WAGS Fall 2014 at the University of Idaho will host a Poster Session. One of the main goals of the session is to increase the flow of information between participants. Postdocs, undergraduate and graduate students are warmly and strongly encouraged to participate.

Below are instructions on how to participate, a few resources for creating posters and an ongoing list of participants.


The poster session will take place in the Horizon-Crest rooms on the top floor of the Idaho Commons.

The poster session will take place after the last talk on Saturday, roughly between 5:30PM-7:00PM. We will make arrangements for you to hang your posters either during lunch or immediately before the poster session.


To participate in the poster session, please indicate your interest in doing so in your WAGS registration. For more information regarding the poster session, send an email to wagsfall14@gmail.com.

Making your poster

Thanks to previous WAGS poster sessions and their organizers, here is an extensive list of resources to help you build your poster.

Design advice from:

Latex advice/templates from:


  • Omprokash Das (Utah) - On the log canonical centers in 3-fold and in characteristic p>0
  • Matthew Grimes (Colorado) - Compactifications of the moduli space of vector bundles for the log-minimal model program on the moduli of curves
  • Cristian Martinez (Utah) - Change in the polarization for moduli of sheaves on surfaces aas Bridgeland wall-crossing
  • Dhruv Ranganathan (Yale) - Berkovich skeletons and the enumerative geometry of target curves
  • Zhiyuan Li (Stanford) - Special cycles on Shimura varieties
  • Zach Teitler (Boise State) - Three directions in Waring rank and apolarity
  • Jim Wolper (Idaho State) - Statistics of period matrices