University of Idaho's Guide For Transfer Students


One Dupont Circle
Washington, DC 20036-1193


US ARMY/AMER CNL OF EDUC               UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO                     Transfer General Education Area(s)

AR 2201-0 Military Science.............MS 000 Military Science                                                              

AR-170 0204 UH-60 Helicopter Repairer..AERO 000A Helicopter Maintenance                                                     
                                   AND AERO 000B Helicopter Sys Insp/Repair                                                 

AR-220 0399 Basic Combat Training......H&S 288 First Aid:Emerg Respon                                                       
                                   AND MS 000 Land Navigation                                                               
                                   AND MS 000 Marksmanship                                                                  
                                   AND PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     
AR-220 0552 Infantryman................H&S 000 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation                                                
                                   AND COMM 000 Human Relations Communicatoins                                              
                                   AND GEOG 000 Orienteering                                                                
                                   AND H&S 000 First Aid                                                                    
                                   AND INTR 000 Problem Solving                                                             
                                   AND MS 000 Marksmanship                                                                  
                                   AND PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     

AR-220 PLDC-R Prin Suprvsn & Ldrshp....MS 000 Prin Suprvsn & Ldrshp                                                         

AR-220 NONE Leadership.................MS 000 Leadership                                                                    

AR0101 0002 DOD Pest Mgmnt CertificatioENT 000 Pest Management                                                              
                                   AND ASM 000 Veg and Turf Management                                                      

AR0102 0002 Animal Care Spec Schl......AVS 000 Vet Sci                                                                      
                                   AND AVS 000B Clinical Practicum                                                          
AR0102 0007 Animal Care Specialist.....AVS 000 Animal Care Anesthesia                                                       
                                   AND AVS 000 Animal Care Clinical Procedure                                               
                                   AND AVS 000 Animal Care Diagno Procedures                                                
                                   AND AVS 000 Animal Care Facilities                                                       
                                   AND AVS 000 Animal Care Management                                                       
                                   AND AVS 000 Animal Care Radiology                                                        
                                   AND AVS 000 Animal Care Surgery & Dentist                                                
                                   AND AVS 000 Clinical Practice                                                            
                                   AND AVS 000 Emergency Care                                                               
                                   AND AVS 000 Introduction to Animal Care                                                  

AR0104 0013 Vetrinary Food Inspection SGNRC 000 Clinical Experience                                                         
                                   AND FCS 000 Food Service Sanitation/Safety                                               
                                   AND FCS 000 Intro Food Handling/Processing                                               
                                   AND GNRC 000 Food Purch/Inv Cntrl                                                        

AR0326 0062 Army Med Dept Capt Career..SOC 000 Cultural Diversity                                                           
                                   AND BUS 000 Hlth Services Admin                                                          
                                   AND FCS 000 Food Service Sanitation                                                      
                                   AND INTR 000 Leadership                                                                  
                                   AND MS 000 Military Operations                                                           
                                   AND MS 000 Military Science                                                              

AR0419 0048 Motor Transport Operator...MS 000 Prin of Supervision                                                           
                                   AND PTTE 000A Auto Maintenance                                                           
                                   AND PTTE 000B Rcds/Info Mgmt                                                             
AR0419 0053 Unit Movement Officer Dep PMS 000 Fund of Intermodal Transport                                                  
AR0419 0063 Joint Personal Property....GNRC 000 Trnsprtn, Freight Loss, Claims                                              

AR0602 0008 Spanish Spec Op Lang TrainiSPAN 000 Intensive Basic Spanish                                                     
                                   AND SPAN 000 Intensive Advanced Spanish                                                  
                                   AND SPAN 000 Intensive Intermediate Spanish                                              
AR0602 0010 French Spec Oper Lang TrainFREN 000 Intensive Basic French                                                      
                                   AND FREN 000 Intensive Adv French                                                        
                                   AND FREN 000 Intensive Inter French                                                      
AR0602 0011 Arabic Spec Ops Lang Train ARBC 000 Intensive Basic Arabic                                                      
                                   AND ARBC 000 Intensive Adv Arabic                                                        
                                   AND ARBC 000 Intensive Interm Arabic                                                     
AR0602 0016 Russian Spec Ops Lang TrainRUSS 000 Intensive Basic Russian                                                     
                                   AND RUSS 000 Intensive Adv Russian                                                       
                                   AND RUSS 000 Intensive Interm Russian                                                    
AR0602 0020 Korean Spec Opts lang Trng.FL 000A Intensive Basic Korean                                                       
                                   AND FL 000B Intensive Interm Korean                                                      
                                   AND FL 000C Intensive Adv Korean                                                         

AR0701 0013 Dental Specialist..........H&S 000A Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation                                               
                                   AND H&S 000B Basic Dental Science                                                        
                                   AND H&S 000C Dental Radiography                                                          
                                   AND H&S 000D Infection Control                                                           
                                   AND H&S 000E Dental Instrumentation                                                      
                                   AND H&S 000F Clinical Internship                                                         
AR0701 0031 Strctrd Self Develp (SSD) IMS 000 Leadership                                                                    
                                   AND MS 000 Military Science                                                              

AR0702 0022 Medical Laboratory SpecialiH&S 000A Intro Medical Laboratory                                                    
                                   AND BIOL 000A Hematology                                                                 
                                   AND BIOL 000B Immunohematology                                                           
                                   AND BIOL 000C Parasitology                                                               
                                   AND CHEM 000A General Laboratory Chemistry  Natural Science                              
                                   AND CHEM 000B Clinical Laboratory Chemistry                                              
                                   AND H&S 000B Serology                                                                    
                                   AND H&S 000C Medical Laboratory Practicum                                                
                                   AND H&S 000D Urinalysis                                                                  
                                   AND MMBB 000A Clinical Microbiology         Natural Science                              
AR0702 0023 Medical Laboratory SpecialiCHEM 000A Clinical Chemistry Practicum                                               
                                   AND BIOL 000A Hematology Practicum                                                       
                                   AND BIOL 000B Immunohematology Practicum                                                 
                                   AND H&S 000A Urinalysis Practicum                                                        
                                   AND MMBB 000A Microbiology Practicum                                                     
                                   AND MMBB 000B Immunology Practicum                                                       
AR0702 0030 Structured Self DevelopmentINTR 000 Leadership                                                                  
AR0702 0031 Structured Self Developmnt MS 000 Leadership                                                                    
                                   AND MS 000 Military Science                                                              
AR0702 0032 Structured Self DevelopmentGNRC 000 Leadership                                                                  
                                   AND MS 000 Military Operations                                                           
AR0702 0037 Structured Self DevelopmentBUS 000 Introduction to Management                                                   

