University of Idaho's Guide For Transfer Students


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Washington, DC 20036


US COAST GUARD/AMER CNL EDUC           UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO                     Transfer General Education Area(s)

AR0709 0065 Health Care Specialist.....H&S 000 Basic Pharmacology                                                           
                                   AND H&S 000 Cardiopulmonary Resucitation                                                 
                                   AND H&S 000 Clinical Intership                                                           
                                   AND H&S 000 Emgry Medical Tech Basic                                                     
                                   AND H&S 000 Field Experience                                                             
                                   AND H&S 000 Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Suprt                                               
                                   AND H&S 000 Primary Care & Prevention                                                    

AR2201 0399 Basic Combat Training......H&S 000 First Aid and CPR                                                            
                                   AND MS 000 Marksmanschip                                                                 
                                   AND PEB 000 Physical Fitness                                                             
                                   AND PEB 000 Self-Defense                                                                 
                                   AND REC 000 Land Navigation (Recre)                                                      

CG0709 0004 Emergency Medical Tech.....H&S 000 Emergency Medical Tech                                                       

CG0802 0016 Search & Rescue FundamentalH&S 000 Fund Ocean Srch & Rescue                                                     

CG1404 0005 Radioman, Class A..........MS 000 Radioman, Class A                                                             

CG1405 0006 Storekeeper, Class A.......PTTE 000A Business Correspondence                                                    
                                   AND PTTE 000B Word Processing                                                            
                                   AND PTTE 000C Property Mgmt & Inventory Cnt                                              

CG1406 0007 Elec Mate 2nd Class........BUS 000A Sales Management                                                            
                                   AND BUS 000B Principles of Marketing                                                     
                                   AND COMM 000 Personal Comm Skills                                                        
                                   AND CTE 000 Computer Database Mngt                                                       
CG1406 0008 Leadership & Management....MS 000 Leadership                                                                    
CG1406 0013 Chief Warrant Officer Prof COMM 000 Principles of Supervision                                                   
                                   AND BUS 000 Principles of Management                                                     

CG1408 0004 Yeoman Second Class........PTTE 000 Office Administration                                                       
CG1408 0006 Yeoman First Class.........BUS 000 Business Communication                                                       

CG1409 0001 Yeoman 'A' School..........PTTE 000A Typing                                                                     
                                   AND PTTE 000B Office Practice                                                            
CG1409 0003 Yeoman School, Class A.....PTTE 000B Office Procedures                                                          
                                   AND PTTE 000A Word Processing                                                            

CG1511 0002 Chief Petty Officer AcademyCOMM 000A Business Communication                                                     
                                   AND COMM 000B Organization Development                                                   

CG1708 0009 Seaman by Correspondence...MS 000 Basic Seamanship                                                              

CG1714 0004 Aviation Electrician's MateECE 000 Electronics                                                                  
CG1714 0011 Electrician Mate 1st Class.GNRC 000A Electric Mtr & Generator                                                   
                                   AND GNRC 000B Electric Power Distribution                                                
CG1714 0018 Electrician Mate, Class A..ECE 000A AC & DC Theory                                                              
                                   AND ECE 000B AC & DC Motors & Generators                                                 
CG1714 0023 Electrician Mate 2nd Class.GNRC 000A Elect Mtrs & Controls                                                      
                                   AND GNRC 000B Electromechanical Cntr Sys                                                 

CG1715 0010 Electronics Tech, Class A..ECE 000 Electronics Technician                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000B Electronics Tech Lab                                                        
CG1715 0104 Gyrocompass System.........ECE 000 Electronics Laboratory                                                       
CG1715 0148 Adv Dig Elect Tech, Class CGNRC 000 Digital Principles                                                          
CG1715 0149 Adv Analog Elec Tech.......ECE 000 Electrical & Electronic Circ                                                 
CG1715 0154 Aviation Maint Tech AMT A SAERO 000 Aircraft Flight Controls                                                    
                                   AND AERO 000 Aircraft Hydraulics & Land Gr                                               
                                   AND AERO 000 Aircraft Sheet Metal                                                        
                                   AND ARCH 000 Composite Structures                                                        
                                   AND ENGR 000 Basic Electricity                                                           
                                   AND ENGR 000 Turbine Engine Tech                                                         

CG1717 0013 Leadership & Management....BUS 000 Organizational Development                                                   

CG1722 0016 Fireman....................GNRC 000 Marine Engineering                                                          

CG1723 0005 Machinery Technician, Cls AGNRC 000A Hydraulics & Pump Systems                                                  
                                   AND ECE 000 Basic Electricity                                                            
                                   AND GNRC 000B Plumbing Systems                                                           
                                   AND GNRC 000C Internal Cmbstn Eng Mntc/Rpr                                               
CG1723 0008 Machinery Tech: Second ClasGNRC 000 Machinery Tech: Second Class                                                

