Polly Bemis: A Chinese American Pioneer

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This is a map of the Pacific Northwest that was published in 1881.

Map of Pacific Northwest pre-1881

Although the map itself is not dated, it appeared on page 61 in the 1881 edition of Higher Geography, published by D. Appleton and Company, New York (cover title, "Appleton's Standard Higher Geography").  

When Polly Bemis first lived in Warren, it had a different name.  That name was the same as a nearby state, which is the same as the nation's capital.  What is that name?  Write it here.  ______________________________  Print this map, find the old name for Warren, Idaho, and circle it on your map.

Look for these Idaho towns on the map:  Lewiston, Boise, Grangeville, Coeur d'Alene, Riggins, McCall.  Circle the ones you can find on the map.  The other towns are not on this map.  Why not? ______________________________

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