Advanced Topics in Structural Geology

Geol 592 (2 credits)

1 seminar per week: (Locations, dates and times to be announced)

Co-Instructor: John Watkinson, Washington State University

PRE-REQUIREMENTS: Geol 345 (Structural Geology) is recommended.

Course description:

This course will consider the fundamentals of linear elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM) and its application to the understanding of joint development and fault evolution. Emphasis will be placed on relating stress fields to resultant structures and determining fracture sequences (or deformation history) from field relationships. Several seminars will culminate in a week-long field trip to the Paradox Basin in SE Utah over Spring break. We will visit field sites in both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and examine those features that help us understand the development and evolution of joint systems and fault systems in siliclastic rocks.

Prescribed Textbook:

None. Readings will be handed out during seminars.


WHEN: To be announced.

WHERE: To be announced.

We will arrange dates and times for the seminars, which will be held prior to the field trip. We will also discuss the logistics of the field trip and expectations for the course.