
NV-170 0625 Wire Bundle & Connector RprECE 000 Electrical Sys Trblshtg & Rpr                                                
NV-170 0631 F/A 18 Stores Mgmt Sys Org/GNRC 000 Aircraft Mntc Fundamentals                                                  
NV-170 0638 Aviation Fuels Mnt Tech....GNRC 000 Aviation Fuels Mnt Tech                                                     
NV-170 0643 Av Strct Mech Org..........AERO 000A Aircraft Strct Fab                                                         
                                   AND AERO 000B Aircraft Hydraul System                                                    
                                   AND AERO 000C Aircraft Maint                                                             
                                   AND AERO 000D Aircraft Strct/Fab                                                         
                                   AND AERO 000E Aircraft Hydraulic System                                                  
                                   AND AERO 000F Aircraft Maint                                                             
NV-170 0649 Aircrew Survl Equip Orgn StGNRC 000A Survival Sys (Insp & Rpr)                                                  
                                   AND GNRC 000B Inventory Control                                                          
NV-170 0668 Surf Ordnance/Imprvsd Expl GNRC 000 Operations Planning                                                         
NV-170 0674 Nuclear Hazards............GNRC 000 Ordnance Sys Technology                                                     
NV-170 0752 Elctrcl & Instrmnt Sys Org AERO 000A Helicopter Mtnc Fund                                                       
                                   AND AERO 000B Helicopter Electrical Sys Fun                                              
                                   AND AERO 000C Helicopter Primary System                                                  
                                   AND AERO 000D Helicopter Powerplant Sys/Cmp                                              

NV-170 0043 Intllgnc Spec Cls C Imgr InMATH 000 Technical Math                                                              
                                   AND GEOG 000 Aerial Photo Interpretation                                                 
                                   AND GEOG 000B Photogrammetry                                                             

NV-171 0001 Boiler Technician, A1......GNRC 000A Technical Auto/Mech Prog                                                   
                                   AND GNRC 000B Systems Mntc/Rltd Prog                                                     
NV-171 0019 Marine Expedtnry Airfld EquGNRC 000A Indstrl Shop Mntnce                                                        
                                   AND GNRC 000B Indstl Shop Safety                                                         
NV-171 0091 Pump Maintenance...........PTTE 000 Mechanical Systems Lab                                                      
NV-171 0102 Gas Turbine Elec, Class A..ENGR 000 Engineering Science                                                         
                                   AND ECE 000 Electricity & Electronics Lab                                                
                                   AND ENGR 000B Gas Turbine Tech/Lab                                                       
                                   AND H&S 000 Industrial Safety                                                            
NV-171 0108 Engr Mntc Prin, Pract & AdmPTTE 000A Machinery Maintenance                                                      
                                   AND PTTE 000B Machinery Maintenance Lab                                                  
NV-171 0114 NCLR Prop Plant Oper Wldg..ASM 000 Welding Process                                                              
NV-171 0117 Intersrvc Constr Mech AppreGNRC 000A Drive Train Systems                                                        
                                   AND ECE 000A Elect & Electronic Systems                                                  
                                   AND GNRC 000B Hydraulic Systems                                                          
                                   AND GNRC 000C Internal Comustion Engines                                                 
                                   AND GNRC 000D Pneumatic Systems                                                          
                                   AND GNRC 000E Steering & Suspens Syst                                                    
NV-171 0118 Interservice Bldr Appr TrngGNRC 000A Construction Materials                                                     
                                   AND GNRC 000B Construction Materials Lab                                                 
                                   AND GNRC 000C Constrction (Rsdntl Bldg)                                                  
                                   AND GNRC 000D Blueprint Reading                                                          
                                   AND MATH 000 Technical Mathematics                                                       
NV-171 0121 Gas Turbine Hot Plant, ClasPTTE 000 Gas Turbine Power Plant Oper                                                
                                   AND PTTE 000B Gas Turb Pwr Plnt Oper Lab                                                 
NV-171 0137 Prop Ala & Sys Maint.......ECE 000A AC/DC Circ Analysis                                                         
                                   AND ECE 000B Instru Fundamentals                                                         
NV-171 0140 Adv Composite Materials RepGNRC 000A Adv Comp Strctr Repair                                                     
                                   AND GNRC 000B Adv Comp Strctr Insp/Rpr                                                   
NV-171 0142 Gas Turbine Control System.ME 000 Gas Turbine Control System                                                    
NV-171 0147 Gas Turbine Maintenance....ME 000 Gas Turbine Maintenance                                                       
NV-171 0154 Machinist's Mate, Class A..GNRC 000 Basic Machinery                                                             
                                   AND GNRC 000 Intro Mechanical Systems                                                    
                                   AND INDT 000 Industrial Safety                                                           
                                   AND MATH 000 Technical Mathematics                                                       
NV-171 0158 Pump Maintenance...........GNRC 000A Mach Pump Repair                                                           
                                   AND GNRC 000B Pres Meas Techniques                                                       
NV-171 0159 Auxiliary Machinery Cntrl/GPTTE 000 Mechanical Systems Lab                                                      
NV-171 0163 Light Frame Construction IIGNRC 000 Roof Framing Systems                                                        
NV-171 0178 Gas Turbine Mech/Elec, Cl AECE 000 Gas Turb Tech-AS/DC Elec                                                     
NV-171 0199 Sub Adv Refrig Mntc & SprvsGNRC 000 Refrig System Fundamentals                                                  
NV-171 0202 High Pressure Air Comp-Adv GNRC 000 Mech Sys Trblshtng/Mntc                                                     

NV-171 0024 Engineman, Class A, A1.....ME 000 Diesel Engines/Pwr Plnt Aux                                                   
                                   AND ME 000B Diesel Engine Lab                                                            
NV-171 0028 Submarine Diesel Eng Mntc..GNRC 000 Diesel Engine Tech Mntc                                                     

