Polly Bemis: A Chinese American Pioneer

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Map of old mining trails

This map appeared in the Lewiston Morning Tribune on August 23, 1936, section 2, page 4.  It accompanied an article by Dr. H. L. Talkington  titled, "Millions in Gold Dust Were Packed over Old Trail from Warren."  In the 1860s and later it took about 13 days to travel from Lewiston to Warren, a distance of about 160 miles by trail.  When the pack train operator took Polly from Portland to Warren,  their route probably took them through Lewiston.  The numbers on the map show where people spent the night.  Usually they camped, because there weren't many hotels.  Also, many Caucasian people were prejudiced against Chinese people and did not allow them to stay in hotels.

On the average, about how many miles could they travel in one day?  _______________________ (show your work)

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