CG1728 0003 Maritime Law Enforcement ScJS 000 Law Enforcement                                                               
                                   AND POLS 000 Political Science              Social Science                               
CG1728 0051 Oper Spec 2nd Class........LIBS 000A Intro Library Science                                                      
                                   AND AERO 000A Piloting                                                                   
                                   AND MS 000A Maritime Law                                                                 
                                   AND MS 000B Operations Analysis                                                          
CG1728 0052 Oper Spec 1st Class........COMM 000A Oral Communication                                                         
                                   AND BUS 000A Project Management                                                          
                                   AND MATH 000A Technical Mathematics                                                      
                                   AND MS 000A Maritime Law                                                                 

CG1729 0004 Food Service Specialist....FCS 000 Intro to Food Service                                                        
CG1729 0010 Food Serv Spec Admin & ManaFCS 000 Food Service Record Keeping                                                  

CG2202 0005 Officer Candidate School...GNRC 000A Health & Physical Educ                                                     
                                   AND GNRC 000B Fund of Marksmanship                                                       
                                   AND GNRC 000C Computer Applications                                                      
                                   AND GNRC 000D Communication Skills                                                       
                                   AND GNRC 000D Nautical Science                                                           
                                   AND GNRC 000E Leadership Principles                                                      
                                   AND GNRC 000F Ethics                                                                     
                                   AND GNRC 000G Organizational Behavior                                                    

CG2204 0003 Operations Specialist 'A' SMS 000 Military Science                                                              

CG2205 0011 Basic Military Training....PEB 108 Swimming                                                                     
                                   AND H&S 288 First Aid:Emerg Respon                                                       
                                   AND PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     
CG2205 0028 Mltry Req/E-3..............MS 000 Military Science                                                              
CG2205 0029 Mltry Req E-4..............MS 000 Military Science                                                              
CG2205 0030 Military Reqt for E-5......MS 000 Military Science                                                              
CG2205 0031 Military Reqt for E-6......MS 000 Military Science                                                              
CG2205 0035 Recruit Training...........MS 000 Basic Seamanship                                                              
                                   AND H&S 000 Personal Health & First Aid                                                  
                                   AND MS 000 Military Science                                                              
                                   AND PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     
                                   AND PEB 108 Water-Based Sports & Fit Act                                                 
CG2205 0036 Military Reqt/Chief Petty OMS 000A Personnel Supervision                                                        
                                   AND MS 000B Management Problems                                                          
                                   AND MS 000C Comm Tech for Managers                                                       
CG2205 0042 Mltry Req/Sr Petty Offcr...MS 000 Intro to Supervision                                                          
                                   AND COMM 000 Fund of Communication                                                       
CG2205 0043 Mltry Req/Petty Offcr......MS 000 Intro to Supervision                                                          
                                   AND H&S 000 Hlth & Fitness/Intro Nutrition                                               

CGREM 001 Electrician's Mate 3rd Class.ECE 000C Basic AC/DC Theory                                                          
CGREM 002 Chief Electrician's Mate.....ECE 000A Basic AC/DC Theory                                                          
                                   AND BUS 000A Record Keeping                                                              
                                   AND BUS 000B Personnel Supervision                                                       
                                   AND CTE 000 Maintenance Management                                                       
                                   AND ECE 000B Elec Syst/Maint                                                             
                                   AND ECE 000C Industrial Electronics                                                      
                                   AND ENGL 000 Technical Writing                                                           
CGREM 003 Electrician's Mate...........ECE 000A Elec Circ/Maint                                                             
                                   AND BUS 000A Maintenance Management                                                      
                                   AND BUS 000B Management Practicum                                                        
                                   AND CS 000 Computer Info Systems                                                         
                                   AND ENGL 000 Technical Writing                                                           
                                   AND H&S 000 Industrial Safety                                                            
                                   AND MS 000 Personnel Management                                                          

CGRFN 001 Fireman......................FOR 000 Intro Fire Science                                                           
                                   AND ARCH 000 Blueprint Reading                                                           

CJ2205 0034 Senior Petty Officers......BUS 000A Office Management                                                           
                                   AND BUS 000B Business Communication                                                      

MC1401 0009 Personal Financial Mgmt....FCS 000 Personal Finance                                                             

MC1406 0023 Fund of Marine Corps LdrshpMS 000 Supervisory Mgmt                                                              

MC2204 0136 Infantry Patrolling........PEB 106 Individual & Dual Sports                                                     
MC2204 0145 M240G Machine Gunner.......MS 000 Small Arms/Gunsmithing