NV-171 0009 Basic Elctricity/Circuits..PTTE 130 Basic Electronics                                                           
NV-171 0012 Electrician's Mate, Class AGNRC 000 Mtrs,Gnrts,Pwr Dst Sys Op/Mntc                                              
                                   AND ECE 000 AC/DC Mtrs, Gnrtr, Cntrllrs                                                  
                                   AND GNRC 000A Motor/Generator Lab                                                        
NV-171 0020 Intro Electronics..........PTTE 130 Basic Electronics                                                           
NV-171 0021 Electronic Devices.........ECE 000 Electronic Devices                                                           
NV-171 0046 Mtr Gen Set Elect Mntc.....ENGR 000 Electromechanical Tech Lab                                                  
NV-171 0047 Mtr Gen Set Mech Mntcn.....ENGR 000 Electromechanical Tech Lab                                                  
NV-171 0051 Aviation Electrician's MateAERO 000 Aircraft Systems                                                            
NV-171 0053 Sub Main Pwr Genrt Equip...ECE 000A Lab Elect Pwr Genrt                                                         
                                   AND ECE 00B Elect Pwr Genrt                                                              
NV-171 0054 Sub Elect Cntrl Dist Equip.ECE 000 Elect Pwr Syst Cntrl                                                         
NV-171 0055 Construction Electrician...ECE 000A AC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B DC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000C Electric Motor Control                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000D Elect Power Dist Syst                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000E Residential Wiring                                                          
NV-171 0061 P3 Conn & Wire Reair Org MtGNRC 000 Mfctr, Trblshtg & Rpr Elec Wir                                              
NV-171 0062 Interior Comm Electrician..ECE 000 Electronics Troubleshooting                                                  
NV-171 0065 A-6/EA Elect Cnnctr/Wire BnECE 000 Elect Sys Mntc                                                               
NV-171 0073 Nclr Field "A" School......H&S 000A Industrial Safety                                                           
                                   AND ECE 000A DC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B AC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000C Solid State Devices/Crcts                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000D Intro Electronic Systems                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000E Digital Crcts & Microprocssrs                                               
                                   AND ECE 000F Elctrl & Elctrnc Sys Trblshtg/                                              
                                   AND MATH 000A Technical Math                                                             
NV-171 0074 Maintenance................NS 000 Radar Systems                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000 Electrical Safety                                                            
NV-171 0075 Marine Air Trfc Cntrl Tech.ECE 000A Digital Circuits                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000B Electrical Safety                                                           
NV-171 0077 Aviation Ordnance..........ECE 000 DC Circuits                                                                  
NV-171 0078 Aviation Ordnance Navy DiffGNRC 000 Ordnance System Tech                                                        
NV-171 0079 Aviation Ordnc Weapons DeptECE 000 DC Circuits                                                                  
NV-171 0082 Aircrft Wirng & Conctr RepaAERO 000 Aircrft Wirng & Conctr Repair                                               
NV-171 0087 Submarine Elctrl Cntrl/DstrPTTE 000 Electromechanical Cntrl Sys                                                 
NV-171 0094 Fiber Optic Data Multiplex GNRC 000A Fiber-Optic Network Prvntv Mn                                              
                                   AND GNRC 000B Fiber-Optic Ntwk Thry & Oper                                               
                                   AND GNRC 000C Fiber-Optic Ntwk Trlbshtg&Rp                                               
NV-171 0096 FA18 Wire Bndl/Cnnctr Rpr OECE 000 Electrical System Installation                                               
NV-171 0097 FA18 Elect/Instr Sys Orgnl AERO 000 General Aircraft Systems                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000A AC/DC Elctrn Prin & Oper                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000B Intgrtd Elec Sys Oper & Mntc                                                
NV-171 0112 Electrical/Instruments Sys ECE 000A Basic Aircraft Systems                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000B Aircraft Electrical Systems                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000C Electrical Sys Trblshtng/Mntc                                               

