AACC Newsletter Inserts 1987-2021

Name/Date Title Vol(No):pg
AACC, 1994 Flier of publications available 11(3):5
AACC, 2013
Flier of publications available 30(3):5-6
Archaeology, 1988 "Chinese Shrimpers of Old San Francisco" 5(3):5

Bailey, Eric, 2001 "Hope for Last Rural Chinatown [Locke CA]"
Bard, James, 2016
"Forlorn Japanese Coin Rescued from an Albany, Oregon, Coin Dealer" 33(2):5-6
Baurick, Tristan, 2014
"The Yama Site on Bainbridge Island, Washington"
Baywood Publishing Co., 1992
1992 Promotional flier for Hidden Heritage 9(2):5-6
Bentz, Linda, 1996 "Santa Barbara's Chinese Shrine" 13(2):5-6
Bibb, Leland E., 2001 "Japanese Stencilwares of the Meiji and Taisho Eras" 18(1):5-6
Bibb, Leland E., 2006 "Japanese Ceramic Hand Grenades" WWII) 23(2):5-6
Bibb, Leland E., 2008a "Mary Tong-U Westfall: A Pioneer of Mariposa County, California"

Bibb, Leland E., 2008b
"More about Mary Tong-U Westfall"

Bibb, Leland E., 2010
"'China Houses': Chinese Prefabricated Structures in the California Gold Rush"

Brockus, Susan, 1990 "Chinatown History Unearthed" (Winnemucca NV)
Brown, Mel, 2014
"Remembering Alton Briggs' Work on the Route of the Southern Pacific Railroad"
The Bulletin, San Francisco, 2015
"Chinese Girl Rescued at Chico," September 20, 1903

Chace, Paul, 1991 "Modified Material Culture and Smuggling" 8(1):5-6
Chace, Paul, 1991 "Enstampments on 'Duty Paid' Imports" 8(4):5
Chang, Irene, 1990 "Metro Rail Excavation" (Los Angeles) 8(2):5
Chew, James R., 1992 "Memories of Life in Winnemucca's Chinatown" 13(3):5-6
Clark, Bonnie J., 2009
"Archaeology at Amache, Colorado's WWII-Era Japanese American Incarceration Camp"
Cohen, Alvin, 1995 "Chinese Cones III Part 1" 12(2):5
Cohen, Alvin, 1995 "The 'Land of Rice' and Foreign Place Names" 12(3):5
Costello, Julia G., 2021
"Small Chinese Jars"
Crowder, Linda Sun, 2003 "Traditional Practices in Contemporary China" (funeral) 20(1):5-6

Danner, Yummi, 2020
"Dip Into Soba-Choko"
Davis, Mary Anne, and Susie Osgood, 2015
"Exploring the Merchandise of the Pon Yam Store in Idaho City, Idaho"
Dixon, Gayle, 2002 "Stacking Rings Biscuit Bands: A Chinese Bowl…" 19(2):3 5-6
Doolittle, 1876 "Common Use of Samshu, or Chinese Wine" 33(3):5-6

Fimrite, Peter, 1995 "Digging Up History in Oakland" 12(3):6

Gleason, Eric B., and Jacqueline Y. Cheung, 2020 "'Paper Merchants:' the History and Archaeology of the Wing Hong Hai Company Store in the Dalles, Oregon" 37(2):5-6
Gubler, Cindy, 2019
"Utah's Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad Exceeds Expectations" 36(2):5-6

Harrison, Laird, 1988 "'Lost' Chinese Village in SF Was Never Lost" 5(3):5
Hartse, Caroline, 2018
"Update on Yama, a Late 19th-Early 20th Century Japanese American Community on Bainbridge Island"
Hollowell, Randy, 1990 "Diggers Turn Up Artifacts" (Rock Springs, WY) 7(4):6

James, Ron, 1991 "...'Enstampments' on Opium Can Sealing Strips" 8(4):6
James, Ron, editor, 2002 "Meiji Foreign Office Report on Idaho" 19(1):5-6
Johnson, Erika, 2000 "Teat-Fire Cartridges found at a Chinese Site…" 17(1):5-6

La Pointe, Kathy Barnard, 2018
"Obituary for Terry Abraham" 35(2):5-6
Lau-Ozawa, Koji, 2019
"New Connections Between Pre-War Communities and Japanese American Incarceration Camps" 36(1):5-6
Layton, Thomas N., 1989 "Sycee Silver in Oklahoma?"  
L. A. Daily Evening Press, 1997 "Santa Barbara Items" (Chinese boat builders), 1876
Lee, Jocelyn, 2019
"Community Archaeology in Boston's Chinatown" 36(3):5-6
Lewis, Leo, 2014
"Museum Closes after Priceless Artefacts Turn Out to Be Cheap Knockoffs," July 17, 2013
Louie, Emma Woo, 2002 "Ramifications of Respelling Chinese Names" 19(3):5-6
Lynch, Kenneth, 2006 Letter to K. Lang regarding caskets for Chinese, 1982

