Polly Bemis: A Chinese American Pioneer


    Crossword puzzle

4)  State where Polly lived
5)  Continent where Polly was born
7)  Country where Polly was born
9)  Mining town in Idaho
10)  Threatened with an item used as a weapon
11)  People born in China
12)  A person who is first to do something
14)  Name given to the Chinese slave girl
15)  Vegetable that Polly grew
16)  The name of a river
17)  What the miners left behind when they came to Warren

1)  What Polly liked to catch
2)  Place where miners bought whiskey and gambled
3)  Old Chinese tradition to keep feet small
6)  Person made to work without pay or freedom
7)  Man who got shot and married Polly
8)  Capital of China
13)  Against the law
14)  Fruit that Polly grew

Asia   China   Warren   saloon   Beijing   slave   peaches   brandished   Salmon   Chinese   footbinding   pioneer   fish   Polly   Charlie   families   Idaho   peas   illegal

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