NV-171 0050 Digital & Electronic Trng..MATH 000 Technical Math                                                              
                                   AND CS 000 Intro to Computers/Synchros                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000A AC/DC Circuits                                                              
                                   AND ECE 000B Solid State Electronics                                                     
                                   AND ECE 000C Digital Fundamentals                                                        
NV-171 0155 Fire Control, Class A......ECE 000A Solid State Electronics                                                     
                                   AND ECE 000B Electromechanical Systems                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000C Digital Circuits                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000D Microwave Fundamentals                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000E Electronics & Digital Lab                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000F Radar Maintenance                                                           
NV-171 0423 Sonar Surface Tech, Class APHYS 000 Physics/Underwater Acoustics                                                
                                   AND ECE 000 Basic Electronic Test Equip                                                  
NV-171 0662 Teletype Maintenance.......PTTE 000 Teletype Maintenance                                                        
NV-171 0723 Electronics Tech, Class A-AECE 000 Electricity & Electronics                                                    
NV-171 0754 Elec Tech, Class B.........MATH 000 Tech Algebra                                                                
                                   AND COMM 000 Electronic Comm                                                             
                                   AND CS 000 Digit/Cptr Fundamentals                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000A Oper Amplifier Theory                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000B AC/DC,Elec Dev,Radar/Micro                                                  
NV-171 0795 SUBORC Missile Test Equip MECE 000A Electronic Test Equipment                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000B Electronic Troubleshooting                                                  
NV-171 0876 AN/SRA-33 Antenna Coupler GECE 000 Electronic Troubleshooting                                                   
NV-171 0991 Enlisted Sonar Principles..GNRC 000 Sonar System Principles                                                     
NV-171 1010 Electronic Technicians MntcGNRC 000A PC Board Soldering & Rpr                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000A Electronic Test Equipment                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000B Elctrnc Sys Mntc Lab                                                        
                                   AND ECE 000C Electrical Equip Trblshtg Tech                                              
NV-171 1063 Harpoon Ship Cmmnd Lnch CntGNRC 000 Technical Elective                                                          
NV-171 1069 Electronics Technician.....ECE 000A Intro/Digital Circuits                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000B Electronic Equipment Repair                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000C Communications Systems                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000D Microwave Systems                                                           
NV-171 1070 Communctns/Microwave SystemECE 000 Communication Sys/Microwave                                                  
NV-171 1243 Basic Non-Morse Operator...ECE 000 Elec Comm Principles                                                         
NV-171 1252 Electronic Tech, Class A1..CS 000 Intro to Microcomputers                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000A AC & DC Circuits                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000B Electronic Comm Fund                                                        
                                   AND PTTE 000 Soldering & Connector Repair                                                
NV-171 1274 Sonar Tech Submarine, ClassGEOG 000 Oceanography                                                                
                                   AND MATH 000 Applied Mathematics                                                         
                                   AND NE 000 Underwater Acoustics                                                          
NV-171 1297 Gun Mount..................GNRC 000A Mech/Hydraulic Sys Mtnc                                                    
                                   AND GNRC 000B ElectroMechanical Mntc                                                     
NV-171 1304 Aegis Fire Control System..CS 000 Cmptr Sys Trblshtng/Mntc                                                      
                                   AND CS 000B Cmptr Interface/Peripheral Sys                                               
                                   AND ECE 000 Elctrnc Sys Trblshtng/Mntc                                                   
NV-171 1321 Fire Cntrl Sys MK98 Mod 0 MECE 000 Industrial Electronics Lab                                                   
NV-171 1322 Fire Control Sys-Adv Oper..ECE 000A Elctrnc Sys Oper                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000B Elctr Sy Op Anlys/Trblsht Proc                                              
                                   AND ECE 000C Indstrl Elctrnc Lab                                                         
NV-171 1325 Basic Electronics Test EqpmPTTE 000 Electronic Instruments Lab                                                  
NV-171 1328 LAMPS Mk 3 Data Link Trans ECE 000 LAMPS Mk 3 Data Link Trans Mai                                               
NV-171 1330 Microminiature Elctrncs RepECE 000 Microminiature Elctrncs Repair                                               
NV-171 1336 Radar Tracker Modif MaintenECE 000 Digital Circuits                                                             
                                   AND ECE 000 Elect Sys Troubleshoot Maint                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000 Radar Theory                                                                 
NV-171 1340 High Freq Sys Mntc Tech....ECE 000A Electronic Comm                                                             
                                   AND ECE 000B Electronic Sys Trblshtng & Rpr                                              
NV-171 1349 Elect Compat Technician....ECE 000 Electronic Communications                                                    
NV-171 1400 Strategic Weapons, Class A.ECE 000A Basic Elect, AC, DC                                                         
                                   AND ECE 000B Digital Prin, Solid St Elect                                                
                                   AND ECE 000C Cmptr Sys & Orgn                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000D Control Systems                                                             
NV-171 1405 AN/SQR-15 Mntc Trng........NS 000 Electronic Sys Trblsht/Mntc                                                   
NV-171 1425 Maintenance................NS 000 Radar Systems                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000 Cmptr Syst Trblshooting & Main                                               
NV-171 1426 Maintenance................NS 000 Radar Systems                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000 Electronic Systems                                                           
NV-171 1428 AN/SPN-41 Maintenance......ECE 000A Electrical Safety                                                           
                                   AND ECE 000B Radar Systems                                                               
NV-171 1436 Aviation Warfare Operator, GNRC 000A Aircraft Navigation                                                        
                                   AND GNRC 000 Acoustic Analysis                                                           
                                   AND GNRC 000B Oceanography                                                               
                                   AND GNRC 000C Radar Systems                                                              
NV-171 1437 Aviation Ordnance, Class A1ECE 000 DC Circuits                                                                  
NV-171 1439 Avionics Tech, Class A1....ECE 000 Computer Organization                                                        
                                   AND ECE 000A Communications Electronics                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000B Microprocessors                                                             
                                   AND ECE 000C Cmptr Sys Trblshooting & Maint                                              
                                   AND NS 000 Radar Systems                                                                 
NV-171 1449 App Static Cntrl Devices...ECE 000A DC Machinery                                                                
                                   AND ECE 000B Elec Syst Trblsht Mnt                                                       
NV-171 1468 Static Cntrl Device Thry...ECE 000 Solid State Electronics                                                      
NV-171 1473 Underwater Fire Control, ClCS 000 Cmptr Sys & Orgn                                                              
                                   AND ECE 000A Electromechanical Cntr Sys                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000B Elec Sys Trblshtng/Mntc                                                     
NV-171 1488 Torpedoman's Mate, Class A1MATH 000 Technical Math                                                              
                                   AND ECE 000 DC Circuits                                                                  
NV-171 1489 Electronic's Technician....ECE 000A DC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B AC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000C Solid State Electronics                                                     
                                   AND ECE 000D Elctronic Systems Trbl Sht/Mtc                                              
                                   AND ECE 000E Elec Comm                                                                   
NV-171 1522 Comm, Nav & ID Sys Orgn MtnECE 000 Elec Sys Trblshtng/Mntc                                                      
NV-171 1534 Fire Cntrl Sys, Oper & MntcCS 000 Cmptr Sys Trblshtng & Mntc                                                    
                                   AND CS 000B Cmptr Sys & Orgn                                                             
                                   AND ECE 000 Elctrnc Sys Trblshtng & Mntc                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B Radar Systems                                                               
NV-171 1576 Radio Set Interm Mntc......ECE 000 Electronic Comm                                                              
NV-171 1580 Infrared Detection Sys Int AERO 000 Elctro-Optl Sys Trblshtng Mtc                                               
NV-171 1585 Rader Maintenance..........ECE 000 Rader Maintenance                                                            
NV-171 1588 AIMS Mk 12 Friend/Foe......ECE 000A Digital Circuits                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000B Solid State Elect                                                           
                                   AND ECE 000C Electronic Sys Trblsht/Mnt                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000D Communication Systems                                                       
NV-171 1598 Radio Transmitter Set......JAMM 000 Comm Sys Trblshtng & Mntc                                                   
NV-171 1599 DD963 Hi-Freq Comm Sys MntcECE 000A Electronic Comm                                                             
                                   AND ECE 000B Elctrnc Devices & Circuits                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000C Elctrnc Sys Trblshtng & Repair                                              
NV-171 1602 Single Audio System Mntc...JAMM 000 Comm Sys Trblshtng & Mntc                                                   
NV-171 1627 Inertial Msrmt Unit Test StECE 000 Electronic Sys Trblsht/Mntc                                                  
NV-171 1641 Elec Wrfr Adv Techs........ECE 000A Digital Prin,Mcroprcrs,Anlg Cr                                              
                                   AND ECE 000B Radar Systems                                                               
NV-171 1642 Cryptologic Technician ClasJAMM 000 Cryptologic Technician Class                                                
NV-171 1652 Elec Wrfr Sppt Sys/Tst EqptECE 000 Electronic Test Equip Lab                                                    
NV-171 1653 Elec Wrfr Tech Mntc........ECE 000 Elec Trblshtng/Mntc                                                          
NV-171 1655 Elec Wrfr Tech Mntc........ECE 000 Elec Comm Mntc Lab                                                           
NV-171 1658 Elec Wrfr Electrnc Tech....ECE 000 Elec Wrfr Electrnc Tech                                                      
NV-171 1659 Cryptologic Tech Mntc, ClasECE 000 Digital Principles                                                           
                                   AND CS 000 Microcomputer Hdwr/Oper Sys                                                   
                                   AND CS 000B Networking Technologies                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000B Basic Electronics Lab                                                       
NV-171 1685 Cryptologic Tech Mntnc PrepECE 000 AC/DC Circuit Analysis                                                       
NV-171 1699 AN/USM484 Hybrid Test Sys OGNRC 000A Avionics/Cmptr Sys Oper                                                    
                                   AND GNRC 000B Avionics Test Equipment                                                    
                                   AND GNRC 000C Fault Isolation & Testing                                                  
                                   AND GNRC 000D Cmptr Programming Lang                                                     
NV-171 1701 AN/APM-466 Radar Set StatioECE 000A Fault Isolation & Testing                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000B Avionics/Cmptr Sys Prin                                                     
                                   AND ECE 000C Avionics Test Equip Oper/Mtn                                                
NV-171 1709 Shore Comm Mntc Tech.......GNRC 000 Electronic Sys Trblshtg/Mntc                                                
NV-171 1712 Gunner's Mate, Class A.....ECE 000 AC/DC Crcts, Solid State Elec                                                
NV-171 1736 Nuclear field A School.....H&S 000 Industrial Safety                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000A DC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B AC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000C Solid State Devices & Crkts                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000D Digital Crcts & Microprcssrs                                                
                                   AND ECE 000E Basic Instrmntn & Controls                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000F Eltrcl/Elctrnc Sys Trblshtg/Rp                                              
                                   AND MATH 000 Technical Math (VT)                                                         
NV-171 1751 Aegis Wpn Sys MK7 Oper & MnECE 000 Elctrnc Sys Trblshtg & Mntcq                                                 
NV-171 1752 Aegis Cmptr Oper & Mntc....ECE 000A Cptr Sys Oper & Mntc                                                        
                                   AND ECE 000B Electromech Sys Trblshtg&Mntc                                               
NV-171 1754 AN/SPN-43B.................ECE 000A Electrical Safety                                                           
                                   AND ECE 000B Radar Systems                                                               
NV-171 1755 Avionics Sys Intgrtn, ClassCS 000 Microprocessor Hardware                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000 Elec Sys Trblshtng/Mntc                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000A Radar Systems                                                               
                                   AND H&S 000 Electrical Safety                                                            
NV-171 1757 AN/SPN-46 Maintenance......CS 000 Cmptr Sys Troubleshooting                                                     
                                   AND ECE 000 Radar Systems                                                                
                                   AND H&S 000 Electrical Safety                                                            
NV-171 1758 Fiber Optics Intersite MntcECE 000 Electronic Sys Trblshtng/Mntc                                                
NV-171 1762 Marine Air Trfc Cntrl Lnd SECE 000A Comm System Maintenance                                                     
                                   AND ECE 000B Electrical Safety                                                           
                                   AND ECE 000C Elec Trblsht/Mnt                                                            
NV-171 1764 Processor Display MaintenanNS 000 Radar Systems                                                                 
NV-171 1767 AN/TSQ-131 Maintenance.....ECE 000 Electronic System Maintenance                                                
NV-171 1770 Radar Maintenance..........NS 000 Radar Maintenance                                                             
NV-171 1775 Naval Modular Auto Comm SysCS 000 Computer Sys Trblshtng                                                        
NV-171 1776 UHF Sys Mntc Tech..........ECE 000 Elctrncs Sys Trblshtng & Rpr                                                 
NV-171 1782 Gen Purp Elctrnc Test EquipPTTE 000 Test Equip,Use,Calibrtn,Mnr Rp                                              
NV-171 1785 AN/SPS-67(V) Radar Set Mnt.ECE 000 Electronic Systems                                                           
NV-171 1788 Combat Sys Tech Core Elec..COMM 000 Communication Systems                                                       
                                   AND CS 000 Computer Fundamentals                                                         
                                   AND ECE 000A AC/DC Circuits/Elect Trblsht                                                
                                   AND ECE 000B Solid State Dev/Trans Amplfr                                                
NV-171 1791 AN/WSN-5 Inertial Nvgtn SysNS 000 Microprocessor-Based Nav Sys                                                  
NV-171 1793 Engr Electrical Core.......MATH 000 Technical Mathematics                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000A DC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B AC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000C Electronics Technology                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000D Electromechanical Technology                                                
NV-171 1794 Electronics Tech, Cl A.....ECE 000A Basic Electronics                                                           
                                   AND ECE 000B DC Circuits/AC Circuits                                                     
                                   AND ECE 000C Solid State Electronics                                                     
