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Library Philosophy and Practice Vol. 5, No. 2 (Spring 2003)

ISSN 1522-0222

Hierarchical Gaps and Subject Authority Control Processing: an Assessment--Appendix

Daniel CannCasciato

Head of Cataloging


Catalog Librarian
Central Washington University Library
Ellensburg WA 98926-7548
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Appendix.Downloaded Subject Headings

Terms inbold face required broader term (BT) subject authority records be downloaded. Diacritics are omitted.

First Downloaded Subject Authority Records

Abkhazia (Georgia)

Abu Hureyra, Tall (Syria)

Account books

African American women executives

African American women political activists

Agricultural consultants

Aguarico River (Ecuador)

Aguarico River Valley (Ecuador)

Al-Aqsa Intifada, 2000

Alcohol ignition interlock devices

Alternate takes (Sound recordings)

Alternative rock music

Amended tax returns

American beech

Amish children

Amish Country (Pa.)

Anger in literature

Anti-rape movement

Applied sociology

Archives and national socialism

AskA services


Athapascan mythology

Audited financial statements


Aviano Air Base (Italy)

Aviation medical examiners

Billiard players

Binary principle (Linguistics)

Biographical television program

Black vine weevil

Blacks in motion pictures

Blacks in the motion picture industry

Blood in literature

Boxing films


Broomcorn millet

Butterfly gardening

Butterfly gardens

C# (Computer program language)

Cacao growers

Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument (Or.)

Cenchrus ciliaris

Children of Nazis

Children's poetry, Hispanic American (Spanish)

Christmas in motion pictures

Chukotskii avtonomnyi okrug (Russia)

Chumash beadwork

Coal Miners' Strike, Harlan County, Ky., 1973

Computational intelligence

Computer fonts

Computer sex

Condolence Ceremony (Iroquois rite)

Construction and demolition debris

Construction, Military

Contextualism (Philosophy)

Coordinate measuring machines

Cottonseed products as feed

Craftsman Farms (Parsippany, N.J.)

Criminal syndicalism

Cruise missile defenses

Crusader art

Curves, Quartic

Cyanobacterial toxins

Dampness in basements

Death in popular culture

Decorative arts, Islamic

Decorative arts, Renaissance

Depression in women

Digital signatures

Disorderly conduct

DNA, Fossil

Door-to-door selling

Dots-and-boxes (Game)

Dracula films

Duwamish Indians

DVD-Video discs

Ecological assessment (Biology)

Ecstasy (Drug)

Eightmile River Wild and Scenic Rover (Conn.)

Electron beam curing

Electronic reference services (Libraries)

Embryonic stem cells

ERIC (Information retrieval system)

Eritrean-Ethiopian War, 1998

Erotic prints, Japanese

Etton Site (England)

Europa (Satellite)

Expectation (Psychology) in children

Ex-welfare recipients

Federal aid to housing

Female sex offenders

Feminist criminology

Fengate Site (England)

Flood insurance claims

Fluid-structure interaction

Folk dancing, Romanian

Folk songs, Czech

Food in popular culture

Football team owners

Formation damage (Petroleum engineering)

Fort Reno (Okla.)

Fort Stewart (Ga.)

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Frazil ice

Freak shows

Furniture, Mission

Fuzzy decision making

Galway (Ireland)

Game and game-bird stocking


Gas air conditioning

Genre painting, French


Gordon, Flash (Fictitious character)


Graphic calculators

Grave goods

Grierson's Cavalry Raid, 1863

Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (Cuba)

Gypsophila paniculata

Haying equipment


Heterosexuality in art

Highway-railroad grade crossing

Hispanic American teenage girls

Hopi magic

Hopi sculpture

Horror in music

Hosokawa family

Humanitarian assistance, Europe

Hunkpapa Indians

Hurricane Mitch, 1998

Identity (Philosophical concept)

Income tax deductions for moving expenses

Indian activists

Indian civic leaders

Indian cordage

Indian women healers

Individualized education program

Information theory in aesthetic

Integrated agricultural systems

Integrated solid waste management

Interfaith families

International District (Seattle, Wash.)

Internet in public administration

Internet pornography

Internet Relay Chat

Internet users

Interstate 5

Irony in art criticism

Jai alai $x Betting

Jari River (Amapa and Para, Brazil)

Jari River Valley (Amapa and Para, Brazil)

JPEG (Image coding standard)

Jukebox industry

Kepesh, David (Fictitious character)

Kerosene industry


Land mines (International law)

Landslide dams


Lentil industry

Lesbianism in motion pictures

Lettres de cachet

Liability for flood damages

Libraries and distance education

Linaria vulgaris

Log buildings

Loneliness in old age

Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge (Tex.)

Male elementary school teachers

Mam Indians

Manic-depressive illness in adolescence

Manitowish River (Wis.)

Mantle plumes

Manuscripts, Nahuatl

Marshall (Minn.)