AR0703 0015 Practical Nurse............H&S 000A First Aid/CPR (PH1)                                                         
                                   AND BIOL 000A Anatomy & Phys (PH1)                                                       
                                   AND BIOL 000B Anatomy & Phys (PH2)                                                       
                                   AND H&S 000B Dosage Calculation (PH1)                                                    
                                   AND H&S 000C VT Nurs Hist & Legal Iss (PH1)                                              
                                   AND H&S 000D Fund of Nursing (PH2)                                                       
                                   AND H&S 000E Nursing Process (PH2)                                                       
                                   AND H&S 000F Pharmacology (PH2)                                                          
                                   AND H&S 000G Medical-Surgical Nrs Thry(PH2)                                              
                                   AND H&S 000H Pediatric Nursing (PH2)                                                     
                                   AND H&S 000I Obstetrics/NwBrn Nrs Thry(PH2)                                              
                                   AND H&S 000J Mental Health Nursing (PH2)                                                 
                                   AND H&S 000K Clinical Practicum (PH2)                                                    
AR0703 0041 68W Transition.............H&S 000 Emergency Medical Technol                                                    
AR0703 0048 Tactical Combat Medical CarH&S 000 Emergency Casualty Manag                                                     

AR0707 0021 Intmd Indust Hygiene TopicsINDT 000 Industrial Hygiene                                                          
AR0707 0024 Prin of Military Prvntv MedBIOL 000 Fund of Prev Medicine                                                       
                                   AND ENVS 000 Prev Med of Env Sci                                                         
                                   AND GNRC 000 Mthd Prev Med for Hlth Prof                                                 
                                   AND NE 000 Top in Nucl Med Prev Med                                                      
AR0707 0037 Chemical Advanced RefresherH&S 000A Radiation Safety                                                            
                                   AND H&S 000B Chemical/Biologica Hazrd                                                    
                                   AND MS 000 Itelligence Studies                                                           
AR0707 0038 Unit NBC Def Officer/NCO ReH&S 000 First Aid And Safety                                                         
                                   AND H&S 000 Radiation Saftey                                                             
                                   AND MS 000 Intelligence Studies                                                          

AR0709 0032 Medical Specialist.........BIOL 000 Anatomy & Physiology                                                        
                                   AND H&S 000A Emergency Medical Tech                                                      
                                   AND H&S 000B Emerg Med Tech Clin Exp                                                     
                                   AND H&S 000C Basic Nursing Skills                                                        
                                   AND H&S 000D Nursing Clinical Exp                                                        
AR0709 0049 EMT........................H&S 000 Assessing/Mg Injuries                                                        
                                   AND BIOL 000 IV Therapy                                                                  
                                   AND BIOL 000B Anat/Physiology                                                            
                                   AND MS 000 Military Science                                                              
                                   AND REC 000 Appld Pharmacology                                                           
AR0709 0065 Health Care Specialist.....H&S 000 Adv EMS Operations                                                           
                                   AND H&S 000 Adv Pre-Hospital Trauma                                                      
                                   AND H&S 000 Basic Trauma for the EMT                                                     
                                   AND H&S 000 CPR for Healthcare Provider                                                  
                                   AND H&S 000 EMT Special Populations                                                      
                                   AND H&S 000 Emergency Preparedness                                                       
                                   AND H&S 000 Fdtns of Emergency Med Tech                                                  
                                   AND H&S 000 Fundamentals of Nursing                                                      
                                   AND H&S 000 Medical Emergencies                                                          
AR0709 0067 Health Care Specialist.....H&S 000 Basic Emerg Med Proced                                                       
                                   AND BIOL 000 Anat & Physiology                                                           
                                   AND H&S 000 Basic Life Support                                                           
                                   AND H&S 000 Medical Terminology                                                          
AR0709 0070 Health Care Specialist.....H&S 000 Patient Care Procedures                                                      
                                   AND H&S 000 Advanced EMT                                                                 

AR0802 0020 First Sergeant.............MS 000 Material Management                                                           
                                   AND BUS 000 Human Resource Management                                                    
                                   AND COMM 000 Fund of Comm                                                                
AR0802 0026 Munitions/Hzrds Mtrls......H&S 000 Intro Hzrds Mtrls Emerg                                                      
AR0802 0036 Tech Trnsprtation of Haz-MaINDT 000 Tech Trnsprtation of Haz-Mats                                               

AR0803 0007 Survival, Evasion, Rsstnc, REC 000 Wilderness Survival                                                          

AR0804 0004 Mountaineering Summer......REC 000 Orienteering & Mountaineering                                                

AR1401 0033 Finance Specialist.........ACCT 000 Payroll Accounting                                                          
                                   AND BUS 000 Computer Applications                                                        

AR1402 0087 Chaplain Assistant.........RELS 000 Clerical Duties                                                             
                                   AND CTE 000 Data Entry                                                                   
AR1402 0101 Tactical Army Cmbt Svc SpprPTTE 000 Microcomputer Appls                                                         
AR1402 0135 Intro to Personal ComputingPTTE 000 Personal Computers                                                          
AR1402 0209 Adv Fld Artil Tact Data SysCS 000A Computer Fundamentals                                                        
                                   AND CS 000B Database Systems                                                             

AR1403 0007 Administrative Specialist..COMM 000 Business Communication                                                      
                                   AND CTE 000 Filing                                                                       
                                   AND CTE 000 Typing                                                                       
AR1403 0010 Patient Admin Specialist...H&S 000 Medical Records Technology                                                   
AR1403 0016 Unit Clerk.................GNRC 000 Business Sys & Procedures                                                   
AR1403 0017 Legal Specialist...........CTE 000 Keyboarding                                                                  
                                   AND CTE 000 Law Office Computer Applicatio                                               
                                   AND CTE 000 Word Processing                                                              
                                   AND ENGL 000 Legal Writing                                                               