                                   AND ECE 000D Electronic Communication                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000E Digital Microprocessor Fund                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000F Radio/Radar Fund                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000G Electronic Systems Trblshtng                                                
NV-171 1795 Fire Controlman, Class A...CTE 000A Industrial Safety                                                           
                                   AND CTE 000B Technical Orientation                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000 Electronic Systm Troub/Repair                                                
                                   AND NS 000A Radar Syst Oper/Maint                                                        
                                   AND NS 000B Radar Syst Oper/Maint Lab                                                    
NV-171 1796 Elctrnc Tech Strand, Class COMM 000 Basic Communication Fund                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000A Radio/Radar Fundamentals                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000B Elctrnc Comm Lab                                                            
NV-171 1807 Trident ! Missile Tech RplcCS 000 Microcomputer Sys Oper                                                        
NV-171 1816 Aviation Tech Lvl 1, A1....ECE 000A DC/AC Circuits                                                              
                                   AND ECE 000B Solid State Electromics                                                     
                                   AND ECE 000C Electronics Comm                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000D Radar Principles                                                            
NV-171 1817 Aviation Elct Tech O-Lvl, CAERO 000 Aircraft Electrical/Elctrnc Sy                                              
NV-171 1819 Avionics Common Core.......ECE 000A AC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND AERO 000 Aviation Fundamentals                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000B DC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000C Solid State Circuits Elect                                                  
NV-171 1820 Aviation Elctrcn's Mate StrECE 000 Solid State Electronics                                                      
                                   AND AERO 000 Aircraft Instrument Sys                                                     
                                   AND AERO 000A Aircraft Electrical Sys                                                    
NV-171 1839 AN/BPS Radar & AN/SPA-25G IGNRC 000 Radar Systems                                                               
NV-171 1841 Cntrllr & Crct Brkr Cmbnd MECE 000 INdustrial Electronics                                                       
NV-171 1845 NCO, Expeditionary Warfare COMM 000 Electronic Comm                                                             
                                   AND COMM 000B Comm Systems Mgmt                                                          
NV-171 1849 ASW/Tactical Air ControllerAERO 000 Air Traffic Control                                                         
                                   AND MS 000 Military Science                                                              
NV-171 1850 Dgtl&Elctrnc Fleet AntisbmrECE 000 DC Circuit Analysis                                                          
                                   AND ECE 000B AC Circuit Analysis                                                         
                                   AND ECE 000C Electronic Devices & Circuits                                               
                                   AND ECE 000D Elctronic Sys Trblshtng&Repair                                              
                                   AND ECE 000E Digital Electronics                                                         
NV-171 1852 Basic Acoustic Analysis....NS 000 Intro to Acousitics                                                           
NV-171 1853 Sonar AN/SQS-53C Mntc......ECE 000 Electronic Sys Trblshtng/Rpr                                                 
                                   AND CS 000 Computer sys Trblshtng/Rpr                                                    
NV-171 1856 Surface Sonar Tech, Cl A...PHYS 000A Acoustics (Fundamentals)                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000 Basic Electronic Test Equip                                                  
                                   AND PHYS 000B Physics (Sound                                                             
NV-171 1863 Elec Tech Comm Strand, Cls ECE 000 Communication w/Radar Endrsmt                                                
NV-171 1864 Elctrncs Tech Radar Strand,ECE 000 Radar Thry,Oprtn & Mntc                                                      
NV-171 1870 Comm Sig Coll & Proc.......ECE 000A Electronic Communications                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000B Digital Communications                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000C Electronics Systems Troublshot                                              
NV-171 1876 Crypto Tech Admin, Class A.PTTE 111 Computer Skills                                                             
                                   AND CS 000 Computer Secruity                                                             
NV-171 1887 Adv Electronics Tech Core..ECE 000 DC/AC Circuits                                                               
                                   AND COMM 000 Communications                                                              
                                   AND ECE 000B Solid State Electronics                                                     
                                   AND ECE 000C Digital Principles                                                          
NV-171 1892 High Probability Intercept ECE 000 Electronic Sys Mntc & Rpr                                                    
NV-171 1894 Type 18B/D Periscope Comb MPHYS 000 Optical Physics                                                             
                                   AND ECE 000 Electromechanical Sys Mntc                                                   
NV-171 1897 688 Class Elctrnc Sensor MsGNRC 000 Electronic Sys Oper & Mntc                                                  
NV-171 1900 Electronic Intelligence AnaECE 000 Radar Systems                                                                
NV-171 1902 AN/WLR-8 (V) Mntc..........ECE 000 Electronics Comm Equip                                                       
NV-171 1906 Electronics Technician CoreECE 000A Electronics Basics                                                          
                                   AND ECE 000B Radio & Radar Repair                                                        
NV-171 1911 Electronics Tech Mntc......ECE 000A Elctcl/Elctrnc/Mntc Systems                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B Elctrcl/Clctrnc Sys Testng/Rpr                                              
NV-171 1913 Pre-Electroic Tech Trng....ECE 000A DC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B AC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000C DC Circuits & Lab                                                           
                                   AND ECE 000D Electronics Circuits                                                        
                                   AND ECE 000E Digital Electronics                                                         
NV-171 1927 Adv Avionic Intgrtd Wpn SysAERO 000 Avionics                                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000A AC/DC Circuits                                                              
                                   AND ECE 000B Solid State Elctrnc/Digital Pr                                              
                                   AND ECE 000C Comm Sys/Radar Thry                                                         
                                   AND ECE 000D Electronic Comm                                                             
                                   AND ECE 000E Electronic Sys Trblshtg & Mntc                                              
                                   AND MATH 000 College Alg/Trig                                                            
                                   AND MATH 000B Calculus                                                                   
NV-171 1928 Adv Calibration Tech.......ECE 000A Electronic Test Equip Clbrtn                                                
                                   AND ECE 000B Intro Elctrnc/MW Thry/Appl                                                  
NV-171 1930 Adv Electronics Technical CECE 000A DC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B AC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000C Solid State Devices                                                         
                                   AND ECE 000D Digital Circuits                                                            
NV-171 1942 Cmbnd Elctrnc ID Interm MntECE 000 Elctrnc Sys Trblshtng/Mntc                                                   
                                   AND AERO 000 Aircraft Eltrcl/Elctrnc Sys An                                              
                                   AND ECE 000B Appld Digital Principles                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000C Radar Theory/Adv Elctrn Sys                                                 
NV-171 1943 FA18 Trgt/Laser Fwrd Lookg GNRC 000A Laser Prin & Video Proc Thry                                               
                                   AND GNRC 000B Trblshtn & Oper Anlys/Laser                                                
NV-171 1945 Basic Electronic Warfare...ECE 000 Electronic Applications                                                      
NV-171 1949 AH-1W Armnt Cntrl & Dlvry TECE 000 Elctr Sys Trblshtg & Mntc                                                    
NV-171 1951 Rotary Wing Elec Syst......ECE 000 Elect Sys Trblsht/Mnt                                                        
NV-171 1955 AH-1 Armament Cntrl&Dlvr SyECE 000 Electr Sys Trblshtg & Mntc                                                   
NV-171 1956 Amto Flght Cntrl Sys/StbltyECE 000 Electr Sys Trblshtg & Mntc                                                   
NV-171 1963 OR-263/AA Frwrd Lkng Infrd ECE 000 Electr Sys Trblshtg & Mntc                                                   
NV-171 1965 AN/USM-403 Hybrd Auto Tst SCS 000 Computer System Repair                                                        
                                   AND ECE 000 Electr Sys Trblshtg & Mntc                                                   
NV-171 1968 OA-8770/ASH Rcrd Grp Int MnECE 000 Electr Sys Trblshtg & Mntc                                                   
NV-171 2000 Elctro-Optcl Sys Test Set IAERO 000 Oper Anlys & FAult Isolation                                                
                                   AND AERO 000B Electro-Optical Lab Appl                                                   
NV-171 2011 Comm Security COMSEC Mntc TECE 000 Intro to Electronics                                                         
NV-171 2012 Miniature Electronics RepaiECE 000 Electronics Fabrication                                                      
NV-171 2015 Naval Mdlr Automated Comm SCS 000 Computer Sys Trblshtng/Rpr                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000 Digital Electronics                                                          
NV-171 2016 Naval Mdlr Auto Comm Sys IIECE 000 Elctrnc Sys Trblshtng & Rpr                                                  
NV-171 2017 EHF Sattellite Prog Mntc...ECE 000 Electronic Sys Trblshtng & Rpr                                               
NV-171 2028 Elctrnc Spprt Measurs Org MECE 000A Elctrnc Sys Fund                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000B Elctrnc Sys Trblshtng & Rpr                                                 
NV-171 2041 Electronic Key Mgmt Sys....GNRC 000 Community Security                                                          
NV-171 2045 AMCM MK-105 Elec Sys Org MaGNRC 000 AMCM MK-105 Elec Sys Org Maint                                              
NV-171 2047 Shipboard Aviation Fuels ReGNRC 000 Shipboard Aviation Fuels Ref                                                
NV-171 2050 Information Systems Admin..CS 000A Computer Systems Mgmt                                                        
                                   AND CS 000B Computer Operating System                                                    
                                   AND CS 000C Distributed Data Comm                                                        
                                   AND CS 000D Local & Wide Area Networks                                                   
NV-171 2089 Info Sys Mntc Tech.........ECE 000A Intro Cmptrs & Computing                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000B Computer Mntc & Repair                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000C Windows NT Admin                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000D UNIX Syts Admin                                                             
NV-171 2111 Extremely High Freq Mntc...ECE 000 Electronics Maintenance                                                      
NV-171 2112 AN/WSN-7A Combined Mntc....GNRC 000 Electronic Equip Mntc                                                       
NV-171 2114 Tactical Cmptr & Ntwrk OperCS 000 Cmptr & Network Sys Admin                                                     
NV-171 2118 AN/BPS-15H Maintenance.....GNRC 000 Electronic Sys Mntc                                                         
NV-171 2120 ATWCS to TTWCS Maint/Op DifCTE 000 Digital Comm Networks                                                        
                                   AND BUS 000A Management Practicum                                                        
                                   AND BUS 000B Operations Analysis                                                         
                                   AND BUS 000C Organizational Management                                                   
NV-171 2121 Tactical Tomahawk Weapons..ECE 000A Elec Syst Troubl/Maint                                                      
                                   AND CS 000A Comp Syst Troubl/Maint                                                       
                                   AND CS 000B Computer Architecture                                                        
NV-171 2136 Basic Engineering Common CoGNRC 000A Industrial Safety                                                          
                                   AND ENVE 000A Hazardous Materials                                                        
                                   AND FOR 000A Fire Science                                                                
                                   AND H&S 000A Cardiopulmonary Resus                                                       
                                   AND ME 000A Intro Mechanical Syst                                                        
NV-171 2150 Msn Plan Syst, NFCS Op/Mnt.ECE 000 Electronic Syst Maintenance                                                  
NV-171 2151 Auto Flt Cntrl Trn Marine UECE 000 Elect Sys Trblsht/Mnt                                                        
NV-171 2168 Backfit Strgc Wpn Sys NvgtnECE 000A Dgtl Mntrg & Cntrl Sys                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000 Nvgtnl Equip Diagnostics                                                     
NV-171 2173 Elctrnc Core Appr Tech TrngECE 000A DC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B AC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000C Basic Digital Circuits                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000D Solid State Devices                                                         
NV-171 2182 Aviation Elect Tech........ECE 000A DC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B AC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000C Basic Digital Circuits                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000D Solid Sstate Devices                                                        
NV-171 2183 Aviation Elctrnc Tech-Org AECE 000A DC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B AC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000C Basic Digital Circuits                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000D Solid State Devices                                                         
NV-171 2184 Avtn Sprt Eqpmt Tech.......ECE 000A DC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B AC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND MATH 000 Technical Math                                                              
NV-171 2187 Marine Avion Appr Tech.....ECE 000A DC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B AC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000C Digital Circuits                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000D Solid State Devices                                                         
NV-171 2190 Fire Control Apprentice....ECE 000 Ac/Dc Circuits                                                               
                                   AND ECE 000 Digital Electronics                                                          
                                   AND ECE 000 Solid State Electronics                                                      
NV-171 2208 Aviation Ordnance Sys Tech.GNRC 000 Electro-Mechanical Mntc                                                     
NV-171 2209 Aviation Ordnancy Sys Tech-GNRC 000 Electro-Mech Mntc                                                           
NV-171 2238 Sub Comm Electr Rating FielNS 000 Electronic Lab                                                                
                                   AND NS 000 Intro Elect Systems                                                           
                                   AND NS 000 Secure Systems                                                                
NV-171 2239 Elctrnc Tech Class A.......H&S 000A Occup Health & Safety                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000A Intro to Electrical Systems                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B Intro/Electrcl Sys Lab                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000C Elctrl Sys Trblshtg & Mntc                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000D Intro to Electronics                                                        
                                   AND ECE 000E Intro to Electronics Lab                                                    
                                   AND GNRC 000A Rule of the Road                                                           
                                   AND MATH 000A Trigonometry                                                               
                                   AND NS 000A Maritime Navigation                                                          
NV-171 2249 Fire Cntrlmn Appr Tech TrngCTE 000 Comm Sys Op; Trblsht/Repair                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000 Motor Controls                                                               
                                   AND NS 000 Radar Systems                                                                 
NV-171 2263 AEGIS Comp Network Tech....ECE 000 Elec Systems Op and Maint                                                    
                                   AND CS 000 Network Fundamentals                                                          
                                   AND CS 000 Network Switching and Routing                                                 
                                   AND CS 000 UNIX System Administration                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000 Elec Systems Op and Maint Lab                                                
NV-171 2300 Intro Electr Key Mngmt SystCS 000 Intro Electr Key Mngmt System                                                 