Martin, Steven, 2008
"Debunking the Myth of the Water-Cooled Opium Pipe Bowl"
McGough, James P., 2000 "The Formosan Cradle: Chinese Miners Carry Gold- Mining Technology from California to Taiwan" 17(3):5-6
Medin, Anmarie, 1999 "Woolen Mills Chinatown, San Jose, California" 16(3):5
Merritt, Christopher W., 2009
"Elemental Analysis of Opium Cans from Archaeological Sites in Montana"
Metro Moves, 1991 "Archaeologists Uncover ..." (Los Angeles Chinatown) 8(2):6
Mih, Walter, 2015
"The Life of Polly Bemis"
Mining and Scientific Press, 1997 "Californians in the China Gold Mines, 1868" 14(3):[5]
Morrow, Trelle A., 1997 "Chinese Liquors: Terminology and Ingredients" 14(1):[5]
Morrow, Trelle A., 1999 [Catalogue of Symbols on Chinese Liquor Bottles] 16(1):5-6
Muckle, Robert (Bob), 2020 "Archaeology of Two Early 20th Century Japanese Canadian Sites in Southwest British Columbia" 37(1):5-6

Ng, Laura, 2021
"Double Happiness Pattern Rice Bowls at Chinese Diaspora Sites"
Nokes, R. Gregory, 2004 "Controversy over Naming of Oregon [massacre] Site …" 21(3):5-6
Nordhoff, Charles, 1987 "The Chinese as Railroad Builders" 34(1):5
Nordhoff, Charles, 1998 "Part I - California" 15(3):5
Nordhof, Charles, 1998 "Part II - Northern California, Oregon, and Hawaii" 15(3):5-6
Northwestern Lumberman, 1996 "Chinese Lumbermen," 1888 13(1):5

O'Malley, Julia, 2005 "Building at Chinese Grave Site Will Be Razed" (excerpts) 22(2):6

Pacific Citizen, 2011
"'Retreat from Moscow': Japanese American College Students Are Denied Entrance to the University of Idaho," April 1942

Rose , Chelsea, and Don Hann, 2018
"Update on the Oregon Chinese Diaspora Project" 35(3):5-6

San Francisco Bulletin, 1903
"Entertainment Will Be Given in the Y. M. C. A. Auditorium in Which Chinese Will Participate" 33(1):5
Semi-Weekly Idaho World, 1997 "Chinese Wine Making," 1891 14(3):6
Short's Funeral Chapel, 2012
"Roderick Sprague Obituary"
Skaguay News, 1997 Chinese laundryman mentioned, 1898 14(3):6
Sprague, Roderick, 1987 Letter to the Editor (Chinese liquor bottles) 4(2):5-6
Sprague, Roderick, 1991 "Ceramic Cones" 8(3):5-6
Sprague, Roderick, 1993 "Chinese Cones II" 10(3):5-6
Sprague, Roderick, 1995 "Chinese Cones III Part 2" 12(2):6
Sprague, Roderick, 1999 "Ceramic Cones IV and Final" 16(2):5-6
Stapp, Darby, 2005 "Chinese Letters from Pierce Idaho" 22(1):5-6
Stenger, Alison, 1992 "The Universal Overseas Site...Ceramic Assemblage" 9(1):5-6

UCLA, 1990 "...Rockefeller Fellowships on Asian...Americans" 7(3):5-6
Utah State Historical Society, 1992 "Materials related to Chinese and Japanese in Utah" 9(3):5

Walth, Brent, 2005 "Excavations at Lone Fir [Chinese] Cemetery, Portland" (excerpts) 22(2):5-6
Wegars, Priscilla, 1987 Request for Information (rock ovens) 4(3):5
Wegars, Priscilla, 1989 "[Wishram Bride]" (coins) 6(3):5
Wegars, Priscilla, 1993 "Research Note: Chinese Well in Australia" 10(2):5-6
Wegars, Priscilla, 2000 Recent Publications 17(2):5-6
Wegars, Priscilla, 2006 "Revisiting Chinese Glass Gaming Pieces" 23(1):5-6
Wegars, Priscilla, 2010
"A 'Cabbage Leaf' Pattern Chinese Ceramic Bowl from the Asian American Comparative Collection"
Wegars, Priscilla, 2011
"Chinese Export porcelains in the 'Canton' and 'Nanking' Patterns and Their Relationship to 'Blue Willow' Ware"
Wegars, Priscilla, 2011
"Chinese Railroad Workers Suspended in Baskets - Another Myth Debunked"
Wegars, Priscilla, 2012
"When Opium Was Legal: A Cross-Hatched Opium Can Base from Centerville, Idaho"
Wegars, Priscilla, 2013
"Support Needed for The Dalles, Oregon, Chinatown"
Wegars, Priscilla, 2013
"Flour Sacks for Asian Markets in the AACC"
Wegars, Priscilla, compiler, 2015
"Japanese Gardens at Manzanar National Historic Site"
Wessels, Henry, 1998 "R. H. van Gulik: Diplomat Orientalist Novelist" 15(2):5-6
Wright, Richard, 1987 "Goldrush Years" (Quesnel Forks, BC) 4(1):5

Yu Nan, 2003 "Piecing History Together with Porcelain" (museum) 20(2):5-6

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