AR1404 0035 Adv NCO Common Core........GNRC 000A Leadership                                                                 
                                   AND COMM 000 Fundamentals of Communication                                               
                                   AND GNRC 000B Intro Personnel Mgmt                                                       
AR1404 0046 Telecomm Oper/Mntnr V.2....COMM 000 Comm Sys Oper/Mntc                                                          
                                   AND CS 000 Comp Appl Sftwr                                                               

AR1405 0061 Unit Supply Spec Adv Indv TCTE 000 Records Maintance (VT)                                                       
                                   AND CTE 000A Supply Supervision & Mntc (VT)                                              
AR1405 0069 Quartermaster Officer BasicBUS 000 Intro Mgt                                                                    
                                   AND BUS 000B Organ Behav                                                                 
AR1405 0195 TAMMS&PPL (Prscrbd Lodg LstPTTE 000 Clerical Procedures                                                         
AR1405 0233 Unit Supply Spec Basic NCO.CTE 000A Records Management                                                          
                                   AND CTE 000B Inventory Managment                                                         
AR1405 0235 Unit Supply Specialist.....GNRC 000A Inventory Mgmt & Control                                                   
                                   AND GNRC 000B Computer Applications                                                      
AR1405 0236 QM Officer Basic...........COMM 000 Interpersonal Communication                                                 
                                   AND BUS 000 HR Management                                                                
                                   AND BUS 000A Logistics & Supply Sys Mngt                                                 
AR1405 0238 Automated Logistical Spec..PTTE 000 Computer Applications                                                       
                                   AND GNRC 000A Inventory Management                                                       
                                   AND GNRC 000B Information/Records Mgmt                                                   
AR1405 0254 Armor Crewman Adv NCO......MS 000 Maintenance Supervision                                                       
                                   AND MS 000 Military Tactics                                                              
AR1405 0259 Std Mntc- Sys 2 SustainmentPTTE 000 Auto Mntc Systems                                                           
AR1405 0264 Unit Supply Noncom Officer.MS 000 Inventory/Materials Management                                                
AR1405 0269 Aviation Warrant Officer AdCOMM 000A Communication Skills                                                       
                                   AND BUS 000 Prin of Management                                                           
                                   AND COMM 000B Interpersonal Relationships                                                
                                   AND MS 000 Logistics Mangement                                                           
                                   AND PTTE 000 Basic Microcomputer                                                         
AR1405 028 Automated Logistics SpecialiCS 000 Intro to Computers                                                            
                                   AND PTTE 000A Material Handling                                                          
                                   AND PTTE 000B Record Keeping/Clerical Proc                                               
AR1405 0280 Medical Logistics SpecialisMS 000 Military Science                                                              
                                   AND GNRC 000 Property Control & Inventory                                                
                                   AND H&S 000 Medical Material Mgmt                                                        

AR1406 0090 Basic Noncommissioned OfficGNRC 000 Principles of Supervision                                                   
                                   AND COMM 000 Communications                                                              
AR1406 0100 Personnel Admin Spec Basic PTTE 000A Personnel Supervision                                                      
                                   AND PTTE 000B Computer Applications                                                      
AR1406 0103 Army Recruiter.............BUS 000A Selling, Marketing                                                          
                                   AND BUS 000B Human Resource Mgmt                                                         
                                   AND BUS 000C Bus Interpersonal Comm                                                      
AR1406 0156 Recruiting BNCOC...........MS 000 Supervision or Leadership                                                     
AR1406 0170 Instructor.................EDCI 000 Dsgn & Delivery/Instruction                                                 
AR1406 0193 Facilitator Training.......COMM 000 Small Group Communication                                                   
AR1406 0215 First Support Sergeant.....BUS 000 Management                                                                   
                                   AND CTE 000 Computer Applications                                                        
AR1406 0264 Army Basic Instructor......EDCI 000 Intro to Tch/Lrn Class Mgmt                                                 

AR1408 0148 Sergeants Major............ENGL 000 Written Communication                                                       
                                   AND COMM 101 Fundamntls Public Speaking     Communications                               
                                   AND COMM 233 Interpersonal Communication                                                 
                                   AND GNRC 000 Intro to Research                                                           
                                   AND MS 000 Supervision                                                                   
AR1408 0209 Signal Officer Basic.......CS 000A Cmptr Hdwr & Sftwr                                                           
                                   AND BUS 000A Intro to Management                                                         
                                   AND COMM 000A Communication Systems                                                      
                                   AND CS 000B Cmptr Networks                                                               
                                   AND CTE 000A WebPage Design                                                              
                                   AND GNRC 000A Maintenance Management                                                     
AR1408 0250 Master Marksmanship TrainerMS 000 Small Arms Range Oper                                                         
AR1408 0252 Small Arms Instr Range OperMS 000 Small Arms Range Oper                                                         
AR1408 0270 TATS NCO...................GNRC 000 Field Experience in Mngt                                                    
AR1408 0353 Battle Staff NoncommissioneCOMM 000 Communications                                                              
                                   AND MS 000 Military Operations                                                           
                                   AND MS 000 Operations Management                                                         

AR1511 0019 SFO/Intelligence Course....COMM 000 Communication                                                               
                                   AND POLS 000 Soviet Studies                                                              
                                   AND POLS 101 Intro Political Sci/Amer Govt  Social Science                               
                                   AND PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology     Social Science                               
AR1511 0020 SFO/Special Intelligence CrGEOG 000 Map Interp                                                                  
SOC 000 Social Science                                                               

AR1601 0052 General Engr - NCO - Adv...ENGR 000 Construction Mgmt                                                           
                                   AND ENGR 000B Bituminous Materials                                                       
AR1601 0075 Petroleum Supply SpecialistGNRC 000 Petroleum System Operations                                                 
AR1601 0091 Engr Officer Basic.........ARCH 000 Matls/Mthds of Construction                                                 
AR1601 0122 Constr Equipment Super DL..GNRC 000 Construction Project Mgmt2                                                  
AR1601 0123 Constr Equipment Super NCO.GNRC 000 Project Supervision                                                         
AR1601 0257 Constr Equipment SupervisorGNRC 000 Constr Project Mgmt                                                         
AR1601 0276 Petroleum Supply SpecialistGNRC 000 Petroleum Supply Specialist                                                 
AR1601 0277 Petroleum Supply SpecialistGNRC 000 Fund of Logistics                                                           
                                   AND GNRC 000 Maintenance Fundamentals                                                    
                                   AND GNRC 000 Petroleum Sys Operations                                                    
                                   AND GNRC 000 Safety Practices & Procedures                                               

