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Structural Geology

GEOL 345 (4 credits)

Spring 2014
2 lectures per week: TR 9.30-10.45am / 1 lab per week: W 1:30-4:20pm
Mines 306

Simon Kattenhorn
Department of Geological Sciences
Office: McClure 303B
Phone: 885-5063

Office Hours: Tuesdays (2.30-3.30 pm)

Course Description

This course examines the fundamental concepts of deformation of the lithosphere. Due to the mobile nature of the Earth's lithosphere, rocks are invariably deformed, showing evidence of the effects of large stresses at all scales, from submicroscopic to regional. A long geologic history on Earth has resulted in many regions showing the cumulative effects of multiple deformation events. It is therefore important to be able to distinguish different geologic structures, describe them fully, understand how they formed, and place them in the context of a broader geologic history. There are few aspects of geology that are not directly impacted by the effects of deformation. This course will provide you with a framework to integrate an understanding of structural geology into all aspects of geologic study.

Prescribed Course Materials:


Textbook: Structural Geology (Haakon Fossen). Available in the UI bookstore.


Textbook: Structural Analysis and Synthesis - 3rd Ed. (Stephen M. Rowland, Ernest M. Duebendorfer, and Ilsa M. Schiefelbein). Available in the UI bookstore.

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Teaching Assistant Information

The teaching assistants for this class are Brady Lubenow (email lube6661@vandals.uidaho.edu) and Daisuke Kobayashi (email daisuke@vandals.uidaho.edu). Their office hours are on Fridays (1-2 pm) and Mondays (10-11 am), in the Gravity Pit on the 2nd floor of Mines, or look for Brady in Mines 230 or Daisuke in Mines 221.

Lab Information

You will need to acquire the following materials needed for the labs: colored pencils, a ruler (metric), a set square (for drawing 90 degree angles), a protractor, a calculator with trigonometric functions, scissors, scotch tape, and a drawing compass. These materials must be brought to EVERY lab session. Labs are due each Monday at 2 pm and should be placed under the door of Mines 224.

Mandatory Field Trip

There will be a mandatory field trip to the Lake Mead region of Nevada during the week of April 7th-12th. We will depart at 8.30am on Monday, April 7th (exact arrangements to be discussed in class) and will return very late on Saturday, April 12th. We will be camping at the Echo Bay campground, on the north shore of Lake Mead. During the drive down to Nevada, we will camp one night. Please be sure to arrange your own camping equipment. People should be sharing tents wherever possible to lessen the amount of equipment we will need to take with us. Breakfast and dinner will be prepared in camp (cooking equipment will be available). Lunches will be prepared each morning in camp and taken with us in the field (we will not return to camp until the evening).

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