NV-171 0014 LMET/Lead Petty Offcr......NS 000 Leadership Development                                                        
NV-171 0015 LMET/Lead Petty Offcr......PSYC 000 Industrial Psyc,Ldrshp Dev                                                  
NV-171 0023 NAVLEAD /Chief Petty Offcr.NS 000 NAVLEAD/Chief Petty Offcr                                                     
NV-171 0025 Leadership Development PrgmMS 000 Principles of Supervision                                                     
NV-171 0027 First Class Petty Offcr LdrMS 000 Personnel Supervision                                                         
NV-171 0028 Chief Petty Officer Ldrshp.MS 000 Leadership                                                                    
                                   AND COMM 000 Bus & Profn Comm                                                            
NV-171 0029 2nd Clss Petty Offcr LdrshpMS 000A Leadership                                                                   
                                   AND BUS 000 Business Communications                                                      
                                    OR MS 000B Personal Supervision                                                         
NV-171 0044 Aviation Ordnance Intm Mtc GNRC 000A Industrial Safety                                                          
                                   AND GNRC 000B Industrial Maintenance                                                     

NV-171 2151 Auto Flight Cntrl Sys......ECE 000 Elect Sys Trblsht/Mntc                                                       

NV-172 0006 Cryogenic Equip Tech.......PHYS 000 Basic Physics                                                               
                                   AND ASM 000 Pneumatic Control Sys Mntc                                                   
                                   AND GNRC 000 Ultra Refrigeration Theory                                                  
                                   AND H&S 000 Industrial Safety                                                            