AR1606 0131 Aviation Safety Officer....AERO 000 Aviation Safety                                                             
                                   AND AERO 000 Aviation Accident Investigtn                                                
AR1606 0174 Army Aviation Safety OfficeH&S 000A Occup Sfty & Hlth Admin                                                     
                                   AND H&S 000B Accident Invstgtn & Analysis                                                
                                   AND H&S 000C Risk Mgmt & Appl                                                            
                                   AND H&S 000D Industrial Safety                                                           
AR1606 0181 Intl Entry Rotary-Wing AviaAERO 000A Aircraft Navigation (Visual)                                               
                                   AND AERO 000B Aviation Meteorology                                                       
                                   AND AERO 000C Aircraft Engines & Systems                                                 
                                   AND AERO 000D Physiology of Flight                                                       
                                   AND AERO 000E Private Pilot Ground                                                       
                                   AND AERO 000F Priv Pilot Flight (Helicopter                                              
                                   AND AERO 000G Instrument Rating Ground                                                   
                                   AND AERO 000H Instrument Rating Flight                                                   
                                   AND AERO 000I Human Factors                                                              
AR1606 0214 Basic Foreign Instr Sign InGNRC 000 Electronic Equipment Oper                                                   
AR1606 0246 Initial Entry Rot Wing UH-6AERO 000 Adv Heli Flight Lab                                                         
                                   AND AERO 000 Adv Heli Systems                                                            
                                   AND AERO 000 Heli Flight Planning                                                        
                                   AND AERO 000 Heli Operations                                                             
AR1606 0260 Initial Entry Rotary Wing CAERO 000 Aviation Meterology                                                         
                                   AND AERO 000 Flight Physiology                                                           
                                   AND AERO 000 Helicopter Systems                                                          
                                   AND AERO 000 Instrument Flight Procedures                                                
                                   AND AERO 000 Instrument Heli Operations                                                  
                                   AND AERO 000 Nav & Flight Planning                                                       
AR1606 0290 MH-47 NRCM Basic Mission QlAERO 000 Crew Resource Mngt                                                          
                                   AND AERO 000 Helicopter Syst                                                             
AR1606 0291 MH-47G Maintainer..........AERO 000 Intro to Helicopter Syst                                                    

AR1703 0027 Wheel Vehicle Repairer.....PTTE 000A Intro Diesel/Gas Engine Repai                                              
                                   AND PTTE 000B Brakes, Auto Elec DC Thry                                                  
                                   AND PTTE 000C HD Pwr Train, Bsc Hydraulics                                               
AR1703 0028 Light Weight Vehicle Mntc..PTTE 000A Auto Engine Servicing                                                      
                                   AND PTTE 000B Basic Auto Electrical                                                      
                                   AND PTTE 000C Automotive Steering                                                        
                                   AND PTTE 000D Automotive Brakes                                                          
AR1703 0031 Track Vehicle Repairer.....PTTE 000A Automotive Fundamentals                                                    
                                   AND PTTE 000B Heavy Equipment Service                                                    
                                   AND PTTE 000C Diesel Engine Systems                                                      
AR1703 0037 Hvy Wheel Vehicle Mech.....GNRC 000A Diesel Engines                                                             
                                   AND GNRC 000B Hydraulics Systems                                                         
                                   AND GNRC 000C Heavy Equip Susp & Steering                                                
                                   AND GNRC 000D Auto Electrical Systems                                                    
AR1703 0059 Motor Transport Operator...GNRC 000 Truck Driving/Oper Vehicle                                                  
AR1703 0065 Self-Propelled Field ArtillGNRC 000 Self-Propelled Field Artillery                                              
AR1703 0079 Heavy Equipment Operation..ASM 000 Heavy Equipment Operation                                                    

AR1704 0066 Observation/Scout HelicopteGNRC 000 Helicopter Repair                                                           
AR1704 0154 CH-47 Helicopter Repairer..AERO 000 Aircraft Maintenance                                                        
AR1704 0156 AH-64 Helicopter Repair....MS 000 Helicopter Maintenance                                                        
AR1704 0178 Avtn Oper Spec Flght Op CrdAERO 000 Aviation Flight Operations                                                  
AR1704 0191 Armament/Electrical/AvionicAERO 000 Aircraft Electrical Systems                                                 
                                   AND AERO 000 Aircraft Electrical System Tro                                              
                                   AND ECE 000 Electricity Basics                                                           
                                   AND ECE 000 Electronic Systems                                                           
AR1704 0223 Helicopter Electrician.....CTE 000 Basic Electricity & Electronic                                               
                                   AND CTE 000 Aircraft Elec Sys Fund                                                       
                                   AND CTE 000 Aircraft Elec Sys Lab                                                        
                                   AND CTE 000 Aircraft Elec Trblsht & Repr                                                 
                                   AND CTE 000 Electric Circuits Lab                                                        
AR1704 0232 Armament/Elect/Avion Syst RECE 000 Electricity Basics                                                           
                                   AND AERO 000 Aircraft Electrical Syst Mnt                                                
                                   AND AERO 000A Avionics Syst Trblsht/Mnt                                                  
AR1704 0283 Air Traffic Control OperatoMS 000 ATC Fundamentals                                                              
                                   AND MS 000 ATC Procedures                                                                
AR1704 0300 Sml Unman Aerial Vehicle OpAERO 000 Flight Theory                                                               
                                   AND AERO 000 Fund of Aero Navigation                                                     
                                   AND AERO 000 General Aeronautics                                                         
                                   AND CS 000 Computer Systems                                                              
AR1704 0312 Unmanned Aircraft Systems OAERO 000 Aerodynamics                                                                
                                   AND AERO 000 Unmanned Aircraft Systems OP                                                

