Golf Course Panorama

Visualization Productions is an interdisciplinary class within the College of Art & Architecture at the University of Idaho. In bringing together each design discipline from the college, we learn to work as a team to solve massive problems like that of a professional firm. The University of Idaho Golf Course has run into some issues in terms of customer experience, economic income, and meeting the needs of a collegiate golf team and their PGA accredited golf course. Our design team was called upon to help them out.

OBJECTIVE: Develop a solution for the golf course that provides the golf program with proper facilities for competition, and for practice in all seasons. Implement a versatile building program that can host large banquets and other events for any college, department, or other groups in the University of Idaho and Moscow communities.

Mind Map Teaser

Take a look inside our collective brain as we mapped out potential problems, improvements, and other aspects our team could attack for the University of Idaho Golf Course.

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Timeline Teaser

We documented the entire process from beginning to end in an interactive timelines.

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Our Team Teaser

Learn a little bit about the master minds involved with this project. Our team consists of students in architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, virtual technology and design, and art and design.

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