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Field Geology I

Geol 290 (3 credits)

Summer 2012

Simon Kattenhorn
Department of Geological Sciences
Office: McClure 303D
Phone: 885-5063

This website provides information about locations to be visited during the Field Geology I course to southeastern Utah. It serves only as an informational guide regarding the logistics of the field trip. Contact information and websites are provided for all locations to be visited during the course of the field trip.

Field Trip Itinerary

Day 1 (May 14th):

Route: Moscow, ID to Hagerman, ID

Accommodations: Miracle Hotsprings - Ph. (208) 543-6002

Websites of Interest:
Miracle Hot Springs
Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument
Thousand Springs State Park

Day 2-3 (May 15th-16th):

Route: Hagerman, ID to Price, UT

Accommodations: Utah State University - College of Eastern Utah: Ph. (435) 637-2120

Websites of Interest:
College of Eastern Utah
City of Price, Utah
College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum

Day 4-8 (May 17th-21st):

Route: Price, UT to Moab, UT

Accommodations: Moab Valley RV Resort - Ph. (435) 259-4469

Websites of Interest:
Moab Valley RV Resort
Moab Information Site
Arches National Park
Canyonlands National Park

Day 9 (May 22nd):

Route: Moab, UT to Natural Bridges National Monument

Accommodations: BLM Group Campsite, Natural Bridges National Monument

Websites of Interest:
Natural Bridges National Monument

Day 10 (May 23rd-24th):

Route: Natural Bridges National Monument to Starr Springs Campground, Henry Mountains

Accommodations: Starr Springs Campground - Managed by Bureau of Land Management in Hanksville, UT - Ph. (435) 542-3461

Websites of Interest:
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Day 11-12 (May 25th-27th):

Route: Starr Springs Campground, Henry Mountains to Hanksville, UT

Accommodations: Red Rock Campground - Ph. (435) 542-3235

Websites of Interest:
Red Rock Campground

Day 13-16 (May 28th-30th):

Route: Hanksville, UT to Goblin Valley State Park

Accommodations: Goblin Valley State Park Campground - Ph. (435) 564-3633

Websites of Interest:
Goblin Valley State Park

Maps and Supplementary Materials

Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument
Price, Utah, street map
Geology in the region of Price, Utah (UGS map)
San Rafael Swell, Chimney Rock Road (Google Maps aerial view)
Chimney Rock region geology (UGS map: Witkind, 1988)
Chimney Rock region stratigraphy (UGS map: Witkind, 1988)
Overview of the Paradox Basin (UGS: Doelling, 2004)
Moab, Utah (Google Maps aerial view)
Moab, Utah (Google Maps terrain map)
Geology in the region of Moab, Utah (UGS Map: Doelling, 2001)
Stratigraphic column for the region of Moab, Utah (UPPER) (Doelling, 2001)
Stratigraphic column for the region of Moab, Utah (LOWER) (Doelling, 2001)
Geology of the Moab Valley (UGS Map: Doelling et al., 2002)
Map of Arches National Park
Postcard geology of Arches National Park (UGS Map product)
Map of Canyonlands National Park
Geological Map of the Island in the Sky region of Canyonlands National Park (UGS Map: Doelling, 2004)
Stratigraphic column for Canyonlands National Park (Doelling, 2004)
Aerial view of Castle Valley (Google Maps aerial view)
Geology of Castle Valley (UGS Map: Doelling, 2001)
Topographic base for Geologic Mapping I
Geology of natural bridges formation (NPS informational brochure)
Geological Map of the Henry Mountains region and Glen Canyon NRA (UGS Map: Williams and Hackman, 1971)
Overview map of the Goblin Valley area (Utah State Parks map)
Map of the Goblin Valley campsite (Utah State Parks map)
Geologic map of the Goblin Valley area (UGS map)
Aerial view of entire field camp area (Google Maps aerial view)

2012 Participants

Instructor: Simon Kattenhorn (simkat@uidaho.edu)

Teaching Assistants: Kirk Nuzum and Kristopher Felt

Andrews, Kellie
Asanuma, Amy
Bostrom, Nathan
Brown, Micah
Clippinger, David
Conrad, James
Fina, Erik
Foraker, Drew
Geyer, Dashiell
Grove, Kelly
Guettinger, Max
Holland, Josh
Jacobson, Josh
Johns, Jacob
Knapp, Dan
Lee, Geneva
Lopez-Maldonado, Ricardo
Mattson, Brandon
Moore, Preston
Palachuk, Stephen
Paulsen, Zach
Piersol, Keith
Schultz, Clayton
Steven, Cody

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