Alexander Woo

Office: Brink Hall 312
Office hours: By appointment in the summer. You are welcome to drop in anytime my door is open (and if my door is closed, knock and ask).

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Idaho.

Courses and Teaching

In Fall 2023, I will be teaching CS/Math 385: Theory of Computation and Math 215: Proof via Number Theory. Course information will be in Bblearn. I have old information from the Fall 2019 and Fall 2018 versions of CS/Math 385.


If you are an undergraduate student and interested in trying to solve unsolved problems about combinatorics of permutations or solving nonlinear equations involving determinants, please get in touch. It is much easier to talk and hear about problems than to read and write about them, so I haven't written anything to put up here. (Besides, I might want to save some of these problems for students rather than broadcasting them to everyone.)

If you are a graduate student interested in working in combinatorial algebraic geometry or algebraic combinatorics, please talk to me.

If perchance you are looking at this web page and not one of my students or potential students, then you are probably interested in my research. Briefly put, I work in combinatorial algebraic geometry, specifically studying Schubert varieties and related objects. You can look at my papers and talks. If you want the list of almost everything I have done as a mathematician, here is my Curriculum Vita.

Old Job Materials

I think it is a worthwhile service for people who are interested knowing about the job search process in mathematics (which includes but is not limited to potential mathematicians) to see some examples of what applicants submit as part of their applications. I have posted some parts of my old applications,