AR1710 0167 Cnstrctn Equipment RepairerPTTE 000 Heavy Eq/Diesel Eq/Auto El Rpr                                              
AR1710 0169 Gen Constr Equip Oper......GNRC 000 Heavy Equipment Operation                                                   
AR1710 0170 Heavy Const Equip Oper.....PTTE 000 Heavy Equipment Operation                                                   
AR1710 0175 Engr Tracked Vehicle CrewmaPTTE 000 Engr Tracked Vehicle Crewman                                                
AR1710 0183 Bradley Fghtng Vhcl Sys MecGNRC 000A Intro Automotive Technology                                                
                                   AND GNRC 000B Automotive Electrical                                                      
                                   AND GNRC 000C Diesel Engine                                                              
AR1710 0189 Technical Engineering (USA)GNRC 000A Construction Drafting                                                      
                                   AND GNRC 000B Basic Surveying                                                            
                                   AND GNRC 000C Construction Surveying                                                     
                                   AND GNRC 000D Soil Testing                                                               
                                   AND GNRC 000E Concrete Testing                                                           
AR1710 0205 Construction Equip RepairerGNRC 000A Diesel Engine Rpr & Mtnc                                                   
                                   AND GNRC 000B Construction Equip Rpr & Mtnc                                              
AR1710 0244 Special Forces Engr SergeanGNRC 000B Explosives Technology                                                      
                                   AND GNRC 000A Construction Technology                                                    
AR1710 0255 Hvy Constr Equip Oper......GNRC 000 Constr Equip Operation                                                      
AR1710 0269 Construction Equip Op......PTTE 000 Heavy Equip Op                                                              
AR1710 0270 Construction Equip Op......PTTE 000 Heavy Equip Op                                                              

AR1714 0037 Fire Control Systems RepairGNRC 000A Basic Electricity & Electroni                                              
                                   AND GNRC 000B Basic Computer Operations                                                  

AR1715 0091 Unit Lvl Comm Maintainer...GNRC 000A Radio Repair                                                               
                                   AND GNRC 000B Electonics Lab                                                             
AR1715 0299 Electronic Missile System..ECE 000 AC/DC Circuits                                                               
                                   AND ECE 000B Electronic Circuits                                                         
                                   AND ECE 000C Logic Circuit Theory                                                        
                                   AND ECE 000D Electronic Systems Maint                                                    
AR1715 0526 Auto Data Telecom Ctr OprtrCTE 000 Keypunch                                                                     
                                   AND CTE 000 Typing                                                                       
AR1715 0611 Satellite Comm Equip RepairGNRC 000A Mntc of Elctrnc Equip                                                      
                                   AND GNRC 000B Mntc of Satellite Comm Equip                                               
AR1715 0658 Avionic Mechanic...........ECE 000A Electronic Sys Troubleshooting                                              
                                   AND ECE 000B AC/DC Circuits                                                              
                                   AND ECE 000C Radar Systems                                                               
AR1715 0832 Tactical Fire Ops Spclst...GNRC 000A Radio Operations                                                           
                                   AND CS 000 Computer Operation                                                            
                                   AND GEOG 000 Map Reading                                                                 
                                   AND GNRC 000B Operational Maintenance                                                    
AR1715 0844 Cmptr Opertns/Map Reading..MS 000 Cmptr Opertns/Map Reading                                                     
AR1715 0846 Fire Support Specialist....GEOG 000 Map Reading & Terrain Analysis                                              
AR1715 0886 TATS/Network Operator/MaintECE 000A Electronic Trblsht/Mnt                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000B Basic Electronics                                                           
AR1715 0925 Satellite Sys/Network CoordECE 000 Satellite Comm Sys Oper/Mgmt                                                 
AR1715 0928 Signal Support Systems SpecECE 000 Elctrnc Sys Trblshtng & Mntc                                                 
                                   AND CS 000A Intro to Computers                                                           
                                   AND CS 000B Network Adminstration                                                        
                                   AND MS 000 Military Operations                                                           
AR1715 0971 Intrgrtd Family of Test EquECE 000A AC/DC Circuits                                                              
                                   AND ECE 000B Basic Electronics                                                           
                                   AND ECE 000C Electronic Sys Trblshtng                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000D Digital Electronics                                                         
                                   AND ECE 000E Microprocessors                                                             
                                   AND PTTE 000 Soldering                                                                   
AR1715 0988 Spec Elctrnc Devices RepairECE 000A AC/DC Circuits                                                              
                                   AND ECE 000B Solid State Circuits                                                        
                                   AND ECE 000C Digital Circuits                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000D Cmptr Operating Systems                                                     
                                   AND ECE 000D Computer Repair                                                             
                                   AND PTTE 000 Soldering                                                                   
AR1715 0991 Radio/Comm Security RepaireECE 000 Basic Electricity                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000B Basic Electronics                                                           
                                   AND ECE 000C Electronic Comm Systems                                                     
                                   AND ECE 000D Electronic Comm Maintenance                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000E Soldering                                                                   
AR1715 0998 Firefndr/Grnd Base Sensor RECE 000 Solid State Devices/Ampl Thry                                                
                                   AND ECE 000B Solid State Devices/Ampl Lab                                                
                                   AND ECE 000C Intro DC/AC Circuit Anlys Thry                                              
                                   AND ECE 000D Intro DC/AC Circuit Analys Lab                                              
                                   AND ECE 000E Digital Fund/Mcrcmptr N/Elec                                                
                                   AND ECE 000F Digital Fund/Mcrcmptr N/E Lab                                               
AR1715 1010 Electronic Warfare Officer.AERO 000A Radar Principles                                                           
                                   AND AERO 000B Maintenance Management                                                     
                                   AND AERO 000C Elctrnc Sys Trblshtng&Mntc                                                 
AR1715 1028 TATS Cannon Fire...........GEOG 000 Topography                                                                  
                                   AND GNRC 000 Radio Operation & Mntc                                                      
AR1715 1034 Fire Support Specialist....MS 000 Decision-Making/Problem Solv                                                  
                                   AND MS 000 Orienteering                                                                  
                                   AND MS 000 Tactical Communications                                                       
AR1715 1048 Enhanced Oper/Mntnr-HIMAD..CS 000A Intro to Networking                                                          
                                   AND CS 000B UNIX Sys Operations                                                          
                                   AND ECE 000 Electronic Sys Trblshtg/Mntc                                                 
AR1715 1057 Patriot Launching St EnhncdECE 000 Electronic Sys Trblshtg&Rpr                                                  
AR1715 1066 Radar Repairer.............ECE 000 Radar Testing & Trblshtng                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000B Digital & Analog Trblshtng                                                  
AR1715 1078 Satcom Sys Oper/Maintainer.ECE 000 Basic DC/AC/Digital Circuits                                                 
                                   AND ECE 000B Solid State Elctrn/Elctrn Comm                                              
                                   AND ECE 000C Basic Electronic Lab                                                        
                                   AND ECE 000D Elctrncs Sys Trblshtng/Mntc                                                 
AR1715 1098 Explosive Ordnance DisposalECE 000 Basic DC/AC Electricity                                                      
                                   AND ECE 000 Electricity Lab                                                              
AR1715 1099 Pat Fire Contrl Enhnc Op/MnCS 000 Micro Syst Trblsht/Rpr                                                        
                                   AND GNRC 000A Radar Systems                                                              
                                   AND GNRC 000B Electronics Syst Trblsht/Rpr                                               
AR1715 1100 Air Defense Artillery Frwd.CS 000A Computer Networks                                                            
                                   AND CS 000B UNIX Operations                                                              
                                   AND ECE 000 Electronic Sys Trblshtg/Mntc                                                 
AR1715 1102 Patriot Pac III System.....GNRC 000A Radar Syst Trblsht/Mnt/Rpr                                                 
                                   AND GNRC 000B Electronic Sys Trblsht/Mnt/Rp                                              
AR1715 1107 Ntwrk Switching Sys Oper/MnECE 000 Electronic Trblshtg/Mntc                                                     
AR1715 1109 Network Switching Sys Oper.ECE 000 Elctrnc Trblshtng & Mntc                                                     
AR1715 1116 SF Qual (SF Comm Sergeant).CTE 000 Communication Systems Mgmt                                                   
                                   AND COMM 000 Electronic Communications                                                   
                                   AND CS 000 Computer Networking                                                           
                                   AND CS 000 Computer Organization                                                         
AR1715 1129 Ntwrk Switching Sys Oper ECECE 000A Cmptr Network Fundls                                                        
                                   AND ECE 000B Elctrnc Sys Trblshtg                                                        
                                   AND ECE 000C Cmptr Networking                                                            
                                   AND ECE 000D Satellite Comm Sys Mntc                                                     
AR1715 1144 Cryptologic Linguist SupervGNRC 000 Cryptologic Linguist Supervsr                                               

