Polly Bemis: A Chinese American Pioneer

Name____________________________ Date________________


Use the Idaho Timeline for the data for these math problems.

1.) What two events happened 70 years before Polly's first automobile ride? Show your work.

2.) How old was Polly when Idaho became a state? Show your work.

3.) What happened 5 years after the Nez Perce War?  Show your work.

4.) How many years after Charlie was shot did he and Polly marry? Show your work.

5.) How many years after Lewis and Clark's visit to Idaho did Idaho get the first telephone? Show your work.

6. How many years after Polly came to Warren did Charlie die? Show your work.

7.) How old was Polly when she died? Show your work.

8.) How many years after gold was discovered in Idaho did Polly and Charlie's house burn? Show your work.

9.) How many years after her death was Polly's body returned to her place on the Salmon River? Show your work.

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