Polly Bemis: A Chinese American Pioneer


Word                Definition
slave                 someone who works without pay for another person
fierce                very violent, rough
buffeted            knocked about again and again
smuggled          secretly carried
illegal                against the law
lengthy              lasting a long time
dismount           to get down off the back of an animal
Caucasian         people of light skin from Europe
eventually         after a long time
obtained            to reach a goal
brandished        waved about in a threatening way
remote               far away from towns or people
occasionally      from time to time, not regularly
spectacles         a pair of glasses for seeing better
outhouse           outside toilet without running water
necessities        things that were needed
kneaded            folded, stretched, pressed
stroke               a sudden blockage of a blood vessel in the brain
reluctant           unwilling to do something
footbinding       ancient Chinese practice of keeping feet small
restored            returned to an earlier condition
refurnished       put furniture into a house again

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