Life at Interfaces: Biocomplexity in Extreme Environments

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Mickey Hot Springs lie in the northeast corner of the Alvord Basin, an area characterized by recent tectonic activity (within the last 10,000 yrs). Springs cluster in a relatively small area and range in temperature from about 25° to 100°C (averaging ~77°C), with relatively neutral to slightly basic pH.

mickey hillshade map

Hillshade map of northeastern Alvord Basin showing location of Mickey Hot Springs and Quaternary faults (red - active during Holocene; yellow - active middle to late Quaternary; blue - possibly active during Quaternary). Fault data from Walker and McLeod, 1991.
Approximately 60 active and inactive vents have been mapped in the Mickey Hot Springs area. Spring numbering convention is provided on the map at the bottom of this page (please scroll down).

To learn more about the datasets collected from Mickey Hot Springs, select from the following:
mickey contour map

Shaded relief map of Mickey Hot Springs.
Springs shown in red. Contour interval = 1 m.

Map of Mickey Hot Springs showing the numbering system used to identify the various thermal features.
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