NV-172 0001 Remote Sensor Sys/Phys SecuGNRC 000 Security System Mntc                                                        
NV-172 0012 Meteorological Equip Mntc..ECE 000A Elctrnc Sys Trblshtg/Mntc                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000C Cmptr Sys Trblshtg/Mntc                                                     
NV-172 0021-N Meteorological Equip MntcCS 000 Cmptr Sys Trblshtng/Mntc                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000 Elctrnc Sys Trblshtng/Mntc                                                   

NV-172 0015 Manufacturing Technology...PTTE 000A Manufacturing & Mech Tech                                                  
                                   AND PTTE 000B Mech Tech (Lathe&Milling Ma)                                               
NV-172 0032 Hull Technician, Class A...ASM 000 Basic Arc Welding Theory                                                     

NV-172 0006 Aircraft Firefighting & ResFOR 000 Fire Fighting                                                                
NV-172 0009 Damage Controlman, Cls A ScH&S 000 Fire Technology                                                              
                                   AND NS 000 Shipboard Systems                                                             
NV-172 0021 Navy Security Guard, Class JS 000 Patrol Procedures                                                             
NV-172 0028 Legal Clerk................GNRC 000 Intro Paralegal Studies                                                     
NV-172 0034 Armed Sentry/Secruity Rctn GNRC 000A Intro to Fire Arms                                                         
NV-172 0035 Naval Corrections SpecialisJS 000 Corrections                                                                   
                                   AND PSYC 000 Human Relations                                                             
NV-172 0050 Master of Arms, Class A....JS 000 Patrol Prcdrs/Oper/Tech                                                       
                                   AND PEP 000 Physical Education                                                           
NV-172 0053 Law Enforcement............JS 000 Patrol Proc/Oper/Tech                                                         
                                   AND PEB 000 Physical Education                                                           
NV-172 0054 Damage Control, Class A....NS 000 Shipboard Systems                                                             
                                   AND H&S 000 Fire Technology                                                              
NV-172 0055 Specialist in Law EnforcemeJS 000 Patrol Prcdr, Oper, Tech                                                      
                                   AND PEP 000 Physical Education                                                           

NV-173 0002 Outboard Motor Overhaul....ASM 000 Auto Eng Repair/Outbrd Rep                                                   

NV-173 0002 Basic Nuclr Pwr............ENGR 000 Intro Atom Engr                                                             
                                   AND GNRC 000 Nuclear Power Plant Op                                                      
                                   AND NE 000 Nuclear Engr Tech                                                             
NV-173 0018 Valve & Steam Trap Mntc....ENGR 000 Steam Power Systems                                                         
NV-173 0026 Naval Nuclear Power School.PHYS 000A General Physics                                                            
                                   AND CHEM 000A General Chem/Prncpl Materials                                              
                                   AND ENGR 000 Fluid Dynamics                                                              
                                   AND ENGR 000 Industrial Safety                                                           
                                   AND ENGR 000A Heat Transfer                                                              
                                   AND ENGR 000B Nuclear Reactor Engineering                                                
                                   AND H&S 000A Radiation Protection Tech                                                   
                                   AND MATH 000A Technical Mathematics                                                      
                                   AND PHYS 000B Atomic/Nuclear Physics                                                     
NV-173 0026-E Naval Power School-Addl EENGR 000A Fluid Power Systems                                                        
                                   AND ECE 000A AC/DC Circuits                                                              
                                   AND ECE 000B Digital Principles                                                          
                                   AND ECE 000C Electric Machines                                                           
NV-173 0026-M Naval Power School - AddlENGR 000A Applied Thermodynamics                                                     
                                   AND ECE 000A Power Plant Systems                                                         
                                   AND ECE 000B Basic Electricity                                                           
NV-173 0027 Nclr Proplsn Plnt Oper ElecCOMM 000 Oral Communication                                                          
                                   AND ECE 000A Power Systems                                                               
                                   AND ECE 000B Electrical Systems Practicum                                                
                                   AND ECE 000C Troubleshooting Elec Systems                                                
                                   AND H&S 000 Industrial Safety                                                            
                                   AND PHYS 000 Basic Health Physics                                                        
NV-173 0028 Prototype Training.........COMM 000 Communication                                                               
                                   AND ECE 000A Electrical Systems Mntc                                                     
                                   AND GNRC 000A Nuclear Power Plant Oper                                                   
                                   AND PHYS 000A Health Physics                                                             
NV-173 0029 Nclr Prop Plnt Oper Mech...PHYS 000 Basic Health Physics                                                        
                                   AND COMM 101 Fundamntls Public Speaking     Communications                               
                                   AND ENGR 000 Power Systems                                                               
                                   AND H&S 000 Industrial Safety                                                            
                                   AND ME 000 Mechanic Systmems Practicum                                                   
                                   AND ME 000B Troubleshooting MEch System                                                  

NV-180 0013 Surface Rescue Swimmer.....PEP 000 Bsc Swim/REscue Tech/1st A                                                   

NV-220 0124 Armed Sentry/Security Rctn MS 000 Military Science                                                              
NV-220 0127 Machine Gun Operation......NS 000 Machine Gun Operation                                                         

NV-220 0014 Basic Military Trng........PEB 000 Personal Fitness/Conditioning                                                
                                   AND H&S 000 Personal/Community Health                                                    
                                   AND H&S 288 First Aid:Emerg Respon                                                       
NV-220 0148 Basic Enlisted Submarine...GNRC 000 Gen Mechanical Systems                                                      
NV-220 0150 Navigator/Sr Qtr Mstr RefreMS 000 Nautical Navigation                                                           
NV-220 0153 Advanced Access & DisablemeJS 000 Explosives/Police Sci Prog                                                    
NV-220 0157 Explsv Ordn Dspsl Basic/NavJS 000 Explosives/Police Scie Prog                                                   
NV-220 0165 Recruit Training...........PEB 000 Personal Conditioning                                                        
                                   AND H&S 000 Personal/Community Health                                                    
NV-220 0174 Naval Science Institute....NS 101 Intro To Naval Science                                                        
                                   AND NS 102 Ship Systems I                                                                
                                   AND NS 201 Ship Systems II                                                               
                                   AND NS 202 Seapwr & Maritime Affr                                                        
NV-220 0185 Seamanship Apprentice......NS 000 INtro Seamanship & Ship Op                                                    
NV-220 0208 Tactcl Supprt Cnt Op Cntrl ECE 000 Tactcl Supprt Cnt Op Cntrl Ope                                               

NV0799 0007 Substance Abuse Prevent PrgH&S 000 Substance Abuse Prevent Prgm                                                 

NV0803 0011 Diver Explosive Ordnance DsPEB 108 Water-Based Sports & Fit Act                                                 
                                   AND REC 000 Scuba Equip & Maint                                                          
NV0803 0012 Aircrewman Cad, Class A....H&S 000 Lifesaving                                                                   
                                   AND PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     
                                   AND REC 000 Outdoor Safety & Survival                                                    
NV0803 0015 Survival,Evasion,Rsstnc&EscREC 000 Fld Exp in Survival Tech Lab                                                 
                                   AND REC 000 Fld Exp in Survival Tech Lec                                                 

