Polly Bemis: A Chinese American Pioneer

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Polly loved to fish after her day's work was done. One day Polly caught 27 trout!!
Let's think about Polly's fishing to do some math.

1.) If Polly caught 27 trout on Monday and Tuesday, how many trout would she have caught?  Show your work.

2.) Polly fished every day of the week. She caught 5 fish on Sunday and 5 more each day after that for 1 week. How many fish would she have caught for the entire week? Show how you figured this out.

3.) What if Polly had caught 27 trout each day for a week? How many fish would that be? Show your work.

4.) For each fish that Polly caught she used up 3 worms. How many worms would she have used to catch 10 fish?
Show your work.


5.) Polly caught 13 fish, Charlie caught 5, Klinkhammer 12, and Shepp 6. How many fish did they catch? Show your work.

6.) If in the above problem, they divided the fish equally among themselves, how many fish would each person get? Show your work.

7.) Polly and Charlie's dog, Teddy, ate 2 fish a day for a year. How many fish did Teddy eat in one year? Show your work.

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