Postdoctoral researchers

Jabus Tyerman (postdoc 2009-2010) worked on the evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacterial biofilms

James James Rosindell (postdoc 2010-2011) is now at Imperial. James works on Hubbell's neutral theory and its applications in phylogenetics and island biogeography.
Joseph Joseph Brown (postdoc 2010-2012) is now a postdoc in Stephen Smith's lab at the University of Michigan.
Jon Jon Eastman (postdoc 2009-2013) is now a professional bad-ass fireman.



Undergraduate researchers

Jack Torresdal studied rough-skinned newts (2009-2011).

Nicholas Smeenk studied the status of rough-skinned newts (Taricha granulosa) in Northern Idaho (2008).

Brian Hammond compared morphology of various populations of Coeur d'Alene salamanders (Plethodon idahoensis (2008).

Ivy Hupprich studied speciation rates and phylogenetic trees (2008).

Dave Ayers studied amphibians in high mountain lakes (2009).

Vicki Taylor studied amphibians in an urban landscape (2009).