NV1402 0259 Interm Maint Actvty Prod CnINDT 000 Quality Assurance                                                           

NV1405 0030 Marine Aviation Supply.....ENGL 000 Business Report Writing                                                     
                                   AND CTE 000 Intro to Computers                                                           
                                   AND CTE 000 Records & Info Mgmt                                                          
                                   AND CTE 000 Supply Mgmt                                                                  

NV1406 0044 Instructional Delivery ContEDCI 000 Instructional Methodology                                                   
NV1406 0059 Aircrew Survivl Equip ClassFCS 000 Sewing Machine Operation                                                     

NV1408 0035 Construction Inspector.....ARCH 000 Building Codes & Specs                                                      
                                   AND ARCH 000 Construction Materials                                                      
                                   AND ARCH 000 Construction Methods                                                        
                                   AND ARCH 000 Construction Quality Control                                                
                                   AND CTE 000 Service Systems                                                              
NV1408 0061 Non-Compliant Boarding VisiMS 000 Def Tact, Clmb/Rppl, Sm Arms                                                  
                                   AND MS 000 Military Science                                                              
                                   AND POLS 000 Homeland Security                                                           
NV1408 0330 Planning, Estimatng, ScheduCTE 000 Project Plan & Material Est                                                  

NV1606 0107 Ballistic Miss Def Virt TraNS 000 Tactical Mission Planning                                                     

NV1704 0326 Aviation Support Equip TechCTE 000 Basic Electricity                                                            
                                   AND CTE 000 Corrosion Control                                                            
                                   AND CTE 000 Ground Support Equip                                                         
                                   AND CTE 000 Materials & Processes                                                        
NV1704 0353 Aviation Support Equip MntcMS 000 Adv Aircraft Sys Lab                                                          
NV1704 0354 Generator Set Interm Maint.ECE 000 DC/AC Gen Op & Maint                                                         
NV1704 0434 Aircrew Survival Equip CoreMS 000 Aircraft Surv Sys Maint                                                       
                                   AND FCS 000 Sew Mach Op & Fabric                                                         
NV1704 0463 Aviation Structural MechaniAERO 000 Aircrft Hydrl Sys & Maint                                                   
                                   AND AERO 000 Aircrft Maintenance                                                         
NV1704 0464 Aviation Structural MechaniAERO 000 Aircrft Hydraul Systems                                                     
                                   AND AERO 000 Aircrft Struct/Fabrication                                                  
NV1704 0531 P3 Strct Hyd Pwr, Flight CnAERO 000 Aircrft Maintenance Fundamntls                                              
NV1704 0569 AV-8B Airframes Org Maint..AERO 000 Aircraft Primary Systems                                                    
NV1704 0678 Aviation Warfare Appren TraAERO 000 Aviation Safety                                                             

NV1708 0017 Level II Coxswain Ops/TactiNS 000 Small Boat Operations                                                         
                                   AND NS 000 Small Boat Operations Lab                                                     

NV1710 0140 Advncd Composite Mat RepairMS 000 Adv Compos Struct Repair Thery                                                
                                   AND MS 000 Adv Compos Strct Inspec Repair                                                
NV1710 0154 Nuclear Field "A" School...CTE 000 Basic Machinery                                                              
                                   AND CTE 000 Industrial Safety                                                            
                                   AND CTE 000 Intro to Mechanical Systems                                                  
                                   AND MATH 000 Technical Mathematics                                                       

NV1714 0038 Mobile Elec Pwr Plnt Maint.ECE 000 DC/AC Generation & Op                                                        
NV1714 0055 Construction Electrician...ECE 000 AC Circuits                                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000 DC Circuits                                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000 Electric Motor Control                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000 Electronic Power Dist Sys                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000 Residential Wiring                                                           
NV1714 0058 Adv Construction ElectriciaECE 000 AC Circuits                                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000 DC Circuits                                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000 Electrical Construction Est                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000 Electrical Motor & Controls                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000 Electronic Basics                                                            
NV1714 0073 Nclr Field "A" School......ENGR 000 AC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000 Digital Circuits & Microproc                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000 Elec or Elec Sys                                                             
                                   AND ENGR 000 DC Circuits                                                                 
                                   AND GNRC 000 Inro to Electronic Systems                                                  
                                   AND GNRC 000 Solid State Device & Circuits                                               
                                   AND INDT 000 Industrial Safety                                                           
                                   AND MATH 000 Tech Mathematics                                                            
NV1714 0080 Adv Base Power Plant Maint.ECE 000 Electrical Power Generation                                                  
NV1714 0081 Electrical Power DistributiECE 000 Electrical Power Distribution                                                
NV1714 0101 Mobile Facility Interm MainECE 000 AC Circuits Elec Trblsht                                                     
NV1714 0104 Electrical Dummy Load......ECE 000 Electrical Systems Op                                                        
NV1714 0105 Mobile Electrical Power PlaECE 000 DC/AC Mobile Power Gen                                                       
NV1714 0117 Electric Motors & Controls.ECE 000 Electrical Motors & Contrllrs                                                
                                   AND ECE 000 Electrical Systems                                                           
NV1714 0119 Interior Wiring II.........ECE 000 Electrical Wiring                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000 National Electrical Code                                                     