AR1717 0090 Attack Helicopter Repairer GNRC 000 Aircraft Inspection Methods                                                 
                                   AND GNRC 000 Aircraft Maintenance Managemen                                              

AR1720 0023 Chem, Bio, Rad & Nuc SpeclsINDT 000 Char of Haz Materials                                                       
                                   AND INDT 000 Chem, Bio, Rad & Nuc Cntmnt                                                 
                                   AND INDT 000 Haz Mat Ops                                                                 
AR1720 0024 Chemical Operations SpecialGNRC 000 Chemical/Radiation Hazards                                                  
AR1720 0025 Chemical Operations SpecialGNRC 000 Chemical Safety                                                             
AR1720 0026 Chemical Operations SpecialGNRC 000 Nuclr,Biol,Chml Decontam Proc                                               

AR1723 0008 Machinist..................GNRC 000 Machine Tool Technology                                                     

AR1728 0084 Human Intelligence CollectoGNRC 000A Interview & Interrogation                                                  
                                   AND GNRC 000B Military Science                                                           
AR1728 0086 Counterintelligence Agent..JS 000 Security Techniques                                                           
                                   AND JS 000B Legal Principles                                                             
AR1728 0107A Bsc Mltry Polc/Corr Spec, PSYC 000 Human Behavior                                                              
                                   AND JS 000 Basic Criminal Law                                                            
                                   AND JS 000B Crime Scene Processing                                                       
                                   AND JS 000C Crime Scene Processing                                                       
AR1728 0107B Bsc Mltry Pol/Bsc Corr SpcJS 000 Correction Procedures                                                         
                                   AND JS 000B Corrections Supervision                                                      
AR1728 0120 Basic Military Police, PH 4JS 000 Military/Criminal Law                                                         
                                   AND JS 000B Patrol Operations                                                            
AR1728 0144 Special Reaction Team, SRT MS 000 Military Science                                                              
AR1728 0150 Total Army Train Sys InterrGNRC 000 Interrogation                                                               
AR1728 0151 Intelligence Analyst.......COMM 000 Communications                                                              
                                   AND GNRC 000 Critical Analysis                                                           
                                   AND GNRC 000 Map Reading                                                                 
AR1728 0166 Antiterrorism Prog Manager.JS 000 Law Enforcement                                                               
AR1728 0167 Basic Military Police......CJ 000 Criminal Justice                                                              
                                   AND CJ 000 Intro to Corrections                                                          
                                   AND CJ 000 Law Enforcement                                                               
                                   AND CJ 000 Law Enforcement Operations                                                    
                                   AND H&S 000 First Aid                                                                    
                                   AND MS 000 Markmanship                                                                   
                                   AND MS 000 Military Operations                                                           
                                   AND MS 000 Military Science                                                              
                                   AND MS 000 Physical Fitness                                                              
AR1728 0192 Interment/Resettlement SplsSOC 000 Intro to Corrections                                                         
                                   AND SOC 000 Security Management                                                          

AR1729 0041 Food Src Spec, Adv.........FCS 000 Food Sanitation & Oper                                                       
                                   AND FCS 000 Intro Food & Nutrition                                                       
                                   AND FCS 000 Qual Food Prep/Cul Arts                                                      
AR1729 0074 Surveillance Food Lab Tech.FS 000 Food Science                                                                  
AR1729 0075 Food Service Specialist....GNRC 000 Culinary Arts                                                               
                                   AND GNRC 000 Food Service Sanitation and Sa                                              

