Sudoku Level

Solve as a Sudoku

Solve like a normal Sudoku. The numbers in cyan/blue cannot be changed. Your mission is to put each the digits from 1 to 9 in each row, each column and each 3x3 sub-grid. For more information look here.

Solve as an Anagram Scrambled Quote

A quote has been scrambled by grouping the letters of the quote into groups of nine and scrambling the letters in that sub-group. Your mission is to unscramble the letters in each group to discover what the original quote was. If you select a letter in the quote, the nine letters you have to choose from will appear at the top of the screen. Click on the one you want. Be careful. There are two things that are a bit different in this puzzle.
  1. If a letter is repeated it a group of nine, you must ensure that you put each letter in its proper place even though they are identical.
  2. If the quote is not exactly 81 characters long, you will need to get the last few values from the Sudoku. The puzzle is not solved until the Sudoku is solved.

Putting it all together

Notice in the Sudoquote there is a letter in the top right corner of each square, and each row of the puzzle contains nine letters of the quote that are scrambled in the Anagram puzzle. As you solve a row on the Sudoku, you will place each of the numbers from one to nine in the squares of that row, and those numbers indicate the order the letters unscramble into. The two puzzle are Isomorphic. At each step you can choose to solve on the Sudoku side or the Anagram Quote side. The mote effective strategy is generally to move back and forth between both sides of the puzzle. Have fun!