Masculinity in art

Massage therapy

Mathematics on postage stamps

Maturin, Stephen (Fictitious character)

Mechanics' liens

Media consultants

Medicare beneficiaries

Meteorological services

Mexican American labor union members

Microbial pesticides

Microsoft .NET Framework

Milk fever in animals

Minorities in mathematics

Minority women educators

Mixed radioactive wastes

Mobile computing

Molecular diagnosis

Monroe (N.C.)

Motion picture editors

Motion pictures, Brazilian

Motion pictures, British

Motion pictures, French

Multiculturalism in art

Mutton industry

Nanjing (Jiangsu Sheng, China)

Nanking Massacre, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, 1937

National characteristics, Korean

Navajo calendar

Naxi (Chinese people)

Network File System (Computer network protocol)

New Age consumers

Nisqually River (Wash.)

Non-church-affiliated people

Northern sky (Astronomy)

Oakley Plantation (La.)

Oil as pesticide

Oklahoma Panhandle (Okla.)

One-person shows (Performing arts)

Onion thrips

Online stockbrokers

Operation Allied Force, 1999

Operation Hardtack, 1958

Oregon silverspot butterfly

Overweight children

Pacific Gulf Yupik women


Palestinian American journalist

Payette River (Idaho)

Pediatric emergency services

Pennsylvania Dutch Country (Pa.)

Per diem allowances

Persian Gulf syndrome

Personal communication service

Philosophy, Igbo

Philosophy, Yoruba

Photographic historians

Pitching (Softball)

Planetary volcanism

Pocket computers

Police films

Police in mass media


Portrait painting, Chinese

Possessiveness in literature

Poverty Point culture

Poverty Point State Park (La.)

Predatory insects

Prince Rupert Harbour (B.C.)

Problem-based learning

Punctuated equilibrium (Evolution)

Puppets in literature


Python (Computer program language)

Qualitative reasoning

Racism in popular culture

Rajasthani poetry

Random graphs

Red hake

Red River Parish (La.)

Refugees, Hutu

Refugees, Palestinian Arab

Religious fiction, American

Report cards

Rhabdocline pseudotsugae

Road films

Safety harness (Aeronautics)

Saint John River (Me. and N.B.)

Scanning force microscopy

Schubert varieties

Seahenge Site (England)

Securities commissions


Self-injurious behavior


Semantics, Historical

Septoria diseases

Shaft, John (Fictitious character)

Sharpeville Massacre, Sharpeville, South Africa, 1960

Sheer fabrics

Shell beads

Shimura varieties

Sinixt Indians

Sitona lineata

Slavery and Judaism

Smart materials

Soho (London, England)

Soil scientists

Somerset Place (N.C.)

South Fork Dam (Pa.)

Southern Paiute Indians

Spaghetti Westerns

Sports films

Spotted alfalfa aphid


Stable isotopes

Stagonospora diseases

Steppe ecology



Swarm intelligence

Swashbuckler films


Tactile sensors


Taxpayer account numbers

Technology in art

Telephone credit cards

Television and theater

Tort liability of managed care

Townshend (Vt.)

Transparency in government

Trials (Terrorism)

Triangles (Interpersonal relations)


Trout industry

Tunneling spectroscopy

Underground ecology

Underpayment of taxes

Urban pollution

Values in adolescence

Verismo (Opera)

Vesara style (Architecture)

Video games and children

Visual programming languages (Computer science)

Volunteer workers in environmental education

Warfare, Prehistoric

Wellhead protection

Westover Air Force Base (Mass.)

Wexford, Inspector (Fictitious character)


Whitestone Lake (Wash.)

Wind power plants

Wind River (Wash.)

Wind River Watershed (Wash.)

Wireless Internet

Wit and humor in art

Wizard of Oz (Fictitious character)

Women archaeologists

Women coaches (Athletics)

Women marine mammalogists

Women, !Kung

Young adult consumers

2nd Round of Downloaded Subjects

These were all BT terms (explicit or implicit) on the previous list


Architecture, Hindu



Biomolecules, Fossil


Butterfly attracting



Christian children

Computer users

Distributed artificial intelligence


Fuzzy mathematics


Hispanic American poetry (Spanish)

Hispanic American teenagers

Historical lexicology

Humanitarian assistance

Image compression

Legume industry


Marine mammalogists

Microsoft .NET

Moving, Household

Music trade

Non-monogamous relationships

Palestinian Americans

Pencil games


Portable computers

Psychoses in adolescence

Rajasthani literature

Realism in opera

Referral centers (Information services)

Religious fiction




Tibeto-Burman peoples

Women mammalogists

Women marine biologists

Yi (Chinese people)

Zerene fritillary

3rd Round of Downloaded Subjects

These were all BT terms (explicit or implicit) on the previous list


Cultural industries



Women aquatic biologists

Women marine scientists

Women zoologists

4th round of downloaded subjects

These were all BT terms (explicit or implicit) on the previous list

Aquatic biologists

Marine scientists


Women aquatic scientists

Women biologists

5th Round of Downloaded Subjects

These were all BT terms (explicit or implicit) on the previous list

Aquatic scientists

Women life scientists

6th Round of Downloaded Subjects

This was a BT term (explicit) on the previous list

Life scientists

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