AR1732 0010 Water Treatment Specialist GNRC 000 Water Treatment Specialist AIT                                              
AR1732 0013 Power Generation Equip RepaGNRC 000 Electric Gen Plant Maint                                                    
                                   AND ECE 000 Electrical Circuits                                                          
                                   AND ME 000 Mechanical Sys Trblsht                                                        

AR2101 0005 Petroleum Vehicle Operator.GNRC 000 Petroleum Vehicle Operator                                                  

AR2201 0041 Ranger.....................PEB 000 Physical Education                                                           
AR2201 0096 Small Arms Repairer........MS 000 Small Arms Repairer                                                           
AR2201 0167 Officer Candidate 1/90-2/92BUS 000 Prin of Management                                                           
                                   AND BUS 000B Personnel Management                                                        
                                   AND GEOL 000 Map Reading                                                                 
                                   AND PEP 000 Physical Education                                                           
AR2201 0197 Basic Military Training....REC 000 Outdoor Skills Practicum                                                     
                                   AND H&S 000 First Aid                                                                    
                                   AND PEB 000 Marksmanship                                                                 
                                   AND PEB 000 Personal Conditioning                                                        
AR2201 0253 TATS Primary Ldrshp DvlpmntGNRC 000 Prin & Appl of Leadership                                                   
                                   AND MS 000 Military Science                                                              
AR2201 0285 Warrant Officer Candidate..MS 000 Leadership & Supervision                                                      
AR2201 0294 Prmry Ldrshp Development...MS 000 Prin of Supervision & Ldrshp                                                  
                                   AND MS 000B Military Science                                                             
AR2201 0300 Natl Guard Officer Cand....MS 000 Ldrship & Mgmt                                                                
                                   AND GEOG 000 Geography/Topography                                                        
AR2201 0310 Light Weapons Infantryman..H&S 000 First Aid                                                                    
                                   AND MS 000 Marksmanship                                                                  
                                   AND PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     
                                   AND REC 000 Outdoor Skills Practicum                                                     
AR2201 0330 M1/M1A1 Abrams Armor CrewmaMS 000 Military Science                                                              
AR2201 0331 Cavalry Scout..............H&S 000 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation                                                
                                   AND COMM 000 Human Relations Communications                                              
                                   AND H&S 288 First Aid:Emerg Respon                                                       
                                   AND INTR 000 Intro to Problem Solving & Dec                                              
                                   AND INTR 000 Orienteering                                                                
                                   AND MS 000 Marksmanship                                                                  
                                   AND PE 106 Physical Conditioning                                                         
AR2201 0337 BNCOC Ph#1, Ldr Trng.......MS 000 Leadership                                                                    
AR2201 0339 Drill Sergeant.............MS 000 Leadership                                                                    
                                   AND MS 000 Marksmanship                                                                  
                                   AND MS 000 Methods of Instruction                                                        
AR2201 0349 Special Forces Sniper......INTR 000 Decision Making                                                             
                                   AND MS 000 Operational Risk Assessment                                                   
                                   AND MS 000 Tactical Mission Plan Lab                                                     
AR2201 0399 Bacis Combat Training......H&S 288 First Aid:Emerg Respon                                                       
                                   AND PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     
                                   AND REC 000 Land Navigation                                                              
                                   AND REC 000 Marksmanship                                                                 
AR2201 0424 Air Defense Artillery Ofcr MS 000 Principles of Supervision                                                     
                                   AND COMM 000 Speech                                                                      
AR2201 0429 Officer Candidate, 10/92-prMS 000 Leadership                                                                    
                                   AND BUS 000 Personnel Supervision                                                        
                                   AND COMM 101 Fundamntls Public Speaking     Communications                               
                                   AND GEOG 180 Spatial Graphics                                                            
                                   AND PEP 161 Intro Physical Education                                                     
AR2201 0431 Brdly Infntry-Master GunnerPEP 000 Physical Education                                                           
AR2201 0433 Hvy AntiArmor Wpn Inftry BaMS 000 Supervision or Leadership                                                     
AR2201 0434 Ranger.....................MS 000 Military Science                                                              
                                   AND PEB 000 Physical Education                                                           
                                   AND REC 000 Outdoor Adventure                                                            
AR2201 0439 Infntrmn Advan Leader......MS 000 Supervision                                                                   
                                   AND COMM 000 Communication                                                               
                                   AND MS 000 Combatives                                                                    
AR2201 0442 Sniper.....................MS 000 Marksmanship                                                                  
AR2201 0444 Pathfinder.................AERO 000 Air Traffic Ctrl Fundamentals                                               
                                   AND AERO 000 Funds of Aeronautical Nav                                                   
AR2201 0455 Airborne...................PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     
AR2201 0459 Special Forces Intell SergeART 000 Photography                                                                  
                                   AND GEOG 000 Map Reading                                                                 
                                   AND GNRC 000 Terrorism & Counterterrorism                                                
                                   AND MS 000A Military Science                                                             
                                   AND MS 000B Military Intell                                                              
AR2201 0479 Armor Crewman..............MS 000A Military Science                                                             
                                   AND H&S 000 First Aid                                                                    
                                   AND MS 000B Physical Conditioning                                                        
                                   AND MS 000C Marksmanship                                                                 
AR2201 0494 Natl Guard Officer Cand....MS 000 Leadership                                                                    
                                   AND BUS 000 Management                                                                   
AR2201 0503 TATS Cannon Fire Direction MS 000 Supervision or Leadership                                                     
AR2201 0526 Total Army Training System.MS 000 Basic Military Science                                                        
                                   AND H&S 000 Personal Community Health                                                    
                                   AND PEB 000 Physical Education                                                           
AR2201 0552 Infantryman................H&S 000 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation                                                
                                   AND COMM 000 Human Relations Communications                                              
                                   AND H&S 000 First Aid                                                                    
                                   AND MS 000 Intro to Problem Solving                                                      
                                   AND MS 000 Marksmanship                                                                  
                                   AND MS 000 Orienteering                                                                  
                                   AND PEB 000 Physical Fitness                                                             
AR2201 0578 Indirect Fire Infantryman..PEB 000 Physical Conditioning                                                        
                                   AND GNRC 000A Marksmanship                                                               
                                   AND H&S 000 First Aid                                                                    
                                   AND MS 000A Orienteering                                                                 
                                   AND MS 000B Military Science                                                             
AR2201 0595 Special Forces Qual-Phase 4MS 000 Special Forces Qual-Phase 4                                                   
AR2201 0603 Warrior Leader.............INTR 000 Leadership                                                                  
                                   AND INTR 000 Management                                                                  
AR2201 0604 Warrior Leader.............MS 000 Leadership                                                                    
                                   AND MS 000B Military Science                                                             
AR2201 0605 Battle Staff Noncomm OfficeMS 000 Military Science                                                              
AR2201 0609 Explosive Ordnance Clear AgGNRC 000 Explosive & Haz Mat Handling                                                
AR2201 0611 Warrant Officer Candidate SINTR 000 Ldrshp/Sprvsn/Mgmt                                                          
AR2201 0612 Warrant Office Candidate ScINTR 000 Ldrshp/Sprvsn/Mgmt                                                          
AR2201 0630 Cannon Crewmember..........MS 000 Industrial Maintenance                                                        
AR2201 0631 Cannon Crewmember..........MS 000 Technical Orientation                                                         
AR2201 0651 US Army Drl Sergeant Schl..H&S 000 Health & First Aid                                                           
                                   AND BUS 000 Leadership                                                                   
                                   AND BUS 000B Human Resources                                                             
                                   AND MS 000A Marksmanship                                                                 
                                   AND MS 000B Instruction                                                                  
                                   AND MS 000C Military Tactics                                                             
                                   AND MS 000D Supervision                                                                  
                                   AND MS 251 Physical Fitness Training                                                     
AR2201 0657 Combat Engineer............GNRC 000A Demolition Operations                                                      
                                   AND GNRC 000B Explosives Handling                                                        
AR2201 0687 Advanced Ldr-Common Core...BUS 000 Management                                                                   
AR2201 0713 Spec Forces Qualification..MS 000 Command & Control                                                             
                                   AND MS 000 Military Operations                                                           
AR2201 0714 Special Forces QualificatioCOMM 000 Communications or Communicatio                                              
                                   AND GEOG 000 Land Navigation                                                             
                                   AND MS 000 Operational Risk Assessment                                                   
                                   AND MS 000 Tactical Mission Planning                                                     
AR2201 0781 Infantry Advanced Leader...COMM 000 Communications                                                              
                                   AND BUS 000 Management                                                                   
                                   AND GNRC 000 Supervision                                                                 