NV1715 1439 Avionics Tech, Class A1....CS 000 Computer Organization                                                         
                                   AND CS 000B Microprocessors                                                              
                                   AND CS 000C Cmptr Syst Trlbshooting/Mntc                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000 Radar                                                                        
                                   AND ECE 000B Comm Electronics                                                            
NV1715 1712 Gunner's Mate, A...........ECE 000A Electrical Circuits I/II                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000B Solid States Electronics                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000C Hydraulics & Pneumatics                                                     
                                   AND H&S 000A Industrial Safety                                                           
                                   AND H&S 000B Hazardous Materials                                                         
NV1715 1736 Nuclear field A School.....ECE 000 AC Circuits                                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000 DC Circuits                                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000 Digital Circ/Microprcssrs                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000 Solid State Devices/Circ                                                     
                                   AND GNRC 000 Basic Instr and Ctrls                                                       
                                   AND GNRC 000 Elec Trblshtng/Repair                                                       
                                   AND GNRC 000 Industrial Safety                                                           
                                   AND MATH 000 Technical Math                                                              
NV1715 1795 Fire Controlman, Class A...CS 000 Elec Sys Trblsht & Rpr                                                        
                                   AND CS 000 Radar Sys Trblsht & Maint                                                     
                                   AND CS 000 Radar Systems                                                                 
                                   AND CTE 000 Ord Inventory & Ctrl                                                         
                                   AND H&S 000 Safety                                                                       
NV1715 1819 Avionics Common Core.......AERO 000 Aviation Fundamentals                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000 DC/AC Crcts, Sld St Elect                                                    
NV1715 1820 Aviation Elect Mate Strand,AERO 000 Aircraft Electrical Systems                                                 
                                   AND AERO 000B Aircraft INstrument Systems                                                
                                   AND ECE 000 Solid State Electronics                                                      
NV1715 1828 GP Elctrnc Tst Equip Rpr/ClECE 000 Elctrnc Test Equip/Clbrtn/Rpr                                                
                                   AND ECE 000B Electronic Theory                                                           
NV1715 1870 Comm Sig Coll & Proc.......CS 000 Computer Technology                                                           
                                   AND CS 000 Electronic Communications                                                     
                                   AND POLS 000 National Security                                                           
NV1715 1886 Interm Comm Signals........ECE 000 Digital Comm                                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000 Electronic Comm                                                              
NV1715 1913 Pre-Elctrnc Tech Trng......GNRC 000A AC Circuits                                                                
                                   AND GNRC 000B Electronic Communications                                                  
                                   AND GNRC 000C DC Circuits                                                                
                                   AND GNRC 000D Solid State Electronics                                                    
                                   AND GNRC 000E Basic Electronics Lab                                                      
NV1715 2090 Ship Self Defense MK 1 Mnt GNRC 000 Ship Self Defense MK 1 Mnt Tch                                              
NV1715 2091 Ship Self Defense MK 1 OperGNRC 000 Ship Self Defense MK 1 Operat                                               
NV1715 2114 Tactical Cmptr & Ntwrk OperCS 000 Network Fundamentals                                                          
                                   AND CS 000 Unix Operating System                                                         
NV1715 2121 Tact Tomahawk Wpns Con Sys.CS 000 Computer Architecture                                                         
                                   AND CS 000 Computer Sys Mnt & Trblsht                                                    
                                   AND CS 000 Electronic Sys Trblsht & Mnt                                                  
NV1715 2173 Elctrnc Core Appr Tech TrngCS 000 AC Circuits                                                                   
                                   AND CS 000 Basic Digital Circuits                                                        
                                   AND CS 000 DC Circuits                                                                   
                                   AND CS 000 Solid State Devices                                                           
NV1715 2184 Aviation Support Equip TechCS 000 AC Circuits                                                                   
                                   AND CS 000 DC Circuits                                                                   
                                   AND MATH 000 Technical Mathematics                                                       
NV1715 2190 Fire Cntrl Appren Tech TraiCS 000 AC/DC Circuits                                                                
                                   AND ASM 000 Motor Controls                                                               
                                   AND ASM 000 Motors and Generators                                                        
                                   AND CS 000 Digital Electronics                                                           
                                   AND CS 000 Solid State Electronics                                                       
                                   AND H&S 000 First Aid                                                                    
                                   AND NS 000 Radar Systems                                                                 
NV1715 2214 Solid State Fundamentals IIECE 000 Electronic Circuits                                                          
NV1715 2239 Elctrnc Tech Class A.......CS 000 Elec Sys Trblsht & Maint                                                      
                                   AND CS 000 Int to Electrnc Sys Lab                                                       
                                   AND CS 000 Intro to Elec Sys Lab                                                         
                                   AND CS 000 Intro to Elec Systems                                                         
                                   AND CS 000 Intro to Electronics                                                          
                                   AND GNRC 000 Rules of the Road                                                           
                                   AND H&S 000 Occupational H&S                                                             
                                   AND MATH 000 Trigonometry                                                                
                                   AND NS 000 Maritime Navigation                                                           
NV1715 2245 Info Sys Tech Class A......CS 000 Intro to Info Sys                                                             
                                   AND CS 000 Intro to Networking                                                           
                                   AND CS 000 Radio Frequency Sys & Ops                                                     
                                   AND CTE 000 Windows Dsktp Op Sys Admin                                                   
                                   AND H&S 000 Workplace Safety                                                             
NV1715 2249 Fire Ctrl Appren Tech TrainCS 000 AC Circuits                                                                   
                                   AND CS 000 Digital Circuits                                                              
                                   AND CS 000 Motor Controls                                                                
                                   AND CS 000 Motors and Generators                                                         
NV1715 2255 Ops & Maint Virtual TraininCS 000 Electrical Safety                                                             
                                   AND CS 000 Elec Sys Trblsht & Maint                                                      
                                   AND NS 000 Radar Sys Op/Trblsht/Rpr                                                      
NV1715 2256 AN/Spy-1D Ops/Maint Virt TrCS 000 Electrical Safety                                                             
                                   AND CS 000 Elctronic Sys Trblsht/Maint                                                   
                                   AND CS 000 Rdr Sys Ops, Trblsht, Rpr                                                     

NV1717 0029 1st Line Leadership DevelopMS 000 Pers Sprvsn, Ldrshp, Bus Comm                                                 

NV1728 0053 Law Enforcement............H&S 000 Health & Wellness                                                            
                                   AND NS 000 Patrol Procedures/Op/Tech                                                     

NV1730 0013 Mobile Air Cond Interm MainGNRC 000 Refrigeration Thry/Srvcng                                                   

NV1732 0026 Naval Nuclear Pwr Schl, EnlPHYS 000 Atomic & Nuclear Physics                                                    
                                   AND CHEM 000 General Chemistry                                                           
                                   AND ENGR 000 Nuclear Reactor Engr                                                        
                                   AND GNRC 000 Heat Transfer                                                               
                                   AND GNRC 000 Radiation Protection Tech                                                   
                                   AND INDT 000 Industrial Safety                                                           
                                   AND MATH 000 Technical Mathematics                                                       
                                   AND ME 000 Fluid Dynamics                                                                
                                   AND PHYS 000 General Physics                                                             
NV1732 0028 Prototype Training.........COMM 000 Communications                                                              
                                   AND ECE 000 Electrical Sys Maintenance                                                   
                                   AND NE 000 Nuclear Power Plant Op                                                        
                                   AND PHYS 000 Health Physics                                                              

NV2201 0124 Armed Sentry/Security Rctn MS 000 Military Sci/Hmlnd Sec                                                        
NV2201 0125 Expl Ordnance Disposal.....H&S 000 Aquatic First Aid & CPR                                                      
                                   AND NS 000 Operational Risk Assess                                                       
                                   AND NS 000 Ordnance Sys Tech                                                             
                                   AND NS 000 Tactical Mission Plan Lab                                                     
                                   AND PEP 000 Intro to Athletic Training                                                   
                                   AND PHYS 000 Intro to Phys w/ Lab                                                        
NV2201 0126 DOD Joint Explosive OrdnancPHYS 000 Basic Physics                                                               
                                   AND ENGR 000 Ordnance Engineering                                                        
                                   AND ENGR 000 Ordnance Systems Tech                                                       
                                   AND NS 000 Explosives & Demolition                                                       
                                   AND NS 000 Explosives Handling                                                           
                                   AND NS 000 Intro to Expl Haz Mat                                                         
                                   AND NS 000 Nuclear, Biol, & Chem Prins                                                   
NV2201 0128 Expeditionary Combat SkillsH&S 000 First Aid                                                                    
                                   AND MS 000 Military Science                                                              

NV2202 0014 Basic Military Training....PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     
                                   AND H&S 000A Personal/Community Health                                                   
                                   AND H&S 000B First Aid & Safety                                                          
NV2202 0148 Basic Enlisted Submarine ScNS 000 Damage Control                                                                
NV2202 0165 Recruit Training...........H&S 000 Personal Community Health                                                    
                                   AND PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     
NV2202 0175 Senior Enllisted Academy...BUS 000A Business Communications                                                     
                                   AND BUS 000B Human Relations                                                             
                                   AND BUS 000C Organizational Theory                                                       
                                   AND BUS 000D Decision Making/Problem Solv                                                
                                   AND BUS 000E International Relations                                                     
                                   AND BUS 000F Organizational Development                                                  
NV2202 0185 Seamanship Apprentice......NS 000 Intro to Seamanship/Ship Ops                                                  
NV2202 0210 Seaman to Admiral 21st C- NNS 000A Intro to Naval Science                                                       
                                   AND NS 000B Sea Power & Maritime Affairs                                                 
                                   AND NS 000C Naval Engineering Technology                                                 
                                   AND NS 000D Naval Weapon Sys Tech                                                        
                                   AND NS 000E Navigation                                                                   
NV2202 0213 Surface Comm Core for CSCS.H&S 000 First Aid & Safety                                                           

NVO703 0005 Hospital Corpsman, Basic...BIOL 000 Anatomy & Physiology                                                        
                                   AND H&S 000A Patient Care Procedures                                                     
                                   AND H&S 000B Emergency Care                                                              
                                   AND H&S 000C Drug Therapy                                                                

X777 7770 Basic Military Training......PEB 000 Personal Fitness/Conditioning                                                
                                   AND H&S 000 Personal/Community Health                                                    
                                   AND H&S 288 First Aid:Emerg Respon