Professor Herb Hess







Electrical and Computer Engineering research  at the University of Idaho

My research is in the area of power electronic converters, great and small.  These range from projects in wind turbine converters to motor drives to small power supplies to microbattery chargers.  Each system has a need for converting power into a different form or level.  Power electronics is often the preferred means to do this.  Ongoing projects are the following:

UPS battery cycle extension

Submarine propulsion power:  motor drives, instrumentation, quality of shipboard and shore power, battery charging

Power conversion circuits in CMOS SOI

High voltage CMOS silicon on insulator (SOI) switching devices

Hybrid electric vehicle power conversion and drive systems

Modeling and design of protection for matrix converters

Innovative and compact battery chargers and monitors

Distributed power generation and electronic conversion:  wind, water, fuel cell, solar, flywheel

Power quality