Geol 546: Fault Mechanics (3 credits)

Fall 2008

2 lectures per week: TR 12.30-1.45 p.m.
McClure 315

CRN 32638

PREREQUISITES: An undergraduate class in Structural Geology.

Course description:

Examination of fundamental concepts of fault mechanics, including brittle failure, rock friction, fluid pressure effects, and variable rheological behaviors; examination of internal fault architectures to distinguish fault zone styles; stress, strain, and displacement fields addressed from a theoretical perspective and the application of geodetic measurement techniques and secondary structure analyses; emphasis on interpretation of fault slip distributions and relationship to rock properties, fault shape, and mechanical interaction in echelon fault systems; such insights placed in context of 3-D fault systems geometric evolution as well as earthquake behavior and seismic hazard recognition.

Prescribed Textbook:

The Mechanics of Earthquakes and Faulting (2nd ed) - by Christopher H. Scholz

Available at the UI Bookstore.

Course Materials:

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