University of Idaho's Guide For Transfer Students


Washington, DC 20036


US DEPT DEFENSE/AMER CNL EDUC          UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO                     Transfer General Education Area(s)

DD0419 0003 Def Pkg Haz Material Trans.GNRC 000 Def Pkg Haz Material Trans                                                  

DD0504 0020 Basic Journalist...........JAMM 000 Public Affairs Reporting                                                    
                                   AND ART 000 Basic Photojournalism                                                        
                                   AND COMM 000 Community Relations                                                         

DD0505 0008 Basic Broadcaster..........JAMM 000 Radio & TV Production                                                       
                                   AND JAMM 000B Public Relations/Public Affai                                              
                                   AND JAMM 000C Broadcast Journalism/News Wrt                                              
                                   AND JAMM 000D Electronic Field Prodctn/Edit                                              
                                   AND THEF 000 Performance/Announcing                                                      

DD1709 0004 Basic Still Photography....JAMM 000 Photojournalism                                                             
                                   AND ART 000A Dark Room Procedures                                                        
                                   AND ART 000B Photo & Elctrnc Image Acqustn                                               
                                   AND ART 280 Understanding Photography                                                    
DD1709 0008 Video Production & Dcmntn..JAMM 000 Video Production                                                            
                                   AND JAMM 000B Writing for Video Production                                               
                                   AND JAMM 000C Electronic Field Production                                                
                                   AND JAMM 000D Studio Video Production