AR2202 0013 Urban Mobility.............GNRC 000 Explos & Haz Mats Hand & Safeg                                              
AR2202 0015 Enlisted Combat Skills.....MS 000 Military Science                                                              
AR2202 0022 Nodal Network Sys Op-Mntn..CS 000 Internetworking Basics                                                        
                                   AND CS 000 Networking Fundamentals                                                       

AR2204 0087 Recon & Surveillance LeaderPEB 000 Personal Conditioning                                                        
                                   AND REC 000 Survival Skills                                                              
AR2204 0095 Financial Management Tech SCTE 000 Admin Support Technology                                                     
                                   AND FCS 000 Budget and Resource Mgmt                                                     
                                   AND INTR 000 Leadership                                                                  
AR2204 0109 Basic Officer Leader- BrancMS 000 Risk Management                                                               
                                   AND MS 000 Operations Management                                                         
                                   AND MS 201 Foundations of Leadership I                                                   

AR2205 0003 Nutrition Care Specialist..MVSC 201 PhyAct, Wellns, BehChg for HAL                                              
                                   AND FCS 000 Modified Diet                                                                
AR2205 0006 Food Service Specialist....GNRC 000 Introduction to food preparati                                              

DD0602 0227 Russian Basic..............RUSS 000 Elementary Russian             Communications                               
                                   AND RUSS 000B Lwr Interm Russian            Communications                               
                                   AND RUSS 000C Interm Russian                                                             

ENGR 22 Hvy Constr Equip Oper..........GNRC 000 Hvy Constr Equip Oper                                                       

MC1401 0009 Personal Finance ManagementBUS 000 Personal Finance                                                             

MC1601 0033 Interior Wiring by CorrespoECE 000 Interior Wiring by Corresponde                                               
MC1601 0041 Construction Print Reading.GNRC 000 Construction Print Reading                                                  

MC2204 0088 Recruit Training...........GNRC 000 Recruit Training                                                            

NV1303 0003 AN/AVR-2 Laser Detecting SeGNRC 000 AN/AVR-2 Laser Detecting Set                                                

NV1710 0154 Machinist's Mate...........ENGR 000 Basic Machinery                                                             
                                   AND ME 000 Mechanical Systems                                                            

NV1715 1732 AN/ALQ-144 (V) 1 CountermeaGNRC 000 AN/ALQ-144 (V) 1 Countermeasur                                              
NV1715 1816 Aviation Technician Level 1ECE 000 AC/DC Circuits                                                               
                                   AND COMM 000 Electronic Communications                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000 Solid State Electronics                                                      
                                   AND GNRC 000 Radar Principles                                                            
NV1715 1819 Aviation Technician Common AERO 000 Intro to Aircraft Systems                                                   
                                   AND ECE 000 Intro to Electronics                                                         
                                   AND ECE 000 Solid State Electronics                                                      

NV1728 0034 Armed Sentry/Secrt React FoMS 000 Elective                                                                      

NV1732 0026 Naval Power School, EnlisteNE 000 Atomic & Nuclear Physics                                                      
                                   AND CHEM 000 General Chemisty                                                            
                                   AND MATH 000 Tech Mathematics                                                            
                                   AND ME 000 Heat Transfer                                                                 
                                   AND NE 000 Nuclear Reactor Engin                                                         
                                   AND NE 000 Radiation Prot Tech                                                           
                                   AND NR 000 Fluid Dynamics                                                                
                                   AND PHYS 000 General Physics                                                             
                                   AND TM 000 Industrial Safety                                                             
NV1732 0029 Prototye Training..........COMM 000 Communications                                                              
                                   AND H&S 000 Health Physics                                                               
                                   AND ME 000 Mechanical Systems                                                            
                                   AND NE 000 Nuclear Power Plant Operations                                                

NV2202 0165 Recruit Training...........PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     
                                   AND H&S 150